ProFootballTalk: Where can Seattle improve?

The Seahawks don’t have a lot of holes to fill, but Mike Florio recommends they take a look at improving the linebacking corps. On the other side of the ball, is Mike Wallace a possibility?

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6 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Where can Seattle improve?

  1. Less rain and smug Starbucks customers is a good start for improvement in the city of Seattle. As far as their football team goes, I don’t know what improvement is needed.

  2. Always the rain comments when speaking of Seattle.

    Never mind that a quick bit of research will show multiple NFL home cities that get MORE rain then Seattle.

  3. Still funny and oh so true! I guess those smug Starbucks customers thumbs downed tyler4richardson’s comment. LOL!
    Go Seahawks!

  4. Rt is what I wish for and specially deandre Hopkins. The kid looks like a game changer to me. I know we need to replace Hill. I am not as sold on our young guys behind him and Kj wright especially against the run. Other than that I think this team is ready for a real run at Super Bowl. If Seahawks secure home field, no team in NFC will look forward to coming to Century Link. Go Hawks!

  5. Here is the most rain for all the cities in the top 15. Which Seattle isn’t even on the list…

    New Orleans, Louisiana 62.7
    Miami, Florida 61.9
    Memphis, Tennessee 53.7
    New York, New York 49.9
    Houston, Texas 49.8
    Atlanta, Georgia 49.7
    Nashville, Tennessee 47.3

    We like our coffee doesn’t make us smug just awake.

    On to the topic at hand I think the biggest need is Pass Rush we need depth as seen with our run in the playoffs… Ohh and maybe less crappy football teams that can’t take take of their field.

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