Andy Levitre “in limbo,” hasn’t heard anything from Bills


By using the franchise tag on safety Jairus Byrd, the Bills effectively escorted pending free agent offensive lineman Andy Levitre toward the door.

But he said Friday he’d still love to hear from them before he walks away.

Levitre told Tim Graham of the Buffalo News he’s still waiting for an offer from the Bills.

I’m in limbo right now,” Levitre said. “I don’t know what their plan is.

“Now that Jairus got his franchise tag, there’s a week and a half for them to work a deal out with me. But I haven’t been offered anything yet. We’re waiting around to see if something will pop up.”

The fifth-year offensive lineman has been durable and dependable for the Bills, having started every game and played every position. The former second-round pick also sounds like he’s eager to hear from the Bills to gauge his value. He’s inclined to stay if possible, but doesn’t know if they want him.

“It’s an exciting time for me, being able to have this opportunity,” Levitre said of becoming a free agent. “This position that I’m in, it’s once-in-a-lifetime for a lot of people. I don’t know if this’ll ever happen to me again. So it’s crossed my mind.

“It would be in the Bills’ best interests to at least throw me an offer to see if we can get this thing rolling. There’s a lot of unknown for me.”

If nothing else, it would give him something to carry around to compare to others when the league’s official tampering period begins next weekend.

29 responses to “Andy Levitre “in limbo,” hasn’t heard anything from Bills

  1. Young, durable, and versatile. These are usually the rare FA’s that TT will show interest in.

  2. If Buffalo indeed doesn’t want him, he will not be unemployed long…I’d be thrilled if the Bears were to sign him.

  3. I like the Bills. But those fans have suffered long enough with the incompetent front office. Why hasn’t there been an offer yet? There should’ve been one a year ago when the price would’ve been significantly lower.

  4. I still remember when he came in to the league, and the bills had levitte and wood on the same line….ahh the boner jokes were plentiful

  5. Young man, wouldn’t you like to block for the best running back in the league, a Mr. Adrian Peterson…did I mention the honor of buying time for one of the worst qb’s in the league, as well.

  6. If the Bills let him walk there will be a mob of angry fans that will never let this go. Levitre is a top 5 Guard who can sub anywhere on the line. Don’t fudge this one up Mr. Nix/Mr. Whaley get him signed or expect to be shown the door by the fans.

  7. It cracks me up when Fans write ” he should be a Lion or whatever team” Please realize every team would sign a quality Lineman, especially one of the better Pulling Guards like him. The difference is a little thing called Cap Space. If anything, only a few teams have the dough for him and he must fill a role in an offensive scheme or else why pay this kind of money when the Draft has plenty of interior lineman for a tenth of the price. Zone Blocking offenses will pay good money, but the Bills will resign him if they have a GM worth his salt.

  8. good guard more of a finesse guard. good for a spread offense. Rumor in Buffalo is he wants 8 mill a year . Too much for a non elite guard. good player but not worth the money.

  9. Come on down to Miami, weather is great year round, no state income tax, and a rising young QB and RB to block for, and stick it to the Bills twice a year, sounds good to me

  10. I think and hope.. Now that the issue with Byrd is resolved they will prep an offer. But I have a feeling he would like to test his value on the open market.

  11. All you none Bills fans wanting Andy Levitre to play on your teams are just dreaming. Big time. Why should we let a Talent player like Levitre go when we putting together a winning team for the play offs and super bowls?Don’t u see the example on Jairus Byrd?… Get outta your mamas basement morons,and get off Andy Levitre and die hard Buffalo Bills fans dick… Especially Patriots,Jets and Miami Fans. Real talk

  12. The Bills are smart here. They know that he is never going to sign with them so why even try. Beside Syracuse has plenty of offensive linemen that would love to have a job in the NFL for 10% of what he wants. Good move Brandon…

  13. If it’s letting Levitre walk this offseason or letting Eric Wood walk next season I think they’d rather lose Levitre. Hard not to make a bad joke with the last names.

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