Ramses Barden: Probably best that I leave Giants

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It looks like the Giants might be in for a protracted contract squabble with wide receiver Victor Cruz thanks to the way the one-time undrafted free agent has performed over the last two years.

The same can’t be said of wide receiver Ramses Barden. He came to the team with a rosier outlook as a third-round pick in 2009, but never took hold of a spot in the team’s offense. Barden referenced the lack of opportunities to do that during an interview with Sirius XM Radio, via the New York Daily News, and likened himself to an animal shedding its fur when asked whether he’d like to try his luck on a new team.

“I’m really seriously kind of excited for the offseason, because as much fun as I’ve had in New York — and yeah, I’m comfortable there — it’s probably best for me to start looking other places for a new system, for a refreshed sense of welcoming,” Barden said. “I think everybody can benefit from newness in their lives. This is going to be one of those for me.”

Barden probably isn’t going to have a hard time getting his wish. While he did set career highs with 14 catches and 220 yards this year — including a nine catch, 138-yard game in a win over the Panthers — the Giants never gave him an extended run in the lineup. Seeing as how Hakeem Nicks was limited or out for most of the season because of injuries, that’s a pretty good sign that they didn’t think Barden was the right guy for their offense.

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  1. Yeah, I’d say it’s time. Other than the Carolina game where he caught something like 11 of his 14 catches this season, he’s been a 4 year project that has never paid dividends.

    Career high, 220 yards?..see ya.

  2. As bad as the Vikes WR corps is right now…….. I would definitely take a flyer on this guy. He’s shown he has some talent with the limited amount of PT he has gotten.

  3. fuglyflorio says: Feb 28, 2013 4:51 PM

    Slow and not quick out of his cuts. Doesn’t use his size well either. Basically an experiment … that failed.
    I never agree with this guy, but he’s spot on here. It doesn’t make sense: he’s 6’6, runs a 4.6 40, and has 11 inch hands; he should be the perfect receiver, but he’s not, he’s just bad. It’s like if LeBron had an identical twin who sucked at basketball. Simply difficult to understand.

  4. He is not a one but he is a three he was just stuck behind bigger better players in NY.

    He can help any team that is weak in WR just that the Giants are not between Victor, Hickson, Nicks and Randle he did not stand a chance

  5. @fuglyflorio, jwreck:

    So say the guys who most likely have cheetos-stained fingertips, double chins, and run the 40 in double digits. This guy will be of use somewhere as NYG org just has way too much talent @ WR. NFL talent scouts you are not.

  6. Tough to explain. Randle was able to come right in and be fairly productive. Seems like Barden would be an incredible red zone guy if nothing else. I wouldn’t be surprised if Barden went elsewhere and did well simply because he wasn’t utilized properly by Killdrive.

  7. Yes, Ramses, you are correct. Four years and still couldn’t even learn how to run a fade properly, or use your long arms to gain separation, even with pedestrian speed. You are not Keyshawn Johnson. It is all about technique with this kid, and from what I’ve seen in person at training camps, he doesn’t have it.

  8. Plax replacement who never panned out.

    Eli made him look like a stud when he got some PT.
    Eli is the truth.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  9. Tough to understand why he didn’t get more of a look after torching the Panthers. Although he did have that killer offensive pass interference penalty at the end of the Philly game if I recall.

  10. He didn’t get the opportunities because he couldn’t crack the lineup. It was mostly to do with him, not the guys in front of him. He never did a thing, other than the Carolina game, because he doesn’t have the skills to be an NFL WR. Plain and simple.

  11. I kind of disagree with my fellow Giants’ brethren. I just don’t think we ever used him right. He’s not the type of WR that gains separation, is a burner, or runs routes especially well. He’s more of a brute whose best skills are his abilities to “box out” defenders with his size and just outmuscle the ball from smaller CBs.

    Carolina wasn’t the only game he excelled. He played well vs. Philly (the PI game) and in our SB year had a pretty good game at NE with Nicks out. I forgot what game it was but he pretty much saved a long pick 6 (and likely Giant loss) totally reaching back across his body and snagging a would-be pick for a 1st down. That showed me some skill.

    I wouldn’t mind him back as insurance. Nicks has injury issues and Randle is still an unknown commodity. Hixon’s days at WR are behind him.

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