Chiefs, Bowe move toward tag deadline without a deal


The Chiefs and receiver Dwayne Bowe have been discussing a long-term deal.  For now, we’re told there’s no news.

There will be news soon.  Absent a long-term deal by Monday, March 4, the Chiefs either will — or won’t — apply the franchise tag to Bowe.  Because he was tagged in 2012 at a tender of $9.6 million, he’d be entitled to a 20-percent raise.  That’s $11.4 million for one more season.

And since a third straight tag would entitle Bowe to the quarterback tender in 2014, failure to sign Bowe to a long-term deal by July 15 means that he’ll undoubtedly hit the open market in 2014.

On Wednesday, former Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli said on SiriusXM NFL Radio that he would have tagged Bowe again — in part because Bowe wants too much on a multi-year contract.

“Dwayne is a good, productive player at a position of need,” Pioli said.  “He’s the best receiver on the Chiefs.  He’s one of the better receivers in the NFL. . . .  I don’t believe he’s as good as maybe his agent thinks – and when I say that I don’t say that disrespectfully – I just mean there was a difference in opinion.  I think he’s a top receiver that would deserve to be compensated in the top ten range, not the top five.”

Since they have plenty of cap space, the Chiefs could tag Bowe and keep working toward a long-term contract.

25 responses to “Chiefs, Bowe move toward tag deadline without a deal

  1. Maybe I’m wrong…….but good for Bowe

    Dude has pretty much got a 2 year 21 million dollar contract guaranteed, with a 3rd year team option for about 16 million guaranteed or FA……over the last few years……

    Chiefs management has to be sitting back thinking they should have signed this guy a few years back……..because after this year, they wont tag him……and he wont resign.

  2. Bowe you have to stay cause the Chiefs have a guy that can throw the ball to you without getting you killed!

  3. Let him go K.C.
    Buffalo could use a good Receiver opposite Stevie Johnson. The Bills also have the $$ to spend on him.

  4. It would be nice to see him in Miami next season. What receiver would you think be a better signing for Miami?
    Thumbs up for Bowe
    Thumbs down for Wallace
    Go Fins!

  5. LOL Pioli says “I don’t think he’s as good as his agent thinks” Nice way of sayin we not playin him what he wants! Pure class act. He cuda found another way to put that..Bowe needs to leave that dump ASAP

  6. EJ says: Feb 28, 2013 9:21 PM

    “Let him go K.C.
    Buffalo could use a good Receiver opposite Stevie Johnson. The Bills also have the $$ to spend on him.”

    No, you don’t. Your team has $23 million in 2013 cap space.

    $8 million to sign your rookies.
    $6 million per year to sign OG Andy Levitre.
    $6 million per year to sign FS Jarius Byrd.

    That’s $3 million in 2013 cap space left to sign Dwayne Bowe. Um, let’s say your odds of attracting him for that is “doubtful at best,” especially considering that Buffalo has to HUGELY overpay to get free agents to sign there (See Mario Williams for an example.)

  7. With those Qb’s that have been there, who’s to say how good Bowe really is?

    With Alex Smith as QB, Crabtree was an after thought. Then when Kapernick takes over, Crabtree becomes a 100 yard a game receiver. Just sayin…

  8. Bowe’s played with some crappy QB’s since he’s been a Chief. This year will be no different with Alex Smith having to learn ANOTHER system.

  9. In today’s nfl you need to have a playmaker #1type wide reciever in order to be relevant that’s why Jennings Bowe and Wallace will be overpaid next season, and really there is nothing wrong with that.

  10. Even if he was “roasted” by Pioli I am praying he winds up lining up out wide for the Pats and if welker is there also, the championship is decided.

  11. I’m not a genius, but when he said we don’t believe he’s worth top 5 money, THAN WHY ARE YOU PAYING HIM TOP 5 MONEY!!? A franchise tag is the average of the top five contracts at that position dummy!

  12. Once he gets a long term deal look for him to become Larry Johnson 2.0 w/o the off-field problems. (Get paid, get lazy)

  13. The Chiefs are the Royals of the NFL, & that might be giving them too much credit, considering they are on their way up. If Bowe was smart he’d demand to be let go! 20 years without a playoff win and counting

  14. I agree that he’s top 10 rather than top 5 and he’s definitely over-estimating his leverage in this deal. If he thinks he’s going to get mega bucks somewhere else, I think he’s mistaken.

    If he were on the market, the teams willing to seriously overpay are likely to be places that are more than a top 10 WR away from competing and he’ll be expected to be the savior. Not a good deal.

    Anybody who is already competitive and looking for a #2 WR isn’t going to pay top 10 scratch to get him. His best bet is to stay in KC.

    DBowe, tell your agent to negotiate a top 10 deal with serious performance incentives. Then sign it and let’s play ball.

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