Roy Miller, Bucs break off contract talks


It looks like defensive tackle Roy Miller will be hitting the open market.

Stephen Holder of the Tampa Bay Times reports that contract talks between Miller and the Buccaneers found the teams sufficiently far apart that they have decided to table further conversations. That means Miller will become a free agent on March 12 and his agent’s thoughts on that don’t make it seem like Miller considers a return to the Bucs to be in the cards.

“Roy is excited to see what’s out there for him in free agency,” said his agent, Mike McCartney. “He has a lot to offer after an excellent season, helping a team that was last against the run (in 2011) go to No. 1 against the run last season.”

Gerald McCoy gave Miller’s ability to occupy blockers and space in the middle of the defensive line a lot of credit for helping him make the Pro Bowl, but Miller’s a two-down player and there’s going to be a limit to how much a team will spend on such a player.

If Miller does wind up leaving town, it will leave the Bucs with a need for another tackle to replace him on the nose. Gary Gibson is a career backup and one imagines the Bucs aren’t looking to lose too much from that top-ranked run defense.

4 responses to “Roy Miller, Bucs break off contract talks

  1. I think their #1 ranked run defense is more due to their #32 ranked passing defense than to the personnel on the D-line.

    Spend the money on a cornerback or two, and maybe overall defense will improve from their #29th ranking….

  2. jeremycrowhurst says: Feb 28, 2013 12:14 PM
    I think their #1 ranked run defense is more due to their #32 ranked passing defense than to the personnel on the D-line.
    Couldn’t be more wrong, one of the biggest issues the pass D had was Schianos dumb plan to completely sell out everything else in an effort to stop the run. That might have been a decent plan if this were 1965 but not in 2012/13.
    Of all the CBs that could have been signed they got Wright, not because he could defend the pass but he’s solid in run support.
    They traded back to get a run stuffing safety in the draft last year rather than grab the top rated corner.
    People couldn’t run on us most of the time if they tried because of this, problem is that meant they had to pass and had no problem doing that.

  3. goodbye #90. you are easy to replace. no need to overpay that guy. that counts also for michael bennett. the draft is deep enough on DL. lock up freeman for cheap….NOW. next year he will be more expensive.

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