Cribbs admits that tampering is happening

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It’s an open secret in the NFL.  Tampering has been and will continue to occur regarding the class of upcoming free agents.

It was rampant in Indianapolis, and it will surely continue until March 9, when the new three-day tampering window opens.

The problem with tampering being so blatant is that players don’t always realize that they should ix-nay the ampering-tay talk.  Browns receiver Josh Cribbs has admitted to ESPN Radio Cleveland that tampering is indeed happening.

“My agent has been meeting with several different teams,” Cribbs said.  “There is a lot of interest.  There are already numbers brought to the table.  Things are happening. Wheels are turning behind closed doors.”

There’s a reason those doors are closed, Josh.

The NFL rarely acts on tampering cases, in part because the league knows everyone does it.  However, sometimes it’s so blatant that failure to act isn’t an option.

With Cribbs, the NFL likely will have to at least investigate the situation.

51 responses to “Cribbs admits that tampering is happening

  1. Cribbs should be penalized by making him play with the Browns for the rest of his career. The team tampering should have to trade for Mark Sanchez and make him their starter.

  2. Hes just trying to make it seem like teams are interested in him still. Like the kid in middle school who always had girlfriends from “summer camp” and “other towns”.

  3. Why not just end the charade and move up the start of free agency a few weeks? Maybe keep the existing date as a target for teams to be in cap compliance.

  4. What Cribbs is doing would be equal to a guy calling up the IRS to tell them he is cheating the government out of taxes on a regular basis. What an idiot.

  5. Too many head hits. Cmon Josh think before you speak. On a different note as a Browns fan thanks for the exciting years you gave us and good luck where ever you end up.

  6. Punishing a team for tampering, would be like singling out a team for using a pay for performance program, or using inflammatory language regarding their opponent pregame in a locker room. Oh wait.

  7. The only teams being hurt by this are the ones following the rules. If the NFL isn’t going to enforce the restricted negotiating period rules they need to be dropped. Drop the sham. It needs to be open season after the Super Bowl.

  8. You can’t blame Cribbs for wanting to get out of the cesspool known as “Cleveland”, but he may be harming his own cause by these statements.

  9. “They asked a question, he gave an answer… Now idiots complain.”

    True, he didn’t spill the beans on a major secret that’s for sure. I’m wondering why it’s even a story. Why isn’t there a problem with the Chiefs deal with Smith? Same effective date isn’t it?

  10. When any organization has rules and they don’t enforce them it makes those that break the rules and get away with it that rules don’t matter and they’ll break other rules. Either enforce the tampering rule or get rid of it. It’s not rocket science, but just like the inaction on HGH testing there is no good reason.

  11. Just like “pay for performance” happened all the time behind closed doors, but the NFL needed a scapegoat and they got their goat.

    The not so Goodell will only act if something will affect the owner’s bottom line.

  12. but did any of these teams ask his agent if hes gay or not? espn is out of control. thats what all shows on the network have been talkin about all freakin day!

  13. Listen to the whole interview in context. He was attempting to make it sound like It would be in the Browns best interest to offer him a deal because other teams are already showing interest.

    I’m more enclimed to believe he embelished the truth a bit (at least in the whole “numbers being on the table” part). Than to think that there is some all out underground bidding war for his services. Thats why the NFL doesn’t take these things seriously. Most is just big talk from guys hoping for a deal.

  14. Just make the penalties simple and severe. Suspend the player for 4 games, ban the agent for 1 year and fine the team substantially. Make the policy known to all personnel and all penalties are implemented regardless of who is actually involved. The parties can sue each other if somebody steps out of line rather than attack the NFL itself. (If an agent talks to a team even without the player’s knowledge, too bad. Take it up with him)

  15. vikesfansteve says:
    Feb 28, 2013 5:01 PM
    Wrong RG3

    Snitches get 2 rings.


    What do you know about rings? Maybe wedding rings but not superbowl rings.
    Your a Vikings fan. You guys dont even have a trophy case man. Who are you foolin?!?!?

  16. Maybe the crud in Cleveland is rubbing off on him. Does it rally make a difference in his case?

  17. I heard the interview and Cribbs was trying to posture himself as the jilted hometown guy whom the Browns were dissing. He totally stepped in it. What he said was just not very bright at all. The interviewer, Aaron Goldhammer did a great of of just letting Cribbs walk off his own cliff.

  18. Like there was no tampering when the Redskins signed Albert Haynesworth with in 1/2 hr after free agency started. How did that work out for them. @footballady52 🏈

  19. Josh, I doubt there is a lot of interest. You were great before the new kickoff rule, but if you watched film from last year, you couldn’t field a punt cleanly, and you are lost a few steps. This is a great job by you and your agent. In today’s NFL, you need to be more than a kickoff/punt returner.

  20. I cannot believe how many of you are trashing Cribbs over this. Take a look at the league: Asking interviewees if they like women or if their mother is a prostitute, breaking rules that create level playing fields, etc. “everybody does it” you say? Live by that rule, do you?

  21. Gosh some people will do anything for money, even break the rules. Fortunately for the dealmakers the NFL is very flexible on the enforcement of rules, as well as interpreting the nature of what the rules even are.

    So many rules, yet not a single rule in the NFL is an absolute rule. The only rules are there will always be compromise and disagreement, and lots of money will be floating up for grabs to the best opportunists at all given moments in time.

  22. Probably less interest now, I would guess. I can see the teams of interest walking away like they’re slinking down a dark alley after an hour w/ a bad hooker. He’s a “look at me” guy with nothing to look at.

  23. Cribbs might be dry snitching but he does make a valid point, the NFL needs to enforce all the rules, not just the ones they choose to enforce, the Commish comes off as this holier than thou kind of ruler, if he knowingly allows some rules to be broken then all his walking on water was just a smokescreen for his hypocrisy, and there goes what little credibility he has so far garnered

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