Colts tag Pat McAfee

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Nearly a year after cutting their last franchise quarterback, the Colts have a franchise player.

Punter Pat McAfee, who addressed the possibility of being tagged last Friday on PFT Live, tells us via text that the franchise tag has been applied.  McAfee was due to become an unrestricted free agent on March 12.

If McAfee accepts the tender offer, he’ll receive a guaranteed salary of $2.98 million in 2013.

McAfee, who also serves as the holder and kickoff specialist, told PFT Live he’d view the tag as an honor, and that he’d have no complaints about the designation.  Of course, he also said he fears his dad would “kick my ass” if he objected to nearly $3 million for one season.

It’s refreshing to know that kids his age still fear their dad kicking their ass.

Hopefully, my 16-year-old will re-acquire that quality at some point.

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21 responses to “Colts tag Pat McAfee

  1. I really want Pat and the Colts to come to terms on a long term deal. Pat has embraced Indianapolis as his home and the city has returned that love. From his regular appearances on Bob and Tom to his guest hosting numerous local sports talk shows, he has really endeared himself to the city of Indianapolis and Colts fans.

  2. Hoosiercolts above is right. McAfee has the city of Indy eating out of hand and for good reason. He is hilarious, he is well spoken and he has a good outlook on life. Also, he can clean someones clock if they break through punt coverage as he tied for the lead in special teams tackles in 2011. I am glad we tagged him and I am glad he looks at it as an honor. I am looking forward to more of his hilarious stories this upcoming season.

  3. I don’t think people realize how great an all-star punter can be for a team. As a Raiders fan, Lechler has been such an asset to the team. At times making games watchable and not a total blowout. When you’re deep in your own territory and you’re able to kick it 60-70 yds everytime, it helps out your team sooo much. Tag him, Lechler you’re next.

  4. This guy is a natural behind a microphone. During the combine, he sat at the desk with Bucky Brooks and the other guy and it was the liveliest and most interesting segment during NFL’s 4 day coverage.

    He was telling stories from his combine days, how it was to be a kicker, etc., you know, behind the scenes stories that we’re curious about.

    His candor was refreshing and what he was saying was interesting and very entertaining.

    $3 million for kicking a ball? I’m very happy for him.

  5. Pat McAfee is awesome. If you’ve ever seen the segments on where he interviews other players you would see why he is so beloved in Indianapolis. Outstanding personality. I’d love to chill with Pat someday.

  6. The guy is a riot on Bob and Tom! Seems like a decent enough guy to realize how great he has it.

    Now queue Flacco complaining about making $20M to throw a football around for 17-20 games next year.

  7. If you want to win the special teams portion of the game you have to have a top-notch Kicker and Punter. $3 Million to punt!!! Well done Mr. McAfee!

  8. If you want to learn more about Pat McAfee’s awesomeness go to his wikipdia page and read about what his statements were to police when they found him drunk swimming in a canal a couple years back. Priceless. McAfee’s the man, we as fans love people like this and they’re so far and few between.

  9. i like pat, wished we couldve come up with a cap friendlier long term deal with him, but he is a funny guy and great personality , and his great punting and long kickoffs are only a tip of what he brings to the colts, he could also do field goals too, and hes one of the better tackling punters out there too

  10. larrydavid7000 says..way to go colts that’s using you brain trust in this decision. Losers.

    u dont get out much do u? u problably live in a cage in yr parents basement

  11. Mountaineer fan here and I actually lived in the dorms with Pat frosh year. Wait till he has to start kicking FG’s, we’ve watched him kick 70 yarders in pre game a lot. Kid just has a boot on him, and although he is world class D-bag (sorry but he really is) he is a hell of a kicker/punter and will have a good long career.

  12. When a team uses the franchise tag, they should have to give him the highest salary on the team. If he’s already the highest player on the team, then they should go to the current system. It’s the FRANCHISE tag, not the ‘refuse to give the punter a deal’ tag.

  13. “It’s refreshing to know that kids his age still fear their dad kicking their ass.
    Hopefully, my 16-year-old will re-acquire that quality at some point.”
    Rather surprising statement coming from someone who gets so worked up about the idea of teams inquiring about a players sexual orientation at the combine. I would think that Florio would consider “ass kicking” to be considered bullying or abuse. I suppose an ass kickin for being gay would be out of the question.LOL

  14. Two words: Ray Guy. Some of us know how a great punter like Guy is integral to a great team. I remember those great Oakland Raiders teams with Guy booming way high, long punts time after time. That was when George Blanda still kicked field goals. Yes, I’m old!

  15. larrydavid7000 says: Mar 1, 2013 2:42 PM

    way to go colts that’s using you brain trust in this decision. Losers.
    Couldn’t help but notice you got one thumbs up there. That wasn’t you, was it?

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