Report: 49ers not inclined to pursue Revis at this time

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When finishing up a post about the possibility of the 49ers trading for Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis on Wednesday, we mentioned that there was likely to be a good deal more on the topic in the days, weeks and months to come.

It didn’t take a crystal ball or deck of tarot cards for that prediction, just the knowledge of what life is like at this time of the year. One report has the team ready to make the move while another says that nothing much is happening. It certainly seems that we’ll be following that blueprint this time around.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that the 49ers are “not inclined to pursue” a trade for Revis “at this time.” That contradicts Wednesday’s report that the team was “poised” to make a run at trading for Revis, but words like inclined and at this time hardly rule them out of things.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There will be more from Revis, the Jets, the 49ers and plenty of other teams before this gets settled and it’s sure to keep us plenty busy in these parts.

23 responses to “Report: 49ers not inclined to pursue Revis at this time

  1. No talk of them pursuing Harvin? Would make a ton of sense. Imagine how effective he would be out of the pistol; either in the backfield or motioning across the formation.

  2. Hopefully they are poised to move up in the draft. Get another difference maker, not another project.

  3. As much as I like Revis, he’s going to be tough to trade due to salary + unknown capability coming off an ACL. That said, if the 49ers can get Revis, the Jets could certainly use more draft picks. I *think* the 49ers have the cap space for Revis and they have 11 or 12 draft picks! The Jets clearly have so many needs, and trading Revis would clear up a lot of cap space for them. It could be a definite win-win for both teams.

  4. I hope what Mort reported is true. I’d love to have Revis waste away his prime languishing on the hapless Jets. However the Niners are sitting on a plethora of draft picks, many of which will end up on other teams’ rosters. Why not spend a few and secure not an elite CB, but THE elite CB, even if its a one year rental. His cap number this season isn’t outrageous, and maybe the could even work out a long term deal.

    Dealing Revis now just makes too much sense for the Jets. They are going to be a bad team this season anyway. They will be better off trading Revis’ cap hit for Niner’s #33 plus say an additional 3rd or 4th round pick.

  5. The free agent CB market is deep and the 9ers were reportedly checking in on all of them so that’s the route they are likely to go.

    Signing Sean Smith or Talib, swinging a trade for Harvin, and tapping in to the deep S and DL class in the draft is probably the route they would want to go in.

  6. I think Revis is one of the best (maybe the best) cornerback out there, however,
    1. coming off an injury
    2. questions about his loyalty to team and his teammates
    3. Definitely wants to be paid like the best CB

    Yes, the 9ers need an upgrade to their secondary, but trading up (they have 15 picks) to get Milliner who is younger and would initially cost less may be the better option.

    And i agree with gochargersgo, Harvin would be a great fit to our system as a RB/WR/Kick & Punt Returner. Or perhaps even Welker if the Pats let him slip away…

  7. Successful teams build through the draft. It’s obviously impossible to pay top salary to every position in a team. If Revis is healthy it would be great to have his talent but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that he’d gel well with the rest of the team. The 9ers have been drafting well for a while now.

  8. @gochargersgo
    Love the idea of Harvin too, but you gotta remember even though they have all these picks and trading smith opened up around $9+mill off their books they still have to look at Crabtree, Aldon, Kap Upotti(No clue how to spell) and RT-Davis that will all need new contracts in the upcoming years. Plus Goldston they have to take care of….So i agree that Harvin would be a great addition and a serious threat where ever he lines up, it comes down to if your going to make a move which one will have the bigger impact? Revis without a doubt will push them over the edge if he even comes back at 80%. There already the most complete team in football, add the best corner and you have the 94′ 9ers ending the year with the only trophy that matters..Revis could be their “Prime Time” only to leave for the broncos the next year and win it with them ala Sanders went to dallas and won again in 95′!!! haha

  9. Not a 9ers fan either, just think Revis island in San Fran would be almost unfair lol let Brooks, Aldon, Justin and the rest of those boys EAT Hahaha I want to hate them bc their so complete but gotaa respect them….

  10. Rumors are great but here is a fact… Baalke isn’t giving up 15-20m for a cb and draft picks simply for the right to do so. If you are gonna give up multiple draft picks do it to go up and take Milliner, or Patterson, or Allen or a stud DL… etc. Someone who is gonna be an impact player but one you know you will have at a bargain basement price for at least 3 years

  11. Revis will be a Buc guaranteed! Dee Milliner will not make it to Tampa at #12 in the draft, so the Bucs have to trade for a corner. Revis makes sense if he’s healthy, and his knee can hold up, otherwise Schiano and Dominik might look at Philly and see what they do with ARC and Nnamdi

  12. This isn’t news because it’s been the status quo the whole time. The 49ers DO NOT chase big money guys and never have under McCloughan OR Baalke.

    I would be SHOCKED if the 49ers pulled the trigger on this, now or later.

    I see no way they would pay him a long term contract that he wants, though it’s possible they are thinking of him as a one year rental.

  13. instead of trying to aquire Percy Harvin an/or Revis and losing picks I Say we just Draft Tavon Austin with the Cheifs 33rd pick and take our chances on him. And as far as revis . . . idk

  14. Though I am not a 9ers fan, I think they should be happy about not getting Revis. He has 1 year on his contract, and you have NO idea how he will come back from ACL injury.

    Revis is in a bad position this coming year. If he plays hard to prove he is worth a mega contract, he risks causing more injury. If he plays soft to allow his ACL to heal more before asking too much from his body, teams will want to see him prove (in his contract year) he is still able to play like he did before the injury.

    Tough position for Revis, but I think 49ers best to not be part of that delima.

  15. Yea I don’t trust a word that comes out of the 49ers mouths. Peyton Manning? No we would never! Alex Smith is our starter! No, we are not trading Alex Smith…..etc.

  16. Source: 49ers interested in Revis
    Source: 49ers not inclined to pursue Revis
    Source: I have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about and using anonymous sources is lazy journalism and a disservice to the fans

  17. If it was not for the unknown health status, potential big money demands down the road, highly likely disruption of locker-room chemistry, other less expensive (picks-wise) options, then this could happen. The biggest fly in the particular ointment tho is: Trent Baalke. Revis cannot get to the Niners without going thru Trent. And Baalke is not into renting “Hi-End, Hi-Dollar” bodies. The Niners have a value system they apply to every single player. Revis would not fit into that. Trust me. Oh, and one other key thing. Coach Harbaugh is on record stating that he does not believe any one man can save a football team. Other than that – maybe!

  18. SF’s team chemistry is too cohesive to bring in
    a “me first ” personality like Revis. The 49ers should continue doing what has built them into an NFL powerhouse and draft the way they have since 2005!

  19. Dealing Revis now just makes too much sense for the Jets. They are going to be a bad team this season anyway. They will be better off trading Revis’ cap hit for Niner’s #33 plus say an additional 3rd or 4th round pick.

    ’33’ and a third? not happenin. remember they get a compensatory third if he just walks…. a year from now

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