PFT Live: Redskins must protect their future

Mike Florio runs down the list of off-season needs for the Redskins and says Washington’s main concern should be protecting Robert Griffin III. After suffering a devastating knee injury in the postseason, Florio says an upgrade of the offensive line is necessary.

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4 responses to “PFT Live: Redskins must protect their future

  1. Obviously the Redskins must protect Griffin at all costs. However, it’s debatable whether or not a lineman could get that done. Griffin was hurt three times during the season, and really not one of those injuries can be blamed on the line. Griffin not getting out of bounds quickly enough and the poor quality of FedEx field? Yes. But the offensive line? Not so much.

    Really the best way to protect Griffin is to upgrade the secondary. If Washington wasn’t scored on every other possession, there wouldn’t be as much pressure on Griffin to put himself in danger, play through injuries, and endanger his career.

    Blame Shanahan and Andrews all you want, but I’m placing Griffin’s torn PCL squarely on Madieu Williams’ shoulders. If he wasn’t so awful, Griffin wouldn’t have to get crushed by Haloti Ngata in order to keep the drive alive.

  2. Jwreck, I disagree to some extent. Yes, Griff needs to be more careful and learn to slide and get out of bounds better than he has, but he scrambled many times in the first place because the pass protection broke down early in the play. In addition, some of his worst hits of the year – though not the ones on which he was injured – were when he was standing in the pocket.

    No disagreement that a bad secondary puts a lot of pressure on an offense to score. Although, before we dump too much on Madieu Williams, don’t forget he was only playing because genius Tanard Jackson got himself suspended for the whole year.

  3. musicman- Disagree on two counts. First of all there is no way too rag on Madieu Williams too much. He may be the worst starting player the NFL has ever seen. Dan Snyder owns half of a 90 million dollar yacht, are you really telling me he couldn’t build Nick Collins some kind of robot neck and get him to come out of retirement and sign with Washington?

    Secondly, while you are right about offensive line breakdowns causing both the Atlanta scramble and the hurried rollout against the Seahawks that led him to step on an overly aggressive divot in the field; is that really a reason to put a huge priority on right tackle (as that is the only position on the line that really needs an upgrade)?

    Wait, scratch that, Jairus Byrd got franchise tagged. Washington’s new free agency plan needs to be signing Andre Smith, Eben Britton, or Sebastian Vollmer. So yeah, as long as DC goes secondary with their first draft pick, you win the argument.

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