Seahawks sound content to keep Matt Flynn as a backup


Russell Wilson’s breakout season in Seattle made Matt Flynn, last year’s top free agent quarterback, expendable. But that doesn’t mean the Seahawks are planning to send Flynn packing.

In fact, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that the “priority” for the Seahawks is to keep Flynn as the backup. Although Flynn’s three-year, $19.5 million contract makes him expensive for a backup, Wilson’s status as a third-round draft pick with only one year in the league makes him a bargain. So the Seahawks figure they’re not overspending at the quarterback position if they have Wilson as their No. 1 and Flynn as their No. 2, even if it is a little odd that the No. 2 is making so much more than the No. 1.

Seahawks General Manager John Schneider has said he’s open to trading Flynn, but it sounds like someone would have to bowl the Seahawks over with an offer to pry him away.

So Flynn, who left Green Bay after four years as Aaron Rodgers’ backup believing he had finally found a place where he could start in Seattle, may be in for another season as a backup. Or maybe two more seasons as a backup.

48 responses to “Seahawks sound content to keep Matt Flynn as a backup

  1. This makes a lot of sense. It gives the Hawks another year to see if Russel Wilson was a one hit wonder. If he plays well again next year then you can get rid of Flynn the following year. If Wilson bust then you can turn to Flynn. So, it makes sense to me

  2. This is exactly what I have been saying for months now. The Seahawks have something like $18mil in cap space, so it’s not like having an above average pay back-up hurts them. At all.

    I think the importance of a good back-up QB is often overlooked (ask Pittsburgh how it impacted their playoff chances). Let’s compare SF and SEA (since they had similar issues, until Smith was traded): imagine if both Wilson and Kaepernick went down for 3-4 games. Who do you think is in a better position to win the NFC West? SEA with Matt Flynn or SF with Tolzien/Rookie?

  3. Maybe Seattle is right by keeping a good backup for their scrambling, small starting QB. Maybe SF drafts a great player with their compensation from KC for Alex Smith. We’ll see

  4. Of course they aren’t. One can’t renegotiate and the other isn’t going to turn the money down. Flynn’s cap number isn’t bad and they have a starter that is looking pretty good.

  5. They should let him void his contract and sign with a team that needs a starter…What Seattle is doing is bull, especially since Flynn signed to be the starter and did nothing to lose the opportunity. Class organization there in Seattle…SMH

  6. When the Seahawks are spending a combined amount less than most starting quarterbacks in the nfl it doesn’t matter what the perception is.
    They have plenty of cap space and compared to most all teams including those with terrible qbs it’s easy to understand why they can keep him another year of need be.

    Just think, jax, Miami, jets, kc, browns arz, all of those teams have more money invested into the position but have nothing to show for it. Keep I’ll him as a backup or move him for a great deal.

  7. One great game in Green Bay doesn’t mean he would even be any good if Russell goes down for any length of time. He hasn’t proven anything. Could end up being Kolb 2.0. They really should let him get a chance somewhere though.

  8. Flynn should thank his lucky starts he’s getting paid over 6 mil a year to hold a clipboard on the sidelines and not take a pounding. That on top of whatever he made in Green Bay for 4 years of not getting pounded.

    Nice life if you can get it.

  9. Wilson a bust? Do any of you guys actually WATCH football games? This guy is the most poised, committed, classy and smart rookie QB in the last 30 years, if not the entire history of the NFL. Add to that his off-the-hook athletic skills and in 5 years the discussion will be only about how many Super Bowls this guy will win. I wouldn’t trade him for QB on the planet right now. And that’s not because of his age or salary. It’s because he’ll be universally acknowledged as the best QB in the league within another season or 2.

    I mean people talk up Kapernick and RG III, and up here in Seattle we just laugh.

  10. This is the logic the Niners should have used.

    Why be obsessed with what you are paying your backup when your starter is making next to nothing? What’s important is your OVERALL cap situation at the QB position.

    Like Kaepernick, Wilson plays with a style that increases the possibility of injury. Why throw away a competent backup just because he’s overpaid?

  11. Flynn specifically was told he WOULD NOT be the automatic starter – you can see that reported last year. He was told he would compete with T-Jackson for the starter – but was does it matter it ended up being Wilson?

    Seattle didn’t promise Flynn anything but BIG BUCKS. I promise, he is getting the big bucks part and probably loving every minute of it.

  12. sweetnlow44 says: Feb 28, 2013 8:01 PM

    “Wow, larryboodry. Brilliant post. It’s a wonder how you’re not a head coach or GM of an NFL team.”

    Or a Seahawks fan…All I’m saying is, would Flynn have signed with Seattle if he knew they were gonna kick him to the curb in favor of an unproven rookie?

  13. Yes, because paying 8 million to Smith to back up Kaepernick is smart….and by the way, Flynn is still really unproven so nice waste if $$. I bet SF finds a back up that could outplay Flynn

  14. larryboodry—Flynn was brought in and told he would have the opportunity to COMPETE for a starting job. Wilson came in and took the place over and beat Flynn out for the starting job. But don’t let facts get in the way of a good (nonsensical) rant

  15. If you think Russell Wilson is fragile or is a one hit wonder your a complete IDIOT!!! I for one am just fine with keeping mr flynn!! I feel very confident that this seattle team is going to contend for several superbowls in the next couple years and unlike mr harbaugh we shouldn’t trade our back up qb just for his feelings. San Fran made a BIG MISTAKE dealing their back up plan!! HUUUGE MISTAKE!!!

  16. Your so wrong larryboodry. Flynn wasn’t signed as the starter. This is a business and just releasing him with no reason to do it makes no sense. Releasing him would likely land him in Arizona which would make even less sense.

    The fairness to Flynn is the compensation package he gets.

  17. smcgaels1997 says:
    Feb 28, 2013 8:31 PM
    Yes, because paying 8 million to Smith to back up Kaepernick is smart. I bet SF finds a back up that could outplay Flynn

    Sorry this is so difficult for you to wrap your head around.

    Smith was making 8.5M. Way too much. Kaep was making around 500k. Way too little. Between them they were making around 9M. Just right.

    Which puts their cap number for QB position, which is the only thing that really matters, much lower than many teams that didn’t have a single QB as good as either of them.

    Don’t come crying when Kaep needs miss a start or two and your backup is Josh McCown.

  18. The desire to keep Flynn is smart but will only work out if Wilson is OK (mentally/emotionally) with being paid far less than his back-up. Some guys could not handle it well and the situation could become a distraction. That may be the only reason SF was looking at trading Smith (but the offer as reported was too good to pass up).

    Those that assume Wilson will get hurt will be right only via a fluke play. Wilson was the smartest carrier of the football that I saw last year (at any position). He looked completely under control even when running for his life. He was smart on the runs and avoided contact. His scrambling ability reminded me of Tarkenton although more controlled.

  19. @ketch20too:

    If I’m wrong about Flynn’s expectations upon signing, then you all have my apology…And yes, just releasing him would be counter-productive, but then I still feel Flynn deserves a shot to start somewhere if the right trade is offered.

  20. Perfect place for flynn- he makes good $$$, less risk for injury and Wilson will be ok making half as much as his backup for the next 2 years. right?

  21. Flynn should work on getting better…work on things one can’t as a starter.
    Really wasn’t a fan of Wilson till saw how he played and handles
    D the situation. Kinda amazed me especially since he has very poor footwork in the pocket…..but he somehow is able to overcome that.

    Flynn should stay and although wouldn’t want Wilson to go down, duel threats have that problem as guys on PDF have pointed out.
    One thing though, Wilson seems very level headed and mature and doesn’t sem to make mistakes based on the emotion of the game….while Kaep, the other notable duel threat does. My take is to expect Kaep to go down sooner.

  22. Later we can have a should the 49ers have let Joe go for Steve discussion , it will shed some light on the current possiblibities our nation faces going broke with no more cap space.

  23. Even though I despise their head coach, and view Sherman to be amongst the worst CBs ever to slap on pads, the ‘Hawks are something of a “backup” team for me.

    As such, I say they really need to keep Flynn. I am very optimistic about Wilson’s career potential, but the reality is, it was one season, and history has shown that scrambling QB’s become scrambled QB’s, through no fault of their own.

    I’d be pleased if Wilson played the next 15 year without injury, but I’d also be very naive.

    Several teams would pay a lot for Flynn to be their backup. The Niners got 2nd round pick + more for Alex Smith, who is a terrible starting QB, what could we get for Flynn???

  24. What makes people so confident that Flynn can carry the load if Russel gets hurt? Silly Seattle fans. He obviously wasn’t good enough to win the job last year. He had one good game on a Super Bowl caliber team in garbage time. He isn’t even worth a 3rd rd pick.

  25. larryboodry, all Flynn was promised was a base salary and a chance to compete, just like every other player Seattle signs. They are all told that they will compete for the starting gig-nothing is handed out. It would be nice to see him get an opportunity to start somewhere, as I believe he’d be a good starting QB. But Pete Carroll is running a football team, and doing a very good job of it.

    smcgaels1997-it’s so cute that you think the 9ers will find a better QB than Flynn in the upcoming draft when there isn’t one…at least not one that will be available by the time San Francisco drafts. It makes sense for the 49ers to ship off Alex, but they can’t rely on the draft to find a backup for Kaep. Oh…and GO GONZAGA!

  26. Any comparison of what the Seahawks could expect for Flynn compared to what San Francisco received for Smith is silly. Flynn has still played only two games in his career. I am convinced that he would be a competent starting quarterback but he is a gamble. The Seahawks might consider trading him after the draft if they are able to pick up someone like the Arizona quarterback who has a similar skill set to Wilson. But there is no urgency.

    I don’t know what type of hit Flynn counts against the salary cap but it won’t be an issue until next year. Seattle has several young players who need to be signed to long term deals over the next three seasons.

    Also, any talk of Wilson being a one year wonder is just a bit stupid. Wilson improved throughout the year and certainly did not look overmatched in the Pro Bowl.

  27. @liddogg33

    How do you contend for “several” Super Bowls in the next “couple” of years??

  28. I live in a region where I got to see every Seattle game this season (and I’m a Baltimore born Raven fan). Let me just say that Russell Wilson was the most impressive rookie I have ever seen in the NFL. Bar none.

    What he did as a player who was a third round rookie, considered a reach by everyone except Seattle’s front office, on a team that was the definition of mediocre the previous season was simply outstanding. Plus he’s a classy, likable kid. If Baltimore can’t win the Super Bowl I hope Seattle wins it. Lot’s of exciting players and an outstanding fan base.

  29. If Wilson does flop from here on out, which is highly unlikely in my opinion, Seattle management will look like geniuses; and the Seattle fans that have anointed Wilson as Football Jesus will look like… well, they’ll look like Seattle fans. The rest of you know what I mean.

  30. There is no doubt in my mind that Flynn will be traded. In a poor year for drafting QBs, Flynn has great value. His value will never be higher than it is now. The Seahawks for now have all of the leverage. That all changes when the QB needy teams start filling their rosters with the QBs they plan on going into next season with.

    KC no longer needs a QB. That is when less team that Seattle can make a deal with. That probably leaves it down to: Buffalo, Arizona, and Jacksonville.

    There was talk that Buffalo would draft a QB. That doesn’t make a lot of sense, because there is so much pressure for them to win now.

    Arizona is in the same division as Seattle so that wouldn’t make much sense either.

    I think Flynn’s most likely destination is Jacksonville.

  31. liddogg33 says:
    Feb 28, 2013 8:53 PM
    If you think Russell Wilson is fragile or is a one hit wonder your a complete IDIOT!!! I for one am just fine with keeping mr flynn!! I feel very confident that this seattle team is going to contend for several superbowls in the next couple years and unlike mr harbaugh we shouldn’t trade our back up qb just for his feelings. San Fran made a BIG MISTAKE dealing their back up plan!! HUUUGE MISTAKE!!!


    Man, this Russell Wilson must be something if he’s going to somehow get the league to squeeze in several Super Bowls in the next couple of years.

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