Door swings open for Freeney, Jackson in Atlanta

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It’s not clear whether Tony Gonzalez will be back in Atlanta next year.  It is clear that Michael Turner, John Abraham, and Dunta Robinson won’t be.

And the Falcons wouldn’t have shoved that trio of overpaid veterans out the door without a plan to replace them.

So how about another trio of potentially overpaid veterans?

A report already had surfaced of Rams running back Steven Jackson potentially signing with the Falcons.  Colts linebacker Dwight Freeney told PFT Live last week that he’s looking for a 4-3 team where he once again could be a defensive end.

The options are less obvious at cornerback.  Patriots corner Aqib Talib hasn’t been linked to the Falcons.  But they know him well from his time in Tampa, and the Patriots don’t seem to be inclined to sign him to a long-term deal.

On the other hand, the Falcons know Talib, given his off-field issues.  And the Falcons aren’t the kind of team to embrace guys who can’t comply with the rules.

Regardless of what the Falcons do, the Falcons surely have a plan.  And even though teams technically can’t talk to agents who represent upcoming free agents until March 9, every team does it.

And we’d be shocked if the Falcons, by dumping three big-name players on the birthday of the father of NFL parity, don’t know exactly what they’ll be doing in an effort to disrupt a budding San Francisco NFC dynasty.

12 responses to “Door swings open for Freeney, Jackson in Atlanta

  1. If Dwight Freeney is looking for a 4-3 team to revert back to his defensive end spot then he has no reason to look at Atlanta.

    Mike Nolan runs one of the most notorious 3-4 schemes in the NFL today. He won’t fit.

  2. Turner: 31
    Jackson: 30 (when season starts)

    Abraham: 34
    Freeney: 33

    This makes no sense to me. It’s like they’re saying it’s the guys they released fault that they didn’t make it further. I would not be comfortable saying these signings would be upgrades in anyway. Both players brought in will want about the same amount of money as the players cut and the production won’t be much different….I get cutting the guys they did but the replacements don’t really makes sense. Get younger and more dynamic.

  3. I can’t imagine Atlanta making an above market offer for Steven Jackson nor should they. They have 2 pretty good backs in Snelling and Rodgers and don’t need to break the bank on a free agent.

  4. Before we go too far with the “budding San Francisco NFC dynasty,” can we please see whether they even win their division next year? Recent history shows us that teams that lose the Super Bowl are as likely not to make the playoffs the next year, as they are to dominate everyone for the next five years.

  5. I think we’ll go after Kruger from the Ravens to replace Abraham. Turner is close to a finished career, but I’m in shock over Dunta and Abraham. I hoped Abraham would finish out as a Falcon.

  6. I hear ya, MusicMan495. Being a 49er fan, I’m content with the current state of the team and all the potential we have in terms of the 15 draft picks and those picks’ trade bait, but all this talk of “Dynasty” before we even win a SuperBowl is getting way ahead of ourselves. Do I personally believe we can break the trend and make the playoffs again? Yes. Is a dynasty in our future? Anything is possible, but with all the talk means that we aren’t gonna sneak up on ANYONE, and now the other teams have a half-year of game film on Kaep and our offense.

  7. Talib has on field issues that are more important than his off-field ones. He cannot stay on the field and hit people. He was injured falling down without contact and was out until the playoffs. When he returned he lasted a couple of plays and was out again. All the talk about his talent is just that, talk. There was no evidence of his ability to occupy such an important position of “shut-down corner” as stated by the hacks in the Boston media.

  8. Did the Falcon’s cuts create salary cap space or did they get them in compliance witht the cap? Kind of important information is you going to throw out wild speculation. How much space do they have?

  9. Freeney seems like a reach….although the Falcons are technically a 4-3 team, they seem to be transitioning into a 3-4 alignment, or any alignment that Mike Nolan can dream up to get his best players on the field….As far as Jackson goes, I think he has more left than Turner; if the falcons do sign him, I’m sure it would be a short term deal.

    As far as the salary cap, the key will be whether Gonzo returns; if he does, he’ll take some of the savings.

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