Brandon Graham expects to move to outside linebacker

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We’ve spent a lot of time talking about who the Eagles might play at quarterback next season and learned the names of a couple of players who won’t be helping the defense, but there hasn’t been a ton of discussion about just what the defense will look like under new defensive coordinator Billy Davis.

Head coach Chip Kelly and others have resisted filing the defense under a strict 3-4 definition, saying that they want to see what the players on the roster can do and tailor a defense that best fits their needs. It seems likely that things are going to start with some 3-4 principles, a notion supported by Brandon Graham. Graham played defensive end the last few years in Philly and says he thinks he’s headed to a new position in 2013.

“I think linebacker is where I’m going to be — outside linebacker,” Graham said, via Tim McManus of

Graham is working to lose 10 or 15 pounds this offseason to get prepared for the move. Gra which could include coverage responsibilities that weren’t on the table at defensive end. The same could be true for Trent Cole and Vinny Curry and the ability of the old Eagles dogs to learn new tricks will have much to do with how well the transition to the new defense works in 2013.

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  1. Let’s hope B Graham can lose those 10 to 15 pounds instead of nearly throwing away his career over not being able to control his love of Cheesesteaks. Discipline. Win baby win.

  2. Vinnie Curry is linebacker size anyway. He’s like 240-245. Cole would probably get some decent trade compensation. I don’t see Cole being able to play in a 3-4

  3. Brandon Graham expect to remain a draft bust.

    Seriously, this nobody was picked BEFORE Jason Pierre Paul and Earl Thomas. Nice draft strategy Reid.

  4. He’s a good player, 2 years after suffering a devastating knee injury. One of the few players on the Eagles D who seemed like he was playing hard last year.

  5. Get the feeling coach Chip Kelly could give a rat’s behind how they line up on the Eagles defense. He is all about the offense and scoring points.

    To Kelly, Defense is just the time when you don’t have the ball again yet.

  6. Will be interesting to see, and I hope it works out. Like someone else said, he worked his butt off to get back from a bad knee injury and clearly played hard every play, and showed you he’s a football player on top of making some good plays at the end of the year when no one else was on defense.

    Don’t forget, this kid was lined up ALOT at DT when Sean McDermitt was the DC. He did it, he didn’t cry, and the fact that as a rookie he didn’t embaress himself while playing a position he never should of even played regardless of the scheme the DC was trying to pull off tells you straight up he’s a football player.

    Sure I’d love to have have JPP in hindsight, because now he’s a known entity, but don’t say Brandon sucks and is a bust just because he a player ahead of him (JPP was a risky pick and was almost soley based on his athleticism and not football prowess) has been more successful. I’m confident that he will be an asset to the team, and we will find out this year.

  7. Grahm absolutely is not on the level Pieere Paul. He is a bust because of where he was picked., He is mediocore at best. Certainly not worthy of a high 1st round pick.

  8. B Graham will do his thing this yr. Philly always messes up in the draft anyway. In 2003, we took McDougle at pick 15..Troy Polamalu went at 16, then Anquan Boldin, Dallas Clark, Nnmadi A, Osi Umenyiora!!!!

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