Smith trade would give 49ers a second- or third-round pick in 2014


The 49ers won’t only acquire the Chiefs’ 2013 second-round pick in the planned trade for quarterback Alex Smith. San Francisco is also set to get a valuable pick next year.

A league source tells PFT’s Mike Florio that the 2014 conditional pick in the trade is the Chiefs’ 2014 third-rounder, which can become a second-rounder if certain benchmarks are met.

So the 49ers are set up to be players on the second day of this year’s draft, and they’ll be players on the second day of next year’s draft, too. It’s an enviable position to be in: San Francisco was already a Super Bowl team with Alex Smith standing on the sideline, and the 49ers will be well positioned to stay at or near the top of the league thanks to the draft picks they acquired for trading Smith.

The Smith trade is the biggest part of the 49ers’ broader strategy of compiling additional draft picks, and that strategy has them very well suited to bolster their roster in April: The 49ers have all their own picks this year, plus the Chiefs’ second-round pick, the Panthers’ third-round pick, the Colts’ fifth-round pick, the Dolphins’ sixth round pick and the Bengals’ seventh round pick. So the 49ers are already picking twice in five of the draft’s seven rounds, and that’s before any compensatory picks they might get.

With a good team in place and a hoard of future draft picks, the 49ers are a franchise in great shape.

47 responses to “Smith trade would give 49ers a second- or third-round pick in 2014

  1. If this trade gets final, Trent Baalke(49ers GM) has jumped out in the lead for being the top GM in 2013 !!

    P.s. Today has been 49er talk all day long and on almost every sports program. Oh how times have changed. haha #49erNation

  2. The KC Chiefs myopians are out in full force, feverishly hitting thumbs down on any post that dares suggest they gave up too much for a mediocre QB.

    Just remember, Raider myopians were doing the same thing when they traded for Carson Palmer, convincing themselves that Palmer was going to be some kind of difference maker & worth giving up a couple of high picks, when nobody else would’ve given Cincinnati more than a 4th rounder.

  3. Just a reminder of what the 49ers have done in the 2nd round the last few years. Last year – LaMichael James. 2011 – Colin Kaepernick. 2010 – No 2nd round pick, but they got Navorro Bowman in the 3rd round.

    I think Alex Smith is going to be a great QB for the Chiefs, but I think in the long-term the 49ers definitely got the better end of the deal.

  4. I want to see what Smith can do with someone to A:) Throw the ball to
    B:) Someone to allow him enough time to throw the ball.
    The 9ers haven’t had a DBowe caliber player for him to work with. One could argue it was only as good as a current Jon Baldwin. There is a lot of speed on KC and they have a pretty decent line. He doesn’t have a monster arm but he is smart. And KC has a lot of players that are playmakers. Bowe, Charles and McCluster come to mind. And I think Smith will make Moeaki better as well.

  5. Havent the Chiefs already played this game when they signed Matt Cassel? Wasnt Alex Smith written off as a journeyman before Harbaugh got to to town. Got a feeling its Harbaugh’s system, not Alex Smith.

  6. Did I wake up in an alternate universe where Alex Smith is some sort of all-star? He’s worth one fourth round pick at best. Otherwise just pick up a qb off the free agent scrap pile.

  7. Supply and demand . . . this is a VERY weak year for QBs. The Chiefs got the best one available and they had to pay to get him.

    Alex is a class act and I hope he wins a lot of games with the Chiefs. Reid is a great coach for a QB and Alex will do well.

  8. Nobody knows who wins this trade until;

    1. See how good Smith is in KC

    2. See how the draft picks turn out

    Right now KC is the winner, getting a quality QB while 9ers get weaker at QB and dont benefit from this trade until next year at the earliest.

  9. Well played 49er’s, turning a guy that you didn’t want into two 2nd round draft picks.

    Unbelievable compensation considering what the (3) rookie QBs and the (2) 2nd year QBs did getting their teams into the playoffs. Andy must have money to burn!

  10. It’s more than strange given that Reid’s Eagles got great value for Kolb and Feeley way back when. Life has a way of balancing out, like one of those great Seinfeld episodes pointed out.

  11. now the hard part comes using those picks to draft good football players. New England had all those extra 1st 2nd and 3rd round picks the last 9 years and have won nothing. As jamie dukes said the other day on the nfl network for belichick supposedly being a great coach a genius and having all those high draft picks belichick has got a lousy defense up there in new england..

  12. The 49ers look like geniuses. Well done. He is worth a 4th or 5th at best AND is overpaid for his production.

  13. In 2009, the Chiefs saw Matt Cassell was available. Cassell had played well when plugged into a talented offense under a great coach, and the Chiefs traded a 2nd round pick for him.

    Turned out, Matt Cassell with a less talented offense and less talented coach wasn’t nearly as good.

    In 2013, the Chiefs saw Alex Smith was available. Smith had only began playing well when plugged into a talented offense under a great coach, but the Chiefs traded a 2nd round pick for him.

    Let’s see how Alex Smith does….

  14. 49ers6rings says:Feb 27, 2013 7:45 PM

    You have our deepest and saddest condolences, brave, brave Chiefs fans.

    – Signed, 9er Nation
    As a long time die-hard 49er fan I hardly echo your sentiments. Smith clearly proved he can play very efficiently in the right situation/system. Please do me a favor going forward and please leave me out of your ficticious signatures. Thank you.

  15. Well this definitely tells ya what AR truly thought of Nick Foles!!!LOL You bet’cha Sweet A.S.S. the Eagles would’ve welcomed the 34th overall and a conditional 2nd/3rd in 2014 for Foles!!!!

  16. I guess I trust Andy Reid’s QB judgment more than some guy called donkeydrew on here.

    Good luck Chiefs from a Niner fan. You got a good QB and an outstanding person. I’ll be rooting for you.

  17. Unless the 49ers draft a punter or long snapper with the Chiefs second round pick, I think the miners win this trade.

  18. And seattle thinks their the best team in the nfc west….we got a better qb and coaching.

    Really? How do you figure? You know Russell Wilson was he highest rated QB from week 6 on don’t you? You understand, your coach from 7 yards out, a mere 21 feet away, didn’t use your best weapon (running game) to try and score the game winning touchdown in the Super Bowl?

    They didn’t give trophies for off season winning. Besides, who says this trade makes the 49ers better? 15 picks, big deal. If you don’t draft well, the picks mean nothing. Last years draft wasn’t great for SF, better hope this one is better. This years draft class also isn’t filled with players teams will want to move around for. Packaging picks this draft could be difficult. Want to trade a few picks for Revis, go ahead. Hasn’t been healthy for a few years. Plus one CB isn’t going to get you over the top.

    And finally, no back up QB now, bad idea. The league will catch up to Kap, like they I’d Newton. Having the experience behind Kap in case of injury is vastly important.

  19. “One more pick than Seattle has, and I seem to remember putting a hardcore beat down on the niners. What was it, 42-13?”


    And I remember that amazing Seahawk defense, with the world’s greatest defensive backfield, not being able to make a stop against the Falcons with less than a minute left in the game. Very impressive.

    Maybe you guys should pick up Titus Young so he can’t burn your DB’s again.

  20. Kapernick is better than Wilson? What a joke. I only have 2 things to say; “42-13” and “get used to it.”

  21. I’m surprised no one has compared this to the drafting of Weeden. This trade gives the Chiefs a younger QB than Weeden with 7 more years of NFL experience. In the last four years Smith has been a more than serviceable starter at worst and a very good performer at best. You can talk about how Harbaugh helped him of course – but don’t forget that Reid has proven his aptitude with QBs over the years. It is also hard to see Harbaugh getting Weeden to play that Smith has done recently.

    It cost the Chiefs the 34th pick this year (10 lower than Weeden) and a pick next year likely to be in the 55-75 range.

    The Chiefs have a very good offensive line, as do the 49ers and WR corp that isn’t too dissimilar to what was available at SF with the obvious caveat that an excellent TE like Vernon Davis is missing.

    The 49ers can’t really keep Smith for a number of reasons and one imagines that this is simply the best package they were offered. It is a fair haul for a guy who would be an unhappy back up.

    If Smith plays as well for the Chiefs as he did for the 49ers in the past four seasons (which I don’t think is too much of a stretch given the above) then what the Chiefs are paying is an absolute bargain

  22. All these lame seahawk fans talking bout how kaepernicks style of play is gonne get figured out next season well guess what? What makes you guys think your midget ass QB russell is exempt from that? LoL. In reality all the QB’s have been figured out, stopping them is awhole nother issue lol

  23. Niners made out like bandits. But in reality it’s no more than what the Bengals got for Carson Palmer or what the Eagles got for Kevin Kolb. And Alex Smith is better than both of them.

  24. both teams got what they wanted.. I don’t know why we need to call out who got a better deal.. AFC west will see bit of competition with Alex Smith (as opposed to Cassel or Quinn) at QB.. Niners are getting picks so they can, should they choose to use those picks, draft back up QB for CK..

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