Broncos, Clady have had zero talks since season ended


With franchise tags flying, it’s a matter of time before the Broncos apply theirs to left tackle Ryan Clady.

And the chances of a long-term deal, already small, can now be called officially nil.  At least for now.

Per a league source, there have been no discussions or communications or even contact between the two sides since the season ended.

Last week at the Scouting Combine, Broncos V.P. of football operations John Elway told Pro Football Talk that the team will wait to see how Clady’s shoulder heals following surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff.  If the two sides can’t work out a long-term deal, Clady can boycott all offseason workouts and preseason activities, showing up on the eve of Week One, signing the tender, and collecting the full amount of his franchise-tag salary of $9.83 million.

The Broncos have until 4:00 p.m. ET Monday to use the tag.

11 responses to “Broncos, Clady have had zero talks since season ended

  1. Not sure why this is a story, the Broncos will use the tag on him, then they have until July 15th to complete a long term agreement, things aren’t contentious between the two sides. Clady said so himself two weeks ago when he said (and I’m paraphrasing) that he didn’t like being tagged but he respected it and hoped for a long term agreement.

    In the next few weeks or months both sides will start talking and they’ll come to an agreement as part of a requirement for the new contract he’ll have to take a physical to get his shoulder looked at, easy as that.

  2. I think the smart move for old horse face and the donkeys would be to franchise him for now and if you’re able to draft a tackle to replace him you can always rescind the tender if he elects to not sign it and wait until training camp or later.

  3. It’s a smart move by the Broncos. See if he recovers well by the end of May, then sign him to a long term deal. If not, then they can play the waiting game and try again at the end of June. I have a feeling they will have a long term deal by end of May personally.

  4. I still can’t believe that o lineman franchise tags are worth more than WRs, HBs and a few other positions. I remember back then these guys weren’t even talked about big like how they are now. They went from one of the least paids to the higher paid hell 10 million a year just to block, never touching the ball unless a fumble occurs. I’ve seen this before, a player turns down a big contract then gets injured now he just gave the leverage back to the team. I’m a broncos fan but clady is stupid for not taking that 50 million, now it’s most likely he will have to play one more year before a big deal, broncos will tag him. I understand that these guys are stars and should get paid for their performance but Gs, don’t be greedy, I thought the game is played to win championships not collect a paycheck. It seems these guys are all about the money and don’t care how it impacts the team. Lets take Mario Williams for exp. he went to a bills team that has a slim chance of being contenders as long as Brady is in that division, it is clear that he went there more for the money than winning championships. Clady is great but if his goal is to bleed the team dry, I would let him walk next year.

  5. broncosnative thinks the game should be played to win championships but not to collect a paycheck? What is Manning going to gross this year from Denver, 20 million? For whatever reason, Clady didn’t like the deal he was offered last year and passed on it. That’s his right. And Denver has the right to give him the finger now. Manning isn’t going to give up half his paycheck to make sure Clady is there to protect his blindside. Come on, now. Winning is nice, but it’s about the money. It’s always about the money. Nobody is willing to play for room, board, and free medical care.

  6. “They went from one of the least paids to the higher paid hell 10 million a year just to block”

    The league is phasing out the running game more and more so “just blocking” becomes pretty damn important when you are protecting 25 mil/yr QB’s.

  7. At raiderapologist, im not saying these guys should play for free, I just feel they should play beyond their paychecks. There are some guys who’ll get a big contract and then have a declined year, its like they have what they wanted so why play hard. I thought these guys play the game for the love off it and to compete, do you really thing that Mario Williams signing with the bills would make them immediate SB contenders. Do you think if the pats offered less that he would joined them. I have to give it to the players though, go to the weaker team whose willing to pay anything for their services.

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