Alec Ogletree says half his combine interviews were about DUI


Linebacker Alec Ogletree’s play during the 2012 season at Georgia had many people talking about him as a potential first-round pick in April, but a DUI arrest just before the combine raised a red flag that clouded the picture.

Ogletree said that he met with 25 teams in Indianapolis and said that teams approached the interviews differently. Some of them asked a lot of questions about the arrest and his previous suspension for a positive drug test in college while some wanted to talk more about football after asking about the arrest, but that the end result was that half the questions he fielded had to do with his brush with the law.

“It was pretty much 50-50,” Ogletree said, via “They asked me, ‘Why should we believe you?’ and stuff like that. Once I gave them an answer, they took what they needed from me and basically moved to the football aspect.”

Ogletree felt that all the interviews went well, although that hardly means he’s still on track to go at the top of the draft. He’ll go somewhere, though, because, for better or worse, talent wins out over just about everything else when NFL teams are looking to stock their rosters. What he does with that shot, be it in the first round or somewhere much later in that process, will have much more to do with Ogletree’s NFL outlook than anything that happened before he was a pro.

9 responses to “Alec Ogletree says half his combine interviews were about DUI

  1. I read somewhere that he lied in some of his interviews. A team would ask him questions they already knew the answer to, and he just blatantly lied.

  2. Could imagine the public outcry that would take place if a report was published of the number of NFL employees that have been arrested for DUI but they changed the employer to a company like Verizon. At some point should we hold the employer accountable when a large number of it’s employees are consistently breaking the law? I’m generally for blaming the person first, but if a company consistently has a culture of disregard for the law, shouldn’t we hold them accountable in some way?

  3. Interviews asside… how in the HELL can you be stupid enough to get a DUI. And you might as well just end it if you’re enough of a dolt to get a DUI in the weeks leading up to you being selected to make millions of dollars in your career.

    Of course the fact that murder, DUI, drugs, etc never really take you out of the running to play in the NFL (but being a diva WR apparently does), it doesn’t suprise me that these guys keep doing this stuff.

  4. Perhaps he misses the idea that it is not WHAT he said but HOW he said it. They will grade him accordingly if he appeared sincere or not. Of course he is going to be asked and I’d guess the half who did are the only ones who are serious about him.

  5. I used to do security clearance background investigations for the US military and one of the worst things a person could do was lie to me about something I already knew. Even worse if they continued to lie after I showed them my proof. Hope this young man can pull his head out of you know where and put it back on his shoulders.

  6. The tape obviously shows that Ogletree can play. The main question is will he be devoted to being a great player and stay out of trouble and that’s why it is no surprise that teams are grilling him on the DUI.

  7. Simple DUI is the dumbest charge you can get. Maybe not the worst morally, but you look very irresponsible.

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