ProFootballTalk: Are 49ers desperate for Revis?

The 49ers have been connected to Darrelle Revis all off-season long, but will they settle on a one-year rental? Mike Florio says Revis could become a piece of the puzzle that keeps San Francisco relevant every season, but warns against being too desperate for the CB.

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1 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Are 49ers desperate for Revis?

  1. Desperate? Hardly. That’s just not the way Trent Baalke rolls. ESPN has already reported that sources close to the Niners say they’re not inclined to pursue Revis right now. Why should they drop a bunch of money on one corner with a questionable knee when they’ve got a good team filled with players they have to pay? They’ve got #31 AND #34 in the draft this year. If they want to, they can move up to get any one of a number of very nice corner prospects who can probably step right in and start from day one at a tiny fraction of what Revis wants. It’s more likely that Revis is desperate to play for the Niners because he’d get a lot closer to the possibility of a Super Bowl and he’d get to show up Richard Sherman twice a year. If he’s willing to play ball on money, I’m sure they’ll take a look.

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