Anthony Davis and Terrell Suggs engage in a multimedia slapfight

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In our modern times, there’s no need for two people to be in the same room, area code or hemisphere to engage one another in hostilities.

For example, one man could be in a radio studio while the other is on his Twitter account. That was the case for Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs and 49ers tackle Anthony Davis on Thursday. Suggs gave a radio interview on KNBR in San Francisco and was asked about the assertion from teammate Cary Williams that the 49ers had fake tough guys on their roster. He was specifically asked if the offensive line had any.

“They’ve got one fake tough guy,” Suggs said, via the Baltimore Sun.

Suggs then went on to offer varying amounts of praise for left tackle Joe Staley, left guard Mike Iupati, center Jonathan Goodwin and right guard Alex Boone while pointedly ignoring right tackle Anthony Davis. Davis got wind of the comments and fired back on his Twitter account. Some of the tweets have since been deleted, but the highlights include Davis calling Suggs an “[expletive] loser,” an “[expletive] puppet and a “cornball wit money” while also saying Suggs didn’t make a single play in the Super Bowl and finally inviting Suggs to “do a dance for us.”

Suggs has not offered any response on his own Twitter feed and the only chance for an on-field rematch next season is if both teams should make it back to the Super Bowl. It’s unlikely, but we definitely have some fuel for the hypothetical media day.

33 responses to “Anthony Davis and Terrell Suggs engage in a multimedia slapfight

  1. Yesterday on Boston radio, Suggs was promoting a movie he…wait for it…wrote. He’s just trying to create PR so he’s saying classless things in EVERY city he visits.

    “Cornball with money.” +1

  2. Suggs was asked a question and he gave his answer. He did have 3 sacks going against Davis last year when he was healthy. And Suggs is a f-ing loser? He was Defensive MVP and has a SB ring. What have you done Mr. Davis?

  3. A “multimedia slapfight” is a just a wee bit of an exaggeration. Suggs said something and Davis responded. Since Suggs didn’t respond back at the time the article was written it’s hardly a “slap fight”. Nice try though.

  4. Compare Suggs comments to Davis’ comments – Suggs didn’t resort to petty name calling and direct verbal attacks, he merely implicity suggested that Davis was a “fake tough guy” by not singing his praise— Suggs may run his mouth too much (way too much), but at least he can do it with some sense of self-control and wit. Davis reacted like a little baby. And Davis should remember that, not only did Suggs end up with a ring, he was defensive player of the year just last year, and played this season after tearing his friggin’ achilles!

  5. What a bunch of classless, trash talking punks the Ravens are. They’re not exactly likable are they? The Patriots may be hated because they WIN and do things the right way, and every team aspires to that. The classless Ravens like Ray Lewis and T Suggs are all about the INDIVIDUAL, about ‘look at me look how great I am’. They are the very antithesis of a team, a bunch of jerks that continues to embarrass the league. Goodell must be so proud of these jerkoffs.

  6. I keep seeing “Sugg’s mouth” comments.

    Maybe you guys should read what was said.

    Suggs is the silent one here.

  7. He’s right about Davis. You saw it when Harbaugh and Schwartz got into it, you saw it multiple times this year with him hitting guys well after the whistle. He really is a fake tough guy, Davis.

  8. F**k the ravens!! Anthony Davis punks fella people check the tape.. Tough guys?? We lost Super Bowl but ravens were getting plunked the whole game.. Get it right and id punk all you ravens fans in real life.. Holla

  9. Both are dumbies but Davis has a history of using twitter to talk then deletes his trash talk. Did it in ’11 after beating the Lions. Real tough guys walk their talk.

  10. Haterade,

    Thats because Suggs opens his mouth and starts all this nonsense, he also went on a Boston radio station and started in on the Patriots yesterday. When you are the first to open your mouth and disparage others, it really doesnt matter if you stay quiet after they respond

  11. Suggs has always been like this. He won’t change. It’s just being noticed more now because he has a ring. As long as he keeps contain on the left side and keeps pushing the left tackle in the QB’s lap I don’t care what he says.

  12. Nofoolnodrool says: Feb 28, 2013 3:33 PM

    As a steeler fan Suggs being Suggs is not news. On the field he is great off the field he is like so many Raven fans just plain dumb. Nope no surprise.

    I am no Ravens fan, but I have had the (dis)pleasure of being around a multitude of Steeler fans, and you have got to be kidding yourself if you don’t acknowledge that more than half your fanbase isn’t the same way.

  13. baymac408 says: Feb 28, 2013 11:59 AM

    I’d love to go one on one with mr wright.. I bet I break one of your limbs and dance circles round you clown..

    Says the internet tough guy. no one who can truly shoot the fair one puts it in words. He just does it.

  14. I am no Ravens fan, but I have had the (dis)pleasure of being around a multitude of Steeler fans, and you have got to be kidding yourself if you don’t acknowledge that more than half your fanbase isn’t the same way.

    Pot meet kettle…big blue fans not noted for being classy…just loud and a lot of uuuuuzzz guise suck as the smartest comment being rendered.

  15. Anthony Davis is soft. You constantly see him in skirmishes with CB’s and and linebackers after the whistle. Even in the Superbowl- Williams helmet was ripped off while he was on the turf when he got up and touched the referee trying to get the 49er who did it. Don’t have it recorded but somebody watch the play- it probably was Davis. Fake tough guy gives up sacks like they are going out of style.

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