Report: Salary cap is $123 million

The crop report has been finalized.  With or without Clarence Beeks being violated by a gorilla.

And the number, according to Ian Rapoport and Albert Breer of NFL Network, is $123 million.

That’s an increase of $2.6 million from last year’s team-by-team spending limit of $120.6 million, but it’s a jump of only 1.9 percent.

Also, it’s the unadjusted number.  Every team’s specific number will go up or down based on carryover or credit or, in the case of the Cowboys and Redskins, cap penalties imposed for taking the uncapped year of 2010 too literally.

UPDATE 6:55 p.m. ET:  Chris Mortensen of ESPN puts the number at $123.9 million.  Which we like, since it meshes with our recent report that the number is expected to be more than $123 million.  It translates to a 2.7-percent increase over last year.

24 responses to “Report: Salary cap is $123 million

  1. OK. By my math, that equates to $3.936B of salary available to the 32 teams. If the NFL is pulling in $9B, is that the correct split of the pie under the new CBA?

  2. Lets hear more cowboy/redskin crying about how it’s unfair that they are being penalized for their irresponsible management of the uncapped year.

    at least it was worth it though since they had successful seaso….er…oh. NM.

  3. I’m surprised no stand was taken here..such as…

    “Teams shouldn’t be allowed to spend $123 million if they aren’t willing to accept a gay player on their team”

    keep the crusade going

  4. kingbeason52 says: Feb 28, 2013 6:40 PM

    Since you only seem to update the salary cap situations for a few teams..can we get a up to date list where every team stands as of today..
    Why don’t you look it up yourself?

  5. Myles… The Redskins and Cowboys abided by their signed contract with the union while many other teams colluded to violate a legal, signed contract and bribed the union not to hold them accountable. As for success, the Redskins won the NFC East while the Giants (whose Mara was the lead colluder and driving force behind the penalties) didn’t make the playoffs. Karma.

  6. Fanofevil, the Redskins and Cowboys are among the only teams that didn’t cheat during the UNCAPPED year. Or maybe everyone else was just too stupid to understand the meaning of the word. The Redskins won the NFC East.

  7. benroethlisberger7 says:Feb 28, 2013 6:47 PM

    Fair to say that the Steelers will dominate the playing field once again. 

    “Fair” doesn’t seem quite accurate. I think the proper term would be “bats#it crazy.”

  8. It still find it mind boggling that people think the Cowboys and Redskins did something wrong when it came to the uncapped year. Uncapped means uncapped, except to Goodell and the rest of the colluding owners.

    I hope Snyder follows through on his threat and unleashes the nuclear option.

  9. Pretty sad how much the nfl is worth and how low the salary cap is. The owners are getting away with robbery. The cap should be way higher and let some of these athletes be able to feed all there kids.

  10. I’m not a cowboy or skin fan but please tell me how in the hell they are punished for violating the salary cap when there was no salary cap. Goodall is a moron and douche bag

  11. “Oh yeah, I forgot all about that guy.” So say the GM’s of the skins and ‘Boys when informed of their cap situation.

  12. the salary cap is a joke. The steelers should be in big trouble…..but no…….the entire rosters restructures! Everyone agrees to play for $1.05 a year! That’s right….one dollar and five cents. It seems everone on the roster somehow converted their entire salary next year into a signing bonus. The system is completely bs

  13. For the Love of all that is holy. Redskin’s and Cowboy’s fans have to stop reading the headlines and understand WHY their teams were penalized…The NFL said one thing when it comes to paying players in the uncapped years. That was DONT pay them so much in salary in the uncapped years that they take less in future years. If teams kept to the usual mode of doing business (signing bonuses whose cap numbers hit over the term of the contract) teams could pay anything they want. What the Redskins and Cowboys were doing was paying guys huge SALARIES in the uncapped year to avoid the paying them money against the CAP in future years, in which the NFL owners said there WOULD be a cap, or there wouldn’t be football. The teams subverted the cap in future years NOT the uncapped years, and that which was expressly stated to be penalized if someone did it, WAS IN FACT penalized. So cram it up your over tight posterior glands. and continue to beat up on my g-men on the field not on some message board or comment section.

  14. Please tell me how the skins and boys cheated??
    The league approved the contracts.
    Sorry but you can’t have it both ways

  15. Unless you’re referring to something specific, please stop saying in every article about the subject, “too” literally. It’s redundant.

    They either took the uncapped year literally or they did not. There is no scale of literal.

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