ProFootballTalk: What can Steelers do with cap space?

As many current Steelers restructure their contract, Mike Florio breaks down what Pittsburgh can do with their extra cap freedom. Resigning James Harrison, signing a backup QB, and spending on their draft picks top the list.

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4 responses to “ProFootballTalk: What can Steelers do with cap space?

  1. We really need to sign CB Keenan Lewis too – his getting signed is key.

  2. Extend harrisons carrer and contract by a year or two, move him to inside backer.He’s to slow for the outside but still a great tackler and you clear cap space. Draft an outside backer high in the draft in case Worldis isn’t ready. You always need pass rushers in this system.

  3. Then sign Dwayne bowe or Steven Jackson after you sign Lewis if there is enough money left I’m sure one of these guys will take less to finally play for a contender.

  4. HA, there is NO chance we sign Dwayne Bowe or Steven Jackson.

    We will be lucky to hang onto Keenan Lewis at this point, and if we do, there will be just enough money to sign our lower-level FAs and draft picks.

    DBowe would be great, but that is just dreaming

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