Miles Austin restructures his contract


If you want to restructure your contract for the 2013 season, Dallas is the place to do it.

The Cowboys announced that wide receiver Miles Austin and center Ryan Cook have both agreed to restructure their contracts. The team also announced the previously reported moves to alter the deals of linebacker/defensive end-to-be DeMarcus Ware, tight end Jason Witten and cornerback Brandon Carr, the moves are designed to drop the Cowboys under the salary cap before the start of the league year on March 12.

Austin did not take a pay cut, but did shift some of his $6.732 million base salary to a signing bonus in order to spread the cap hit out over the three years left on his deal. Like all the other restructuring around the league, it is a save now and pay later deal that will mean more salary cap squeezes in the years to come for the Cowboys.

Guards Mackenzy Bernadeau and Nate Livings were also reported to have restructured their deals, although there was no announcement by the team to that effect. Defensive tackle Jay Ratliff and cornerback Orlando Scandrick have also been talked about as candidates for altered deals, and there’s still the possibility of an extension for quarterback Tony Romo that would account for even more 2013 cap savings in Dallas.

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  1. Why restructure in Dallas??? The team they have clearly can’t get the job done…They need to cut and draft rather than keep the same players that haven’t seen the playoff’s in years…..

  2. You know I’m thinking this is about a FA or Trading for someone they know had a big salary. Just a guess here but Larry Fritz with the Cards may be in play. The cowboys could be thinking that he could show Dez how to be a pro. Another guess is D Freeny. I don’t know who it is but I promise you that JJ is going to make a run at a big name

  3. Why is everybody acting like this is exclusive to the Dallas Cowboys…We all know the NFL is just a business and when they are scheduled to pay these guys, most will probably be cut.

  4. so…

    all of this to hold the ship together long enough to win a Super Bowl while Tony Romo is still in his prime.

    in case you missed why this is funny, let me repeat:

    all of this to hold the ship together long enough to win a SUPER BOWL while TONY ROMO is still in his prime.

  5. @ hor2012

    The cowboys arent doing this to sign a big free agent, they’re doing this because they must comply with NFL rules. They are just trying to make it UNDER the cap by March 12 which every team must do, not create room to sign someone right now

  6. Everyone seems to be forgetting that Dallas was hit with a $10 mil. salary cap deduction implemented by the league last year. They and Washington don’t have the cap room every one else does.

  7. rg3andout says:
    Feb 28, 2013 5:52 PM
    is Romo gona restructure his chocking habit?
    I’m a Giants’ fan and even I can’t help but say that this is one dumb, nonsensical comment. Putting aside the rampant misspelling, what does “restructure a choking habit” even mean?? Is he going to take a guaranteed choke now and spread it out over 4 years?? What a meth-head of a comment.

  8. Unfortunately, he has never lived up to the way he played his breakout year…

    Another “Jerry overpaid for a flash in the pan” story….

  9. @ rg3andout

    Like justintuckrule said, What exactly is a “chocking” habit, bro?

    If you are going to criticize, at least try to spell choking correctly – feel free to copy and paste right from here.

    Secondly, you are a 4skin fan, which means you are a hater. Your comments don’t carry any weight or importance as a hater.

    Lastly, as much as you think Romo chokes, your team has been choking for decades. They win one NFC East title, get throttled by the Seahawks in the playoff game that followed (in Washington, no less, where the Seahawks scored 24 unanswered points to handily spank your team). It is easy to see that the butt-hurt is still very much affecting you.

    based on all of this, do you think you actually have any platform in which to criticize?


  10. Big deal. As long as Jerry Jones sticks his nose in, they could all do flips or grow mustaches.
    The Cowgirls still stink.

  11. Dallas isn’t going to sign anyone of significance. Plus, they’re still feeling the effects of getting boned by the other owners during the “uncapped – shhhh it’s really capped” season.

  12. The cowboys didnt get boned because the deals they maneuvered during the lockout werent rescinded. All the NFL did is just put them back to where they were. Its too bad they couldnt be like all the other honorable teams but when you have a couple owners who ink bad contracts they resort to shady dealing. Now they have to suffer like they would have anyway.

  13. @jrsdc Just have one question LOSER have your cowgirls ever beaten The NFC Eastern Division Champions Redskins in a playoff game ever.????? I’ll answer that for you NO.!!!!!!!! You want to know why because your cowgirls keep CHOKING in the BIG GAME. What’s that ya that’s what I thought silence on your end. LOSER.!!!!!

  14. No brainer for the players. Byes us some time on that small window of ours. Now we can sign ‘bearnudeax’ type OL free agents on the cheap. DT hopefully.. some of the chiefs bust lsu boys and rotate at DT. Draft owasu ansa as Dwares protege. Ive been saying his name a lot, as though it was, goos.. fra.. ba and I think thats a good sign. Please second round safety fall to us. Ive been waiting years to celebrate a top Safety draft pick and tell people how good we are going to be. Tony does 90 percent of the work out there and its always chaotic. Jerrys theory is he can go cheap on the o line because romo plays better on the scramble he likes when the play may break down. High risk high reward plays. Run the ball effectivly consistanlty and we may be shockingly good. Then again I say that every year.

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