Jermichael Finley says he won’t take a pay cut

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The Packers are reportedly torn about what to do with tight end Jermichael Finley this offseason, but Finley is a bit less conflicted.

Finley told Josina Anderson of that he hasn’t heard anything from the Packers yet about addressing his contract, which has him set to count $8.75 million against the cap in 2013. Should they be planning to give him a call and ask about the possibility of a pay cut, they might as well save their breath.

“I’d have to walk for sure, meaning I couldn’t take a pay cut. Maybe I’d restructure if it’s a deal that I like and it makes sense, but I’m not the guy that’s just going to sign anything and let anything pass,” Finley said. “I’m not that guy. Other than that, taking a pay cut or restructuring doesn’t sound good to me at this time. I like my deal. I start training in Minneapolis tomorrow and I’m more inspired than ever to start next season off right and be the tight end I know I can be. It’s all business at the end of the day. I just love what I do.”

You wouldn’t expect Finley to say anything else, although things can be different when push comes to shove. That’s especially true if Finley’s agent has gauged a market that would make it clear Finley’s going to take a pay cut whether or not he remains in Green Bay for another season. With a $3.5 million roster bonus due in March, we should have an idea before too much longer how things will play out in Green Bay.

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  1. Yes u will be taking a pay cut Droppy McButterfingers. Because you’re going to get cut at that salary & no other team is gonna pay u that much per season on a new contract. I hope the Packers get rid of this underachieving clown.

  2. This is why it doesn’t bother me when athletes ask for new contracts after successful seasons. That knife cuts both ways. What’s the difference between, “I had a great season. I want a new contract”, and “tale a paycut or we’ll cut you”? Nothing. You have to get the money when you can…

  3. He should take as much money as he can up front, because he’s done little to warrant high (but non-guaranteed) salaries down the line.

  4. “Im not that guy”…… Yeah, you’re also not one of the top 3 targets on your team. A TE that can’t catch, throws his elite QB under the bus and cries all season about chemistry. But way to stand your ground, should work out well for you.

  5. Every year its the same thing with this guy… I’m inspired to be the tight end I know I can be. You haven’t done really anything and you have discount double check throwing you the ball, what makes you think you’ll be more successful elsewhere? I used to think you were going to be a monster it didnt take me long to figure out your Kellen Winslow 2.0

  6. I was down on Finley too but the second half of the season he played very well and didn’t have the the drops. When he plays like that, he can be a game changer because the defense has to account for him. With Jennings out of Green Bay on the first thing smokin…… I’d Keep Finley 1 more year for sure.

  7. Looks like he’ll be dropping passes for some other team next year. You can only pay someone on their potential for so long.

  8. Can’t judge any man for wanting all of his money. He has mouths to feed and people to take care of, I get that. If I was in his shoes I’d probably say the same thing.

    But if I were the Packers I’d let him walk. He hasn’t lived up to his contract yet, he’s injured all of the time.He does not deserve to be such a heavy cap hit this year based off of his past work. Besides, Delaney Walker could leave the 49ers; he’s a lot better than Jermichael Finley is, he just has Vernon Davis overshadowing him.

  9. And to think, after his successful last stretch of the season and the tact that he seemed to be displaying to the media I was starting to think that he had turned a new leaf.

    Cut him. Sign Jennings. Draft a TE. Move on and forget this clown ever duped us into thinking he would be big time.

  10. Finley shouldn’t take a pay cut. No player should take a pay cut. It’s the deal he signed. If GB doesn’t like it, they can cut him….and then Finley will go and play for another team where he can sign with an upfront bonus (guaranteed) that will equate to the roster bonus that GB will fail to pay him.

    Win-win for all parties involved.

  11. That’s just the thing. Def accounting for hi is a myth. They rarely have to double cover him.. he is not a game changer… He had the potential to be once. But reality is he’s an underachieving whiner. Cut him and draft a TE 4-5th round. You’ll get the same production (maybe even someone who can actually block) for a much cheaper price.

  12. All you morons who say Finley can’t catch let me share a stat with you, 61, 61 catches this year, most by a tight end in Green Bay history for a single season….. also I would like to see all of you try and catch when your constatly double and triple covered running across the middle of the field, when you do that, at a pro level, then you can say he cant catch.

  13. Finely is nothing more than a mouth and a cancer. Let him walk. I’ll agree his play was better towards the end of the season, but not nearly enough to warrant the pay he will be receiving and the inconsistent play he delivers.

  14. People need to back off of him some. Sure I was frustrated with the drops too, but the second half he was much better. Plus, even when he is not getting the ball, the defense is accounting for him. Also, he is only 25, so I say give him one more shot.

  15. During the hardest part of the Bush recession, our boss came to us and said that we can take a 10% pay cut to keep the company going or a 100% pay cut. One day, Jermichael will get it. Perhaps he shouldn’t have thrown his QB under boss and dropped all those easy passes.

  16. Ive been saying it for months this team is falling like a rock. Jennings, Woodson, Finley. As soon as Rodgers has to rely on only Cobb and Jordy its over.

    Rodhers is the best QB in the league and his takent has covered up the fact that this team is soft. The players know it and anyone that has a chance to get out of town is leaving. No home team discounts being givin here. These players know the Packers are no longer contenders.

  17. One of the main reasons I hate off-season, everything is a news.In other news Brett Favre is planning on a comeback when he’s 50 and Sandcastle are in talks with the Redskins. Remember where you heard it

  18. As a Packer fan, I thought Finely really played well the second half of last season. I’ve got no problem with them keeping him with his current contract.

    With that said, I also wouldn’t be broken hearted if they part ways with him..

  19. They need to let this clown go. He’s nothing but a cancer that drops 9 out of 10 passes and on the 1 he does manage to bobble and hang on to, he showboats for 25 yards. They’ve got 2 tight ends in the waiting that have better hands and much less attitude. I’d be fine using that money on Jennings for a 3-4 year deal.

    And to the turds calling them soft, get real. It’s really hard to argue that a perpetual playoffs team and Super Bowl contender can be considered soft. They’re still more dangerous than any team in the division and most of the teams in the NFC.

  20. Beezo-Doo-doo-Zippity-Bop-bop-bop says:
    Feb 28, 2013 9:13 AM
    If you don’t want to honor the contract you signed him to then cut him.


    If players can holdout/ask for higher salaries then why can’t teams ask for paycuts when players under-perform? Whether he takes the paycut or not, if Packers release him then he’s going to have to take one anyways. There is no way any team pays him that much to drop balls.

  21. See you later jurkmichael. You have hands of stone, and don’t posses the mental capability to understand systems or it’s all your fault!

  22. Wow, had no idea his contact was THAT high. Way, way overpaid.

    He’s a goner. I doubt GB is even interested in re-structuring the deal. That would mean they think his current contract is worthwhile — it isn’t.

  23. GB will mis Finley because with his speed he can go deep. No linebacker can cover him. At one point a couple of years ago, AR said “Even when he is not open, he is open. He is big and fast. Those kind of guys don’t grow on trees. With that said though, we can’t have him count 8.75 million against the cap in 2013. I would rather pay Jennings 10 million.

  24. Purplepunisher you could not be farther from the truth. No one is trying to get out of Green Bay. Woodson got cut (not his decision), Jennings is a FA and the Packers basically said they can’t sign him because they new new deals for Rodgers, Matthews, and Raji (3 of the best players on the team). And Finley is probably the most overpriced TE in the league. He is getting paid as much as some wide receivers with less production and he is a head case that can play well one week and totally disappear the next.

    As long as Rodgers is the QB the Packers will be contenders.

  25. All the commenters agree that he is getting paid a ton next season and I think the only Packer set to make more next year is Rodgers.

    Finley is sitting pretty on his end. He doesn’t need to restructure and even the Pack do cut him since he does have all sorts of potential that he hasn’t tapped into yet ( Who know if he will).

    There will be a team or two that will pay him about 6 mil a season to see if they can make him reach it.

  26. “SilentMajority says:
    Feb 28, 2013 9:07 AM
    This is why it doesn’t bother me when athletes ask for new contracts after successful seasons. That knife cuts both ways. What’s the difference between, “I had a great season. I want a new contract”, and “tale a paycut or we’ll cut you”? Nothing.”

    Wrong there is a big difference. The players are not playing under largely incentive based contracts.

    They’re playing under contracts that usually have huge signing bonuses paying them a large percentage of the total contract value up front that they never have to return no matter how badly they play.

    You can’t have it both ways. If a player wants an incentive based contract then take it, but don’t take 10-20 million up front and expect to see that contract adjusted in your favor just because you have a good season or two unless they have to return a portion of the signing bonus if they play like crap.

  27. Oh, the second half of the season he was much better……
    I work with lazy, excuse driven people like that. They slack off until they are about to get fired, then promise they will improve their performance by their next review….boo hoo.
    Some of those drops cost the Packers games, which cost them a first round bye. He’s an adult and should be held accountable for running his mouth about Rodgers and not performing on the field.

  28. veence69 says: Feb 28, 2013 1:11 PM

    Fun fact: the last two playoff wins for the Packers (soft) came against a second and a third string QB.

    Funnier Fact: You think Roethlisberger isn’t a starter.

  29. Cut him. He’s not a team player. He’s constantly bitching about not getting enough throws his way, drops too many balls and doesn’t block. Plus everyone is sick of his celebrations when he does catch a pass. This is coming from a Packer fan.

  30. I cant believe how selfish and immature this guy is! Half of the league is restructuring their contracts to be team players and help their teams with cap space! I would love it if this guy would once act like a team player and stop throwing every1 under the bus! If he’s smart he’ll restructure and get a long term deal with the Packers, or go make less money for some garbage team with a garbage QB!

  31. Green Bay hasnt even asked him to take a paycut or to restructure his deal. He has a right to his opinion, but keep your mouth shut! You didn’t even have to answer that question! Now he really looks like some1 who doesnt want to be in Green Bay! Good luck trying to find another team who will take you in with that kind of attitude!

  32. He was a decent player last year, but when Tom Crabtree has more big TD plays while being targeted 80-90% less, there is a problem.

    In a perfect world the Packers would cut Finley and somehow get Tony Gonzales for 1 year. They almost had Tony back in 2008 at the trade deadline.

  33. I don’t blame u Finley! We are all ready about to over pay Matthews. Some of our fans just don’t understand how valuable he is to our offense, even when not being targeted. Some people r calling Crabtree a better option, wow!some people just don’t understand the game. With all of the receivers we have a tightend in our offense will never have Gronk or Graham numbers! get Finley the ball Aaron!

  34. Packers have 4 other TEs, and the best ones in the draft will probably still be there when it’s the Pack’s turn to pick. And they won a SB with JMF on injured reserve. In other words, Finley isn’t really dealing from a position of strength.

  35. All the Packer fans are screaming about how over paid Finley is and how he’s not worth half the amount of his contract. These fans are the same dudes that say Ted Thompson a genius all every chance they get, yet Teddy is the genius that signed Finley to this contract less then a year ago!

  36. purplepunisher says:
    Feb 28, 2013 4:52 PM
    All the Packer fans are screaming about how over paid Finley is and how he’s not worth half the amount of his contract. These fans are the same dudes that say Ted Thompson a genius all every chance they get, yet Teddy is the genius that signed Finley to this contract less then a year ago!


    Yes, a contract that any smart fan knew was a “prove it” deal for Finley and he didn’t prove much of anything the first half of the season.

  37. Weren’t viking fans telling us our window was closed back in the late 90s ?

    We only went on to win 3 consecutive division championships ..

    “The Packers window has closed!” – 05 … we went onto 2 nfc title games and won a superbowl in 2010 since then.

    Cut a bunch of old players to clear up cap space in 2013 – “Oh! There windows closed!”

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