ProFootballTalk: Will Palmer be let loose?

The Raiders have an ugly cap situation on their hands, and Mike Florio says one way to alleviate their problem is to cut Carson Palmer loose. When will Oakland’s long-term re-building effort start to look up?This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

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  1. every year with Al Davis the raider were always never going to get under the cap…now same thing, different year…fact is raiders cleared off like 30 million in dead cap from last year, down to only 4.5 this year…really Carson, DHB, Huff, Branch and Tommy Kelly are all over 10 million per this year…..that tweak those a bit, they are sitting pretty…the rookie salary cap has eliminated the issue of having a top pick.

    Do not really understand cap is 123, and raiders right now with all the above players and rest of team are at 122. So its not really all that bad this year, and will be much better next year. Just would be nice to make room for some of your own ufa’s.

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