Chris Johnson says he can break Eric Dickerson’s record


Vikings running back Adrian Peterson fell just short of Eric Dickerson’s single-season record of 2,105 yards last season. Now Titans running back Chris Johnson is saying he thinks he can be the one to break Dickerson’s record this season.

Johnson told Andrew Siciliano on NFL Network that he believes he can top the all-time record that Dickerson set in 1984.

“Every running back’s goal is to break that record,” Johnson said. “You want to break the 2,105. I believe I can do it.”

Johnson ran for 2,006 yards in 2009, but he’s been maddeningly inconsistent since then. Last season he had five different games in which he topped 120 yards, but he also had five different games in which he failed to reach 30 yards. (Peterson was never held under 60 yards in any game last year.) If Johnson is going to have any hope of breaking Dickerson’s record, he’s going to need to cut out those too-frequent games when he disappears.

And if Johnson is going to have any hope of breaking Dickerson’s record, he’s also going to need to get a lot of carries, and that may be a problem. Titans coach Mike Munchak told Mike Florio on NBC Sports Network that the Titans may change the way they use Johnson, getting him more touches as a receiver out of the backfield but adding another running back who can carry more of the rushing load, especially in short-yardage situations. If that means Johnson will have fewer carries this season than the 276 he had last season, then it’s pretty much impossible for Johnson to break the record.

But Johnson doesn’t think anything is impossible. He thinks he could be poised to have the greatest season any running back has ever had.

71 responses to “Chris Johnson says he can break Eric Dickerson’s record

  1. Logicalvoice speaks with no logic, and apparently doesn’t know football.
    As for Johnson, when will he just shutup?

  2. logicalvoicesays says: Feb 28, 2013 6:49 AM

    Top 5 RBs in professional football : Alfred Morris, Marshawn Lynch, Arian Foster, Matt Forte and Maurice Jones Drew. In that order.

    One good year does not make a Top 5 back. If that was the case Doug Martin would be on that list as well. Let’s see these guys do it for a few years before we put them in the HOF.

  3. logicalvoicesays says:
    Feb 28, 2013 6:49 AM
    Top 5 RBs in professional football : Alfred Morris, Marshawn Lynch, Arian Foster, Matt Forte and Maurice Jones Drew. In that order.


  4. logicalvoices, your list shows how much you know about Football, which is nothing. You should change your name because any person, with any logic, knows Adrian Peterson is the best back in Football and proved it by winning MVP, which is normally a QB award.

  5. logicalvoicesays says:
    Feb 28, 2013 6:49 AM
    Top 5 RBs in professional football : Alfred Morris, Marshawn Lynch, Arian Foster, Matt Forte and Maurice Jones Drew. In that order.

    Wow – just shows what a moron you really are…… alfred morris at #1 and no adrian peterson – you should not even be allowed to post……..


    Also, logicalvoice, maybe you forgot Adrian Peterson? I love Morris, but you couldn’t possibly rate Morris over Peterson based on one season from Morris…could you?

  7. My god logicalvoice you must be on one hell of a bender with that list

    AP is better than all those guys put together

  8. Nevermind logicalvoice…I re-read your comment and my biggest concern would be ensuring that you seek medical attention, because it reads like you’re suffering from a brain aneurysm.

  9. He’s probably right. Afterall, he was only 862 yds away last season. Keep doing what you do best- talking through that ridiculous grill. HA!

  10. Didnt he say he was gonna run for 2500 a few years back then held out and then sucked for a year and a half before becoming decent again. Maybe you should try to focus on the team and win instead of your personal stats and ego CJ.

  11. First of all, this story is misleading. CJ was ASKED a question about him wanting to best Peterson’s yardage total from last year and he said no, its the Dickerson mark that all RB’s want to break. So really people he was just answering a question. What do you want him to say…”no I can’t run as good as den guys”. Stupid! Of course you want confident players who think they can. This story also left out 2 facts while mentioning his games of low yardage output. The O-line was down to 1 starter by the end of the season and they were bringing in guys off the street to shuffle around the O-line. The O-line was a mess. Here’s a couple of other tibits. As far as a two back system hampering him in getting Dickerson’s record….he WAS in a two back system when he got 2,006. Remember LenDale White. Oh yeah, one more thing, if it wasn’t for a holding penalty that negated a 62 yard run, he would have only needed 38 yards to break ED record and would have had almost an entire quarter of football left to do it. Way to make a story out of nothing!!!

  12. I never understod all the cj2k hate. His mouth is probably the reason, because it surely is not his play. He sets unrealistic expectaions for himself which is not really a bad thing. He had a 2k season, set the yards from scrimmage record and hasnt missed many games. He also averages 108 yards per game in total yards. That is crazy, not to mention he never had below 1465 total yards in a season.

    Even if you take out his fantastic 2009 season he still averages 95 yards per game.

  13. wow, you guys just love falling for troll bait, why do you even pay logical any mind, he’s a redskins fan that should clue you in to his delusion.

  14. Chris Johnson is a STUD! And to be One of the BEST pass blocking RB in the League is amazing when he is only 195lbs. Couple with 4.24 speed averaging 4.4 yards a carry…. Every team in the league can use this Dude 2Day except Minnesota and Seattle! The TITANS have NOO talent outside of this GUY!

  15. Ignore illogical… As I’ve previously stated, he’s a made up character by florio only here to garner hits/comments.

    CJ2k was most effective when he played with LenWhale White. He and his team would be better off with him having fresh legs and not having to be the every down back. Let some young bruiser take the goal line carries and the hits that come with them so CJ has the legs left to get his team in scoring position.

  16. logical is just a kid who loves his little baby team,now not putting Ap on your list stupid when you grow some hair on your chin and watch football for more then one year his comments will still never make sense

  17. There is no question that AP is the best in the business. CJ needs to get himself together, he was pretty damn good a few years ago but he has slipped and he continues to slide down that slope. Let him have at least 2 solid seasons and maybe I will entertain these comments. No question he is talented with speed but you need more than speed to break this record.

    logicalvoice is most likely insane(or retarded). I love Alfred Morris too but one year does not make him the best in the NFL. His humbleness makes him one of my personal favorites but AP has proved that no other RB is in his class. Your list is ridiculous.

  18. I don’t know why you guys answer back to “logical voice”. Clearly he’s doing it for a reaction and you guys keep arguing with him, which he likes for some reason.

    Just don’t respond back to him. He has nothing better to do with his time than try to get a reaction out of people on a football site.

  19. You must be talking about Eric Dickerson’s record for the most mispronounced words in a single sentence.

  20. I’m as big a Skins fan as there is but come on son… Alf is a stud but AP he’s not. Please do not confuse logical and some of the other skins fans that post here withe rest of us. We love our team but we also know the score.

  21. More importantly, will anybody be able to break Eric Dickerson’s record for Most Uses of the phrase “Most Definitely” on a Monday Night Football Broadcast.

  22. More importantly, how can you all still take logicvoice seriously at this point? He’s clearly devoted his life to pissing people off and making them hate the Redskins. Why would a real fan work so hard to make sure everybody thought the entire fanbase was a bunch of lunatics? (And he does work really hard, he’s one of the first ten commenters on pretty much every single PFT article) The fact that he gets such a rouse out of so many people, every time, is what keeps him going.

  23. CJ2K has become a distant history. Nobody calls him that anymore because nowadays it’s more like CJ1K. As far as his comments go, I’m not surprised he thinks or says so. Is anyone ?

  24. Ya know…I had an Uncle who believed all the garbage he liked to convince himself he was capable of too. He’s in jail now.

  25. Dude just retire, you’re done. Your career is already starting to look like Randy Moss – post New England. Hang it up so you can prepare for life without football.

  26. Chris Johnson continues to lead the league in claims that he’ll break records and marks the he’ll never break.

  27. he’s already shattered 1 record of dickerson’s eric’s talking never came close to the amount of b.s. this guy spew’s out however on the field not only will c.j. not break his record,but when all is said & done he wont even be able to hold a candle to dickerson’s body of work. c.j. is all mouth and i’ll be happy when i don’t have to read about crap this guy said anymore.

  28. These guys never see it coming but CJ’s time is past.
    He won’t break 1,000 yards this season, Not with that line, on that team, in that Division.
    He gone.

  29. so many illogical comments and football ‘fans’. “He will need 800 carries”, “guys career is over” “1 year wonder”

    CJ’s career after 5 years nearly mimmicks Barry Sanders career with yards and CJ has a higher YPC. That’s not an opinion it is fact. This year, CJ was 3rd in the AFC in YPC. He didn’t get a lot of carries because we were down 21+ in the first quarter in 1/3 of our games.

    Also CJ has the 6th most yards EVER for a RB after 5 years. The Titans o-line has ranked 31st and 32nd the last two seasons and he still put together some decent numbers.

    You can hate on his apperance, the way he talks, and his ego all you want but when it comes down to production, There are very few who have done what he’s done so far.

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