ProFootballTalk: Super Bowl exposes 49ers’ secondary woes

Chris Culliver was dreadful in the Super Bowl, and Mike Florio says the 49ers must address their secondary this off-season. Whether through the draft or free agency, San Francisco needs depth at the position.

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3 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Super Bowl exposes 49ers’ secondary woes

  1. If you watched all the Niner games as I did you’ll know that Justin Smith’s injury effected Aldon Smith which allowed the opposing QB’s more time to throw. That effected the secondary who have always been good, not great (the pass rush IMO was why they were ranked so high). Add to that the grilling that Culliver took for answering a question according to his values and not what the world (including his team) wanted to hear and you’ve got a young kid who’s been raised to believe one thing and is now persecuted for it. I think going in his head was just not focused on football. Watch the other games and you’ll see an above average corner.

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