Bucs could be interested in David Carr


Despite the fact he hasn’t started a game since 2007, and has a career record of 23-56, there appears to be a market for Giants backup quarterback David Carr.

No, really.

According to Mike Garafolo of USA Today, the Buccaneers were interested in Carr a year ago, and “should be again.” The link is former Giants assistant Mike Sullivan, now the Bucs offensive coordinator.

The Bucs might want someone to push Josh Freeman, but not to the extent they have to pay that person a load of money, and Carr could satisfy that requirement.

Since taking a horrible beating as the first pick of the expansion Texans, Carr’s career has settled into a comfortable groove. He ended up playing more than he anticipated with the Panthers in 2007, and has since spent four years with the Giants and one with the 49ers without starting a game.

He’s thrown 61 passes in the last five years, and even if he plays for the minimum, can bank another million bucks.

Life is not always fair.

24 responses to “Bucs could be interested in David Carr

  1. I always thought Carr had the potential to be a really good starting QB but those first few users in Houston ruined him. Poor guy got killed on almost every drop back.

  2. While most in the media and some fringe fans might not like this move, i’m ok with it.

    He’s better than Orlovsky. He already knows the system. Hopefully, there won’t be any need for him to suit up in game. You can’t put all the blame on Freeman for last year. Although he had a small stretch of some horrible games, he’s not the one that allowed 500+ yards to Eli (including 10+/175yd+ to 2 *TWO* receivers) and he’s not the one that made Nick Foles look like Unitas.

  3. You have got to be kidding me. He was worthless 3 teams ago. Take Brady Quinn too and collect the whole set,

  4. David Carr being still in the NFL is proof-positive that the good ole boy system is alive and well. There at least 30 recently retired and newcoming QBs better than him, yet he’s got another chance? This proves that playing in the league is more about relationships, than skill.

    The NFL is polluted with these type things, both players and coaches.

  5. @qdog112: I think it’s more proof that NFL teams really value experience with backup QBs – even if that experience wasn’t good.

    But, sure, the good ole boy system is a much more likely reason. Guys like Jamarcus Russell are who the Bucs should really be looking at. I hear he is getting into pretty good shape these days.

  6. Are you kidding me? Unfair? Does anybody remember the beatings he took behind the expansion texans “line”? They totallu ruined him, making him gun-shy. He deserves another shot.

  7. Come on now. David Carr still has tire tracks on him from Houston and his clipboard has been sewn on his hand for 5 years, so he can’t push Josh Freeman anywhere…

  8. If he’s taking the minimum to play elsewhere it has to be with a team that he has a prayer of starting for. Freeman is still young and going through growing pains. That dude isn’t getting benched any time soon. If Carr really wants to start again, he should look to Minnesota or any of the other QB-deficient teams.

  9. This is a smokescreen. Bucs will sign someone who is going to compete as a starter. They will draft someone in the 3d round or sign a quality free agent. Carr doesnt fit the bill, no matter what his ties to Sully. Freeman needs to watch out…he is not long for this world if he continues to mess up. Word is that Schiano and him have had a falling out, and coach is looking for another QB to take the reins. If Freeman’s camp is sorry, then he gets the hook.

  10. Like Kyle Orton last year, I’m surprised he wouldn’t try AZ, Buffalo, or maybe Minnesota. At least reasonable chances f starting.

  11. I sure wouldn’t call what he did with the Panthers “playing,” but his fancy gloves were sure pretty and attention getting.

    Kind of like Cam’s white towel on his head.

  12. I believe this guy still has talent but come on Mark do you actually think that Carr will push Freeman??? It’s a reason why this guy had been carrying a clipboard, the only advantage he would have over Freeman is knowing Sully system! If you want Freeman to have real competition, trade for cousins or wait on the Raiders to get rid of Carson Palmer! Because there’s nothing in this years draft and there isn’t to many free agents out there that’s better than Freeman!

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