Sean Smith, on a secure line, says no tampering


In the words of Ron Burgundy, that escalated quickly.

Not long after we mentioned Vontae Davis’s perhaps-accidental, perhaps-hacked declaration that Dolphins free agent cornerback Sean Smith was talking to the Chiefs well in advance of the league’s sanctioned tampering period, Smith himself has taken to a longer form of the medium to defend the sanctity of the process.

After an initial “Whoa! No I didn’t,” Smith expounded in a way that makes perfect sense.

Ok this is getting out of hand,” Smith began, on a message that went way over 140 characters. “I’ve never talked to any other team besides the Miami Dolphins. Yes I talked to vontae and I told him Al Harris (our former coach) got the job up in KC and that I talked to him a few days ago to tell him congrats. That’s it! Now why he interpreted that as “talking to KC” idk but there is NOTHING going on! This is ridiculous”

He also tried to take poor Davis off the hook, saying: “Lol He panicked, tried to help… not the best idea but I appreciate it.”

Smith presents a reasonable and realistic version of events, that I’m perfectly willing to accept — more than Davis’s claim that hackers got to him.