Champ Bailey isn’t moving to safety


Most cornerbacks who stick around the NFL long enough eventually get moved to safety.

That won’t be happening to Champ Bailey.  Yet.

Broncos V.P. of football operations John Elway said Thursday on 104.3 The Fan in Denver that the team has given no thought to sliding Bailey to the last line of defense, via

The Broncos also will be sticking with safety Rahim Moore, even though his gaffe at the end of regulation against the Ravens allowed Baltimore to force overtime in the divisional round of the playoffs.

Bailey also was burned on multiple occasions during that same game by Ravens receiver Torrey Smith.

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  1. This is a no-brainer to anyone who watched more than one broncos game last season. Bailey had a legitimate Pro Bowl season, I’d say his best in the last 4-5 years- the Ravens game was a fluke, probably his worst in a broncos uniform.

  2. Most people tend to think he’s not as good anymore, but they’re wrong. I watched ever game this year and in years past and he hasn’t regressed like people think he has. He’s still got it and Elway knows this.

  3. This is why I respect John Elway:

    He ignores the mindless opinions of fans who get so hung up on one player, game, etc., which is why he was so uncomfortable with Tebow.

    Bailey is a HOF corner who can still shutdown 9 times out of 10, and Moore is a promising young safety.

  4. Broncos gave the Ratbird WRs free reign off the line of scrimmage..ALL GAME LONG..we all know Flacco preferably wants to chuck it deep and hope for a flag..the D-line didn’t help to much either..their usually better causing Chaos..Just a bad day.

  5. He sure did have alot of safety help against Torrey Smith during that game… He played well all season long and got burned by a guy who makes his living off big plays. He’s still a good cornerback in this league.

  6. really thats the best picture you could find? Champs been one of the best corners in the league for over 10 years now.

  7. Mark my words… Champ will use all this SAFETY talk as motivation! He will have one of his better years in 2013 and move to safety on his own terms..

  8. Champ was burnt twice and that was in one half. He shut Smith down the second half and in overtime. You also fail to point out that Champ only have up one touchdown the entire regular season.

  9. Ever since Champ arrived in Denver he’d usually have 1 or 2 bad games a year, this year was no different he had a tough game against AJ Green and unfortunately his other bad game was in the playoffs against Torrey Smith, he was superb for 15 of the 17 games which leads me to believe it was just a bad game (which the entire defense and coaching staff suffered as well!) and not a complete breakdown of Champ’s skills. Give him another year, allow Carter, Harris and Bolden to grow a little more before giving consideration to moving him to free safety.

  10. Champ is still able to play corner, all because he got burned in the championship a couple of times doesn’t mean hes still not a good corner. I would love to have him playing for my favorite team in Oakland!

  11. Man Florio plrease do me and yourself a flavour and take a look at the coaches tape. He gave up one TD and thats where torrey smith made a great play and leaped for the ball when he was actually covered very tightly by Bailey. The other 2 times denver was playing zone and the safety messed up. And one of those wasn’t even a completion so give him a break before you say something like that again. So now you got burn’t…

  12. I dont think rahim moore’s horrendous mistake should immediately warrant a change. Champ on the other hand got constantly abused

  13. honestly torrey should have had 2 more long TDs in that game but joe flacco missed him

    i think they should move champ to the slot and play him in a charles woodson type role

  14. I recall a Raider-Bronco game years ago when Bailey just got abused by none other than Jerry Porter, and Roland was in his twenties then. It happens. Let the old man stay back there until he proves he can’t do it any more.

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