Devil will be in details of Flacco deal

Getty Images

It’s been more than 30 minutes since the news broke of the deal negotiated between the Ravens and quarterback Joe Flacco.  And there are no specifics yet on what Flacco will make.

Adam Schefter of ESPN says that the deal is “expected” to make Flacco the highest paid quarterback in NFL history.  The current high-water mark is the five year, $100 million contract given to Drew Brees by the Saints last year.

This means that Flacco will make more than $20 million per year, if he’s indeed the new highest-paid quarterback in NFL history.

There’s a rule of thumb in NFL circles regarding new contracts.  If the numbers aren’t leaked within the first 24 hours, the player didn’t get what the player wanted to get.

Eventually, the contract will be filed with the NFL, and the numbers will leak.  Key factors will be signing bonus, fully guaranteed money, money guaranteed for injury only, and total payout over the first three years.  (Brees will get $61 million from 2012 through 2014.)

It may take a few days to get the information, since Flacco won’t be signing the deal until Monday.

The Ravens will want him to put his name on the deal by 4:00 p.m. ET on Monday.  If he’s not under contract by then, the Ravens won’t be able to use the franchise tag on him.