Jets kick the tires on David Garrard


After being linked to quarterbacks both washed-up and not quite good enough to be a Chief, the Jets are broadening their search for a backup to Mark Sanchez.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, the Jets worked out veteran quarterback David Garrard on Thursday.

Garrard never made it to the regular season with the Dolphins this year, after spending nine years with the Jaguars. If he could stay well, he’d be a viable backup option behind Mark Sanchez, but there has been little recent indication Garrard can do that.

Knee problems last year knocked him out of the Dolphins’ mix, and he’s been out of work since. The 35-year-old missed the 2011 season after undergoing back surgery.

28 responses to “Jets kick the tires on David Garrard

  1. He’s better then what they have..kick the tires and give him the keys while they at it.

  2. As a Jets fan, this pick up would be fine.
    As a realist, 2013 is truly the beginning of a rebuild year. We’re not going to the SB and probably not even the playoffs. We cannot unload Sanchez & cannot afford a high price veteran QB when we have a lot of other needs. Besides, I’m against picking up the obvious Alex Smith & Matt Flynn. Alex struggled for years and only thrived under the Harbaugh System. Don’t wanna give away picks and/or pay a lot for that. If Matt Flynn is so good, why was he benched for a rookie? I was hoping we’d look at Matt Moore but if Garrard is healthy and in shape I think it’s a decent pick up.
    If a Garrard or Moore can stop us from looking like we don’t even belong in the NFL, I’ll be happy. I want my Jets to actually look like they came to play the game.

  3. Sanchez, Tebow, JaMarcus, Garrard, Quinn, Stanton. It’s no wonder Rex Ryan regularly guarantees Super Bowls. That group of QB’s undoubtedly can keep most opposing teams in the hunt for the Lombardi trophy.

  4. bring in Moore he’s decent. Let him and McElroy dual it out. give McElroy a shot. Trade Revis get some good draft picks and draft for an offensive and defensive lineman plus a new corner back. O-lines make or break the run and passing game.. its a chance to rebuild and be relevant the next few years.

  5. I like Garrard – hope it works out for him there. I believe he is already better than what they have there.

  6. @nyjets1017.
    Because he’s a bigger joke than Sanchez or Teblow ,he’s horrible at best ,no arm, can’t move and is always hurt, he’s barely a practice squad guy.

  7. David Gerrard is always hurt. That would be stupid to sign him. At least sign someone who can move around, and throw the ball. He did Zero for the Dolphins.

  8. Garrard is better and waaaaay more consistent than the Sanchize!!! If he hadn’t gotten hurt he would’ve been the starting QB for the Dolphins as from all accounts he was beating Tannehill out during camp prior to his injury. He’s a former Probowler and once went 14 weeks into the season without throwing his first INT!!!! He would be an upgrade/viable option for more than the Jets, AZ should give him a serious consideration!

  9. Hell, they are having a woman come in to tryout to be their kicker, if that doesn’t work I rather see her be a quarterback on their team than David Garrard.

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