Kelsay says Bills didn’t ask him to take a pay cut

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The retirement of defensive end Chris Kelsay clears $5 million in cap space for the Bills.  But his cap number had nothing to do with the end of his career.

“As far as an offer to restructure my contract, that was never even brought up,” Kelsay told the team’s official website.

Kelsay said that the presence of a new coaching staff “played a role” in his decision, but that it wasn’t a “deciding factor.”

“It is always tough to have to come in and reestablish yourself,” Kelsay said.  “Earn the respect, the trust and confidence of your coaching staff.  Obviously that is something I have had to do in prior years.  It’s something that I am proud to say that I was able to do.  It weighs into it.  A whole new system.  A whole new scheme.  Kind of a hybrid defense; 4-3, 3-4 mix.  There is no question that I feel like I could play in it, but at the same time I am just very happy with where I am at and looking forward to retirement.”

Kelsay also said there’s “no way” he’s coming back, and that he wanted to make the decision now in order to allow the Bills to plan accordingly, via free agency and the draft.

8 responses to “Kelsay says Bills didn’t ask him to take a pay cut

  1. Kelsay was a good player that never made it to great. He was moved around too much, from position to position. A bunch of new coaches. Had to deal with the players he was used to playing with be traded or released often, making it hard to form any bonds or have the ability to know what a teammate will do on the field. Had Chris been put on a stable Bills team, Coaches and Players, I believe he would have excelled. I’m glad he left on a good note though. Once a Bill always a Bill! Go Bills! #BillsMafia

  2. That is kinda classy on his part, he was a popular whipping boy in Buffalo, but he always conducted himself with class. Good luck in the future to him and the Bills.

  3. A poor mans Aaron Schobel. Poor in skill, not in actual dollars.

    Both of those guys never reached their potential, but they hung onto their money and both retired early as very rich healthy men.

  4. You know its too bad for Chris. He wasn’t the mostly talented guy but he worked hard. I feel sorry for him because there were a bunch of guys with more talent but less drive on the field that played a lot more. I am sure his big payday came from the fact the coaches seen how hard he worked. Good luck

  5. I remember the interception he ran back back for a TD against the Cowboys on Monday night in 2007. Solid player, good guy.

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