Barret Robbins doesn’t remember much about the Super Bowl

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When Tim Brown and Jerry Rice made their bizarre accusations that their former coach, Bill Callahan, sabotaged the team in Super Bowl XXXVII, they both dragged former Raiders center Barret Robbins into it: Brown and Rice both said they thought Robbins, who abruptly left the team the day before the game, had a mental breakdown that was triggered by Callahan suddenly and unexpectedly changing the game plan.

Robbins, however, says he doesn’t remember that.

In an interview with Sports Radio 610, Robbins said that he had been dealing with mental and physical health issues before the Raiders got to the Super Bowl, and Robbins says he has no memory of anything related to Callahan’s game plan for that game.

“I would be absolutely wrong to tell you that that was the case,” Robbins said. “If Tim Brown goes on record and says that he changed the game plan on Friday, I don’t remember. Because you’ve got to understand, I was going through a manic episode that had lasted more than two weeks. At that point in time, when we went to the Super Bowl, I was having to shoot my foot up, I was having acupuncture, going through a lot of pain. It was a lot of stress. Pain is a big trigger when it comes to bipolar, that was something I was going through, as well as self-medicating.”

Robbins also said, however, that he doesn’t have any reason to believe Brown was wrong.

“I’m not going to say that I remember the exact meeting that that took place, but I haven’t heard anybody deny it,” Robbins said.

If Robbins hasn’t heard anybody deny it, that simply means he hasn’t been paying attention to the story. Callahan has denied it in the strongest terms, and he’s been backed up by multiple people who were in the Raiders’ offensive meetings before the Super Bowl, including former quarterback Rich Gannon, former offensive tackle Lincoln Kennedy and former assistant coach Jim Harbaugh. And Brown himself has backed off his initial claims.

It’s been more than a month since Brown made his initial accusation against Callahan, and the topic is still being raised with players and coaches who were on that Raiders team. Whether he meant to or not, Brown opened a very large can of worms when he suggested that his old coach threw the Super Bowl.

13 responses to “Barret Robbins doesn’t remember much about the Super Bowl

  1. I don’t know how this is news but whatever, Robbins was one hell of a Center, too bad about his mental issues.

  2. I have not heard anybody deny that the game plan was changed on Friday.

    I have only heard that the game was not sabotaged.

    Why don’t you try asking that question?

  3. Best story about Robbins happened in my cab ride from my hotel in san diego to qualcom stadium the day of the superbowl. My cab driver starts shaking a Kodak disposable camera in his hand saying he is going to be rich. I say what do you mean? He then tells me the story of how he drove Robbins to Tijuana the night before and picked him up at the border just drunk out of his mind with 3 mexican girls and no shirt on at 6a.m that very day of the superbowl, and he had pictures of him on that camera!!! 1 hour after I got out of the cab, they announce that Barrett Robbins will not be playing in the Superbowl! Never heard anything more about those pictures though!

  4. Why didn’t anyone pick up on this story back in 06-07 when T.Brown first mentioned this?

    It’s on video (YouTube)

    The fact, that the media didn’t seem interested then, but do now(days leading to the HOF selections) is beyond me.
    Was it lack of knowledge(so called sports media) or just no Raiders interest (2006 season 2-14) at the time?

    I think it would’ve been better had the story been brought up years ago because I would’ve liked to hear Al Davis take on it. Did he force a change of gameplan?

    Maybe Callahan didn’t botch the game, but he didn’t seem really motivated during Superbowl week, neither at pre-game or kickoff.


    Why “in the blue hell” did the NFL only give a one week preparation during that Superbowl?

  5. Agree witih neraider … the wrong questions are being asked.

    Was the gameplan changed on Friday?

    That’s all Brown said that was a fact. The rest was his opinion on why it occurred.

    Also, the media takes pot shots at Brown over this, while also straddling the fence and not criticizing the best WR to ever play the game, Jerry Rice.

    Our media is a joke. This will probably get deleted in North Korean fashion like every other one of my posts, but it felt good to vent regardless.

  6. Regardless of when and how much the game plan was changed, Callahan went into the Super Bowl using the basic terminology and playbook installed by the opposing head coach.

    It may not have been deliberate sabotage, but it is a level of mindboggling incompetence that is so extreme that is might as well have been deliberate sabotage. The effects couldn’t have been any worse.

    That’s the really mind blowing thing about it. The Raiders knew that they were facing Jon Gruden. Did Callahan seriously think Gruden wouldn’t reveal every single detail to his new team?

    Seriously, you are about to face one of the best defenses to ever play and you are still running the offense that was installed by your predecessor, who also happens to be the opposing head coach, what do you do?

    There are currently two versions of what happened.

    1) You do absolutely nothing, and approach the game in the same way you would against any other team.

    2) The Tim Brown version. You make a dramatic change in the run – pass balance of your game plan, switching in plays that you haven’t practised in the weeks before the game.

    You, still don’t change the terminology or bring in a lot of new plays, you just shift from calling more passing plays to calling more runs, wasting most of your practice time since the AFC championship game.

    If anything Tim Brown’s idea that Callahan must have actually wanted to throw the game is the more generous. At its heart it is based on one single piece of logic: no NFL head coach could possibly have been that incompetent.

  7. The idea that Callahan wanted to lose is absurd, but he’s using that accusation to cover up the fact that he made a terrible last-minute decision that cost him the game.

    Jeez, is that so difficult for some “reporters” to grasp?

  8. Nothing more pitiful than athletes who’ve been coddled, swaddled and bottle-fed, told they are the noblest of God’s creatures, elite and untouchable in the eyes of all, who retire, no longer have people clambering for their attention and without lackeys to carry out their every whim, trying to elbow their way back into the spotlight. Tim Brown = crazy, but Jerry Rice is pathetic. He always hated that Joe was the golden boy and that he wasn’t, and because of his spectacular insecurity continues to scream “look at me!” every chance he gets. Your were great Jerry, we all get it. Now just shut up, sign some autographs and be grateful you are recognized at all for playing a game.

  9. “We would have won, but the league conspired against us.”

    “We would have won, but the refs conspired against us.”

    “We would have won, but the Head Coach conspired against us.”

    I’m anxiously awaiting the next conspiracy explanation for a Raiders’ lose.

  10. Hey 1lil’tex:

    We don’t expect you to understand anything because you’re from Texas. Texans make Spongebob and Patrick look like Penn and Teller. You just go about your business. Wrangle up some cows and chase some chickens. Leave the football talk to us pros here.

  11. Not sure if anybody realizes but, Al Davis sued the NFL and won!…… Since then, the NFL has attempted to not make it easy for this fanchise. It may not all be sabotage but there is reason to believe that there is motive behind some of the decisions the NFL has made that work against the Raiders. Just sayin……

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