Report: Atlanta mayor says stadium proposal in works

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The Falcons want a new stadium, and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed would like their next home to remain within city limits.

To that end, Reed said Friday that a proposal for an Atlanta stadium will be ready in March.

“Sometime in the month of March, we’ll be coming to you to give you, once we are finished visiting with the Falcons, a detailed review of terms of the conversation,” Reed told the Atlanta City Council, whose approval is needed to put the $1 billion stadium plan into motion, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “You all will get that immediately, as soon as we have an agreement with the Georgia World Congress Center and the Falcons.”

According to the Journal-Constitution, a tax on hotels and motels would be expected to cover $200 million in bonds the city would issue to build the stadium, with the team and NFL bearing the rest of the cost. Personal seat licenses would also be issued.

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  1. I don’t see why the Falcons need a new stadium. The Georgia Dome is ~20 years old.

    I went there for the NFC Championship game and it looked great from the inside & out.

    Maybe I’m missing something?

  2. 49er…I live in Atlanta. It is an absolute nightmare to get to that stadium. Its not easily accessible it bottle necks terribly getting into the city. I avoid going to more games because of that. Other than that, nice place

  3. I live in the metro area. I see a lot of people being put off by the PSLs that they’re going to peddle. Most of the the Falcons fans I know are scoffing at the idea, but that could just be lip service before they get their PSL offer in the mail.

  4. I can’t believe they use tax money for these stadiums.
    People who can’t afford to go to the games end up paying a higher percentage of thier wages for this crap.

  5. 20 year old stadiums are passé – esp. When you can get other suckers (fans and taxpayers) to pay for it.

  6. gaeaglefan1023 says: Mar 1, 2013 7:42 PM

    49er…I live in Atlanta. It is an absolute nightmare to get to that stadium. Its not easily accessible it bottle necks terribly getting into the city. I avoid going to more games because of that. Other than that, nice place


    Well the Falcons can’t have it both ways. From what I understand they want the stadium to be in or around the downtown. It also seems the city likes that it is near the convention center area.

    There are plenty of stadiums that are far worse getting in & out of. We’ve been using Candlestick for far too many years. I know there are 10+ teams in the league that don’t even play in the city &/or state that they call home.

  7. The NFL makes over 9 billion dollars. Surely they can get private money, plus their own, to construct and maintain the stadiums. They can do what they want for the “NFL experience”. They can charge for PSLs, parking, concessions, etc as much as they like. NO MONEY FROM TAXPAYERS.
    Cities could lease the land for many years to the NFL and do great.
    But the main thing is that after 20 years, if they want improvements or a new stadium, let them do it.
    I think you will find that if the NFL owns a stadium, that stadium will last much longer and need fewer improvements.

  8. This all about Blank wanting more premium seats to make more money for himself and try to attract a Super Bowl to Atlanta.

    If he wants a new stadium so bad..make him pay for it.

  9. The Dome was built in 92. I don’t understand the need for a new stadium. Then taxpayers have to fund it. That’s ridiculous.
    I was there in September for the Atl/Car game. Place looks great.

  10. Atlanta will only pay for 20% of the cost. Atlanta will benefit from the stadium being in Atlanta. It makes money on the events held there. So why shouldn’t an entity that is going to also profit from the stadium help pay the cost to build it.
    Blank says he’ll pay for it all himself elsewhere if Atlanta doesn’t want to share the costs.
    You know the city is going to require certain things be done the way they want them done. So again,if they are going to demand things to allow it to be built, 20% of the coat is fair.

  11. The issue isn’t the quality of the stadium. It is about where the profits go. As it stands now the Georgia World Congress Center owns the Georgia Dome so they get a portion of all the gate receipts.

    The Falcons want a new stadium to have sole control of their facility.

    As always… it’s all about the benjamins.

  12. The reason he wants a new stadium is because they lease the building. They do not own the ga dome. There for the majority of the revenue goes to the state. I don’t remember the exact wording of it but I saw an article explaining the situation but I’m with the falcons wanting a new stadium.

  13. I don’t understand why the city just doesn’t impose a tax on both season and individual game tickets??

    Will the city own the stadium outright? If not then Falcon fans should pay for it.

    If you’re a fan of the team, and want to go see them, then you pay a tax on your ticket. Same goes for whomever attends sporting or entertainment events at the stadium

    Don’t wanna pay? Don’t go…simple as that.

  14. The current Atlanta stadium looks brand new, how asinine that they would even consider asking for a new stadium. Seriously, how stupid are the politicians in Atlanta that the team isn’t locked into some sort of lease for at least another 10 years! The logic of a billionaires mindset that new stadiums should be built every 20 to 30 years is absurd, it should be more like 50 to 100 years.

  15. I live in Nashville. Before we got a team, we used to have season tickets to the Falcons. We went their every home game – and I’m not even a Falcons fan, just love professional football. Their current stadium is one of the best stadiums for viewing a football game, I’ve ever been in. As a Vikings fan, I’ve been to a lot of stadiums to be able to watch my team. In Atlanta’s, there is not a bad viewing seat in the house. It was built for fans who are “watching” the game.

    That said, it’s not near beer pubs, bars, or places where people may have an interest in, other than football. The owner may want it more centrally located – whatever that means in Atlanta – area, but as a pure venue for viewing a football game, it’s one of the best.

  16. Craziness. What a waste. Hey Falcons fans I hear your owner mr home depot has been talking to people in los Angeles …

  17. The goal is to build a state of the art stadium that ideally puts us in the running for super bowls, Olympics, and other profitable events. The hotel tax is paid for by the visitors to the state, not its residents. This money does not go back into anything but creating more revenue for the city with tourism. The stadium isn’t that old and I love the Dome but it’s not going to allow Atlanta and all parties to be even an option compared to the new stadiums around the country. I wish Arthur would build the stadium himself so we didn’t have the GWCC garbage choices of vendors and concessions that are in the dome. As a season ticket holder I fully support the Dome and my only hope is once its built that is does help revitalize the area around the stadium, something the current Dome never did.

  18. Sometimes stadiums need to be replaced.

    Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, FL is still fairly new (opened in 1990) and there’s really nothing wrong with it, but they’re demanding a new one.

    The Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis is newer than the Georgia Dome, and St. Louis is about to be on the hook for a new stadium.

    A part of the whole “If you build it, they will come” mentality hit San Antonio and they built a 72,000 seat stadium in 1993. No one came, and it’s now viewed as obsolete. If any team ever wanted to move to San Antonio, they’d likely either have to do massive renovations or tear it down and build a new one.

  19. footballisfun, so you are a MinnesotaVikings fan living in Tennessee with season tickets to watch football in Atlanta?
    You are a true fan; I salute you sir!

  20. This is a great example of the sports industrial complex bleeding the public dry. There is a sports levies on the average taxpayer that subsidizes the NFL and other leagues.

    The first kind of sports tax is the higher taxes we all pay to fund direct handouts. Such as paying for new stadiums,making improvement and the lost money of forgiven property tax-20 billion in 20 years.

    The second tax is a rigged tax code that forces honest taxpayer to bankroll NFL teams.NFL, NHL, PGA (among others) use special provisions in that code to exempt themselves from federal income taxes on earnings. Taxpayers may be losing at least $91 million subsidizing these tax loopholes for professional sports leagues that generate billions of dollars annually in profits.

    The third tax is the cable bill which has sport channels on basic cable which forces people who don’t watch sports to subsidize sports leagues with no way to option out of it.

  21. If traffic at the stadium is so bad, fix the transportation…don’t build a new stadium. This is ridiculous.

  22. Thanks for the warning. Cities want to collect as much tax money from non-residents as possible. Just look at the cost of car rental and hotel rooms BEFORE TAXES.

    When traveling south, I’ll be sure to compare room rates in surrounding communities.

  23. The Falcons don’t have a stadium. That’s the point. They lease to play in someone else’s. Most team own theirs. They deserve their own.

  24. “The Falcons don’t have a stadium. That’s the point. They lease to play in someone else’s. Most team own theirs. They deserve their own.”


    As Will Munny said, “Deserve’s got nothing to do with it.”

    The Falcons “deserve” whatever they can afford. No more, no less. If ATL taxpayers pay for a stadium, they’re fools.

  25. They lease the place. The lease is soon to expire. They are not walking out on anyone. It’s time to negotiate a new contract. If a lease expires why do they have to stay? Again if there is no benefit to the city of having them in town why not just let them go outside perimeter?
    There is benefit, that is why. So why should that be edit be free?
    They are not trying to break a lease, clAiming terms have been violated. They are completing what most claim is a bad deal and creating a new one.
    People talk of infrastructure issues. You think the city is not going to have those improvements included in the stadium budget? Why should a owner of a football team pay for that 100%?
    Where he could go outside the perimeter, pay less for the stadium and share less of the profits?
    You folks really would spend more to make less and let others spend nothing to make money off you risk/investment?

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