Cary Williams: I’m not a priority for Ravens right now

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In a post a little while ago, Darin Gantt noted how the impending Ravens free agents not named Joe Flacco were in a holding pattern as the team tries to nail down a new deal with their quarterback.

One of those free agents is cornerback Cary Williams, who says he’d like to return to Baltimore but knows that it might not happen because the team has been clear with him about their priorities for their free agents this offseason. They start with Flacco, continue with linebacker Dannell Ellerbe and seem to stop somewhere short of Williams.

“They said if it wasn’t for the situation they’re in now that I would be a priority and that I am a priority, but it’s just a situation where they have some big needs right now that they have to fill in the quarterback position and the linebacker position, and those are more dire needs, and they don’t necessarily know if they’ll have the money or have the time to get me a deal,” Williams said, via the Carroll County Times.

Williams also talked about his decision to turn down a three-year, $15 million deal from the Ravens before the 2012 season. He said he didn’t regret the decision, even if it means he winds up leaving the Ravens, and said he thinks he’s played well enough to command an even bigger deal as a free agent.

“The sky’s the limit for me now. I just feel like I’m an ascending player. I feel like I’ve gotten better each and every year,” Williams said. “I wasn’t able to play the way I wanted to play at the beginning of this season because of the hip, but towards the latter part of the season I think that everybody saw my potential and saw what I can do.”

We’re less than two weeks away from finding out if the rest of the league agrees with Williams.

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  1. Sad reality in today’s NFL with cap room being what it is…if you are lucky enough to win the big one, you can count on your players demanding more, and not having enough to keep everyone satisfied.

  2. He won’t be resigned. Webb will be back for us next year. Flacco and Ellerbe are by far the most important issues at the moment

  3. The next time Joe Linta says Flacco doesn’t want anyone cut as a result of his deal, let’s all plead turn a deaf ear to him. Flacco’s deal – any big deal – ultimately results in some players being cut or not re-signed.

    I’m not blaming Flacco. But I do call “nonsense” (or some other more applicable but less appropriate word) on agents who keep trying to make their guys sound like angels and selfless in these matters. They aren’t.

    It’s a business and I get that, so lets cut the garbage and be clear that Flacco’s deal means less for everyone else and that could create a real challenge for this team.

  4. Yes Cary we saw what you can do. Get burned on double moves, break your ankles on comeback routes, play 10 yards off the line, then thump your chest after you make one big play a game. If that. Fact is QB’s around the league all know Cary’s name because they are used to seeing his back as he chases down the receiver who blew right past him every time. Glad to see him go. He was close to getting dubbed Frank Walker 2.0

  5. Don’t worry, I’m sure a statue is already in the works for you. It’s the pose of you pushing a ref.

  6. You might want to rethink staying with the Ravens, I just read that Charlie Batch is coming back for another year.

  7. As a Ravens fan, I would absolutely love for them to find a way to bring Cary back, but it just doesn’t seem to be possible. Granted, he did get burned a handful of times, but what CB hasn’t? He played with a physicality and attitude that you can’t help but respect and he got better and better as the season went on, ESPECIALLY down the stretch and in the playoffs. The team would’ve been in rough shape without him in the back end. He is definitely a player on the come up. Baltimore will always remember what Cary did for us. We love you man. Go get your money!!!

  8. He’s not worth that much. He was getting punked routinely for the first 10 games or so of the season. He’s not only expendable, but some sorry team will certainly overpay for his services.

  9. it’s the reality of the NFL during the salary cap. I followed the 49ers when they were winning in the 80’s with Eddie D. Talk about loaded. At one time I think they had Montana, Young and Bono (very underated imo) at QB. Never happen again.

    As Baltimore won the SB the first thing I thought of was hope they enjoyed it because in winning they lose. Flacco thinks he’s Brady now going to ask for (Dr evil voice on) 0ne zillion dollars (Dr Evil voice off). They will probably get Flacco but all of those players that are bellow the superstars will be gone.

    It’s what makes the NFL great.

  10. As I recall, the Ravens offered Cary a multi-year deal LAST off-season. He gambled, had a mediocre season, and now isn’t a top priority because the Ravens have bigger cap issues. His loss.

  11. Carey had a great year. Anyone who really watched us all season knows that.

    This article title makes it seem like it’s an issue with him or that he holds some grudge. False.

    He, along with myself and others, know that we have Jimmy Smith fully healthy, Webb coming back, and both Corey Graham and Chykie Brown played very well in starter roles last season.

    We have depth at CB. A lot of it. Where we do not have depth is Linebacker-which is why Ellerbe is a higher priority, as are Kruger and The GOAT Ed Reed. Flacco’s negotiations needn’t be mentioned as obvious as they are.

    It wouldn’t make sense for the ravens to give him a competitive rate. It would be hurting the team. Go to the Colts and kill it, Carey.

  12. I can almost guarantee that the Ravens’ resigning list looks very similar to this:

    1 Flacco (duh)
    2 Ellerbe
    3 Extend Boldin, give him his ’13 salary as a bonus to ease the salary cap
    4 Kruger
    5 Reed
    6 Resign RFA Pitta
    7 Cary Williams (maybe)

    Rockthered summed up everything you need to know about Cary Williams and any Ravens’ fan who doesn’t see it has their purple blinders on with a pitcher of purple kool-aid in hand. CB is actually one of the Ravens’ positional strengths at the moment. Webb will have had plenty of rehab time by the start of next season and the Ravens drafted Jimmy Smith in the 1st to eventually start for them. With Corey Graham still in the rotation and Chykie Brown who showed immense improvement as the season went along, the Ravens have bigger needs at defensive tackle, free safety (if Reed is not resigned), left tackle, and in their pass rush (assuming Ellerbe is resigned). I absolutely want Kruger back as a Ravens’ fan to keep that tandem with a healthy again Suggs, but I think some other team will make him and offer the Ravens won’t be able to match.

  13. loving the steeler fan who posts about how batch beat the ravens…great memory for you buddy. we won the superbowl. as far as cary goes….thanks for everything and good luck. go cash a big check and enjoy your ring

  14. YES Batch destroyed the Ravens… by 3 points.

    The Ravens sucked so bad that all they could muster the rest of the season was a measly Super Bowl!

  15. This is why you can hardly ever repeat. You get a few breaks and win it all, and suddenly every player thinks they’re elite and under paid. It doesn’t help that there’s always a few foolish teams lining up happy to overpay for marginal talent.

  16. I’ve watched this guy a lot, especially over the last couple years and I might say the 3y $15M was a generous offer. He will make more than that but he’s not worth a $5M cap hit per year.

    He made a few plays, scrub time INT vs NE in AFCC Game, cheap def. INT against San Diego; he has gotten burnt twice as often. He’s also prone to the illegal contact flag. Def. was vital part of Baltimore’s SB run but not a dire need moving forward.

  17. i don’t understand ravens fans who hate on cary williams, do you watch our games?? dude has been playing very well and consistently for 3 years now. with all our corners taking major injuries during that time, hes been the one constant in our secondary

    hes lanky with long arms and matches up with the taller receivers pretty well

    yes he gets burned, as do all corners, but hes made huge plays and i would be willing to bet anyone he gets 15M guaranteed in his next contract at way more then the 5M per season he turned down last year

  18. Cary was a great story, working his way up from college at Washburn, to the Titan’s practice squad, to a starting corner on a Super Bowl winning team. Aside from him pushing that ref (which is what 31 teams only recognize him for) he is a classy guy.

    Having said that, his time is done in Baltimore. Lardarius Webb was the best corner in the NFL in 2011, and he’ll be back next year after going down mid 2012. With Webb, Smith, Graham and Brown the Ravens have one of the best and deepest cornerback corps in the NFL. Their #4 corner was forced into a starting role, and he held his own this year.

    While I’m sure Harbs and Ozzie would love to have Cary back, guys like Flacco, Ellerbe, and Pitta (very underrated IMO) NEED to be resigned. That’s just the harsh truth to it. Best of luck to you in the future Cary, this Baltimore fan is grateful what you brought to the team.

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