PFT Live: Bengals must lock up Green, Dalton

The Cincinnati Bengals are looking to improve on back-to-back postseason appearances, and Mike Florio says if they want to continue their success, they need to lock up young stars Andy Dalton and A.J. Green.

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7 responses to “PFT Live: Bengals must lock up Green, Dalton

  1. HAHAHA you’re kidding with this right? Green is gone.. period. He’s not stupid. He’ll do his time, he’ll be cordial but in the end he’s out of here.

    Dalton is another story altogether. I’m leaning towards the camp of him not being fantastic (although I do like him a lot). He may stick around because Mike B does tend to pay a QB that he likes.

    But Green? He’s outta here.

  2. Ummm, you do realize they are not permitted to do anything with Green and Dalton until next year?

    Right now the priorities are the many free agents they have, including Johnson and Smith.

    And AJ isn’t going anywhere. They just can’t extend him until next year.

  3. Vegans guy your stupid if mike brown pays anybody big money it’s gonna be Green. We have the most cap in the nfl we might not sign Johnson or Smith but that’s because we have 2 big contracts to give and one goes to Green the other Atkins. Not Dalton unless he proves himself.

  4. Whodey1218: Green is not an issue. They are not permitted under NFL rules to extend Green or Dalton this year. Has to wait until next year.

  5. Vegas Guy is really a tool. If anything You can depend on #1 receivers staying with they’re small market teams. L. Fitzgerald, C. Johnson, A. Johnson, R. Wayne, R. White, and soon to be THE best WR in football, AJ Green

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