Cribbs’ agent tries to put the tampering toothpaste back in the tube


Browns receiver Josh Cribbs will become a free agent in less than two weeks.  He said Thursday that his agent is talking to other teams.  Given that Cribbs doesn’t become a free agent until March 12, that’s a problem.

So how did Cribbs’ agent solve the problem?  By denying it, of course.

“Let me be clear,” J.R. Rickert said on Twitter.  “[Cribbs] is a Cleveland Brown [until] March 12. No other discussions are [in] process.”

Sure they’re not.

Maybe Cribbs was just misinformed.  Or maybe we’ve found the one upcoming free agent as to whom there is no tampering.  And he just happens, coincidentally, to also be the one guy to admit that tampering is happening.

20 responses to “Cribbs’ agent tries to put the tampering toothpaste back in the tube

  1. “[Cribbs] is a Cleveland Brown [until] March 12. No other discussions are [in] process.”

    they were, but now team are afraid my dim witted client will cost them draft picks, so they are no longer in process

  2. Or maybe it’s kick returner shooting off his mouth because his agent’s been telling him he would be able to get him a WR role somewhere else… despite not being in the WR rotation for a team that’s had one of the worst groups of receivers over the last several years

  3. it’s pretty hilarious that Mike The Censor will allow people to call him “gossip girl” but won’t let ANYONE AT ALL to mock him for referring to Cribbs as a “receiver”.

  4. What does everyone on here have against Cribbs? He was the only chance we had to score in the past 5 years. With that said, he has diminished and will be replaced by Travis Benjamin. Still no reason to bash on the man. Give him some props for Loving Cleveland so much. He even came out publicly to say he’s willing to take a paycut to stay in Cleveland. A sentence that hasn’t been uttered since Ronald Regan was president. Everyone else hates playing for Cleveland.

  5. I guess I have to ask this after every article on this topic:

    Why in the world do you care about this?

    If there is anything about this worth questioning, it’s what exactly is the rational for not allowing teams to talk to players before the signing period starts? Who is hurt by allowing players and teams to figure where everything stands in advance of that date?

    The NBA has done it that way for years. Teams actually announce that they have reached verbal deals with players well in advance of the signing period.

    What’s the harm?

  6. When will these schmucks learn? Keep your mouth shut, don’t make cell calls or texts while drunk, and never even learn how to use twitter. My lord dudes, 99% of you squeaked through college because of sports. You’re not going to outsmart many people or amaze them with your oratory so just shut up.

  7. @eatitfanboy,
    The harm is to the player’s current team who has exclusive negotiation rights until free agency legally starts.

  8. Oh, JOSH! Say it ain’t so!!! Where do you get off spoiling our national fantasy that the NFL has been lying to us all these years? What do you mean by bursting our bubble in your thoughtless moment of honesty? We’re shocked. SHOCKED!

    Don’t you know that NFL fans thrive on rumors, speculation and what-ifs (ie, ProFootball Talk)? Don’t you know that we hang on every unspoken word of every NFL sanitized interview? How can you spoil this for us?

    I’m sorry this happened to you. You are truly a good guy and have been a bright spot for us Browns fans who’ve had so little to cheer for over many years. Maybe the deal that “wasn’t” being discussed is trashed — but I hope you get a good one – in Cleveland or a city where you will do well. Thanks for all you’ve done for our team! Just stay out of politics. You’re too honest.

  9. I could be wrong, but I believe oratory is an old, old wooden ship that was used during the Civil War era.

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