Niners clear $9.75 million in cap space by trading Smith


The rich keep getting richer.

By trading their backup quarterback (if/when the deal becomes official), the NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers will pick up a second-round pick this year, a third-round pick that can become a second-round pick next year, and plenty of cap relief.

How much?  Based on his contract, it’s not just the $8.5 million Smith is due to make this year.  Smith’s contract includes $1.25 million in “likely to be earned incentives,” which count against the cap in the current year.  (If not earned, there’s a credit the next year.)

The total cap savings for the 49ers will be $9.75 million, since there is no bonus acceleration that will hit the cap when Smith is traded.

The Chiefs will carry the $9.75 million on their cap, but unlike many teams the Chiefs have more than enough salary-cap space.

14 responses to “Niners clear $9.75 million in cap space by trading Smith

  1. I believe this Niner dynasty is the first dynasty to begin without winning a championship. Perhaps the rest of the NFC West will fold, or maybe move to London. Colin Kaepernick is clearly the next Joe Montana, only way better.

  2. Like an idiot i bought my GF a Alex Smith Jersey h week before he got sidelined for that concussion. Not only did he not come back but he’s getting traded. Can you say a waste of $100!! smh lol

  3. How would those performance bonuses be reached as a backup? I guess its really more like 7 mill but better headline. I know

  4. As a Cardinals fan, none of this is a surprise. It would be impossible for me to dislike the 49ers more (though I give Baalke and company full credit).

  5. its rare that a team who just played in the bowl that is super is able to keep all of their good players, free up cap space, and have a ridiculous amount of picks.. kudos

  6. Just more proof to my point that you can create mega trades of value in this league. All you have to do is be shrewd and pick your spots and find where the vulnerable targets are at, and these teams will give away solid gold every year for expensive liabilities and they will thank you for it. There’s always somebody that will invent how one of your bad value players is somehow the elixir to their problems.

    Their denial about why they didn’t succeed with their brilliant ideas last time is a chase that a poor GM will never quit on. And the good teams need to be there and ready when those moments click.

  7. Stop proclaiming a Niner dynasty. They have been good for 2 years and irrelevant for a decade before that. And have stiff competition in their own division. Niners will always have a former dynasty and thorough breed franchise bc if it.

    Also remember the Seahawks are a close 2nd with draft picks and both teams are xonsidered the two most talented and have the best depth in the entire NFL. Why are your forgetting that it’s not a one pony race just stay ahead of them for a couple more years and you’ll be on ur way to that dynasty.

    It’s good for draft picks but now the niners are in a tough spot they need a backup qb with some game experience immediately just as a worst case scenario. You know the niners loose to both the rams and Hawks with out KAEP AND some random backup?

    Get him an insurance policy this division hits anyways and you never know. Hate to see them fall banking it all on an unproven player with regard to longterm!

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