Teams want to see if Terron Armstead can play tight end


Terron Armstead drew a lot of attention when he ran an unofficial 4.65 -second 40-yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine.

But even after that was adjusted down to an “official” 4.71, the speed of the 306-pound offensive tackle from Arkansas Pine-Bluff is making some teams wonder if he can do more.

According to Gil Brandt of, teams have asked Armstead to work out as a tight end at his Pro Day workout.

The idea of a man his size who can run faster than many of the linebackers who would cover him (such as slow and undersized Manti Te’o) gets the gears turning in the minds of offensive coordinators.

More likely, he’ll either get moved inside to guard, or simply be a really athletic tackle. While he’s still a small-school project, he’s at least gotten himself noticed, making whatever he spent on combine prep well worth it for his agent.

13 responses to “Teams want to see if Terron Armstead can play tight end

  1. A man his size won’t last long in the NFL running routes and making cuts. That’s way too much stress on his knees. He could cut weight and gain speed though to play TE. Like a Martellus Bennett.

  2. Haha…I was just thinking that last night. Why not move Armstead or Lane Johnson back to TE? Especially if Johnson ends up one of the top draft picks. He came into college as a TE. Played DE as well, I think. You could have a multi faceted weapon.

  3. Same thought I had, if his hands are mediocre, it can’t hurt. Maybe even a blocking fullback role. Imagine his size getting out in front of a running back off the end.

  4. I’ve heard of some players transitioning from TE to OT (Jason Peters comes to mind) but I rarely hear of the reverse. Armstead will probably be drafted as an OT in the second round, so why should he think about making a switch unless he can’t get on the field in the NFL as a tackle?

  5. Same goes for Lane Johnson.

    After him showing sideline to sideline speed at the Senior Bowl after a pic, …I’m sure the wheels were turning.

    Although LT is the 2nd most important position, that tackle eligible would work well for him.

  6. I pity the cornerback who has to tackle this guy as he’s running full speed down the field.

  7. “he’ll either get moved inside to guard”

    What?!? If he’s really athletic he’s staying at tackle. You guys have to watch football for this job too, right?

  8. This is a perfect example of a bust waiting to happen. Very few teams can afford to put players in positions to make them succeed with possibly a lack of other abilities.

    Teams like the Patriots, Seahawks, and Niners are basically the only ones who can take guys and not need immediate impacts or until ready they can give them spot duty and use their depth to get by while he learns.

    As a former high level football player some of these. Combine drills are irrelevant especially the lineman ones. They can show athleticism which helps evaluate talent level but not ability to produce. Having ability and production do not always go hand and hand. It takes the right set of circumstances to. Be successful.

    Football is full of specialists these days you have overall ability doesn’t mean you’re great or even can be great at what you do. Especially evident with offensive lineman.

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