Flacco deal gives Ravens opportunity to tag someone else

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Ravens G.M. Ozzie Newsome has said that the team will use the franchise tag on quarterback Joe Flacco, or on no one.

Now that a deal has been struck with Flacco, Newsome’s theory has a chance to be tested.

Between now and Monday at 4:00 p.m. ET, the Ravens can use the franchise tag on one of their other free agents, including linebacker Paul Kruger, linebacker Dannell Ellerbe, and safety Ed Reed.

Depending on Flacco’s cap number for 2013, the deal could free up much more space than would have been consumed by the franchise tag.

31 responses to “Flacco deal gives Ravens opportunity to tag someone else

  1. ravenator says:Mar 1, 2013 6:47 PM

    Obviously! Ozzie, greatest GM in the league. Take note haters.

    Ozzies nuts are wet from your mouth, please wipe them off.

  2. Lol – some of you are just not too bright. Please tell me how your going to repeat with the cap mess the Ravens are in and giving a flash in the pan QB the richest deal in history?

  3. Ya just gotta shake your head and laugh at all the morons commenting on the Flacco contract write ups this offseason. Saying he doesn’t deserve big money and that he is an average QB. Dude gambled on himself to have a big season this year after rejecting the rather large contract he was.offered last offseason. What’s he do? Goes and wins the Super Bowl and is named MVP after tying Joe Montana for the greatest post season performance by a QB in history. He deserves every penny he gets.

  4. Woe is me, signing a superbowl MVP quarterback. I can only imagine your response if he wasn’t signed.

  5. Copying the Steelers? LOL the team that’s a complete mess, i don’t think anyone copies them. 49ers and the Ravens have the smartest GMs in the league.

  6. Copying the Steelers? LOL the team that’s a complete mess, i don’t think anyone copies them. 49ers and the Ravens have the smartest GMs in the league.

    Maybe the the gms but certainly not the fans by any means. Lol the dumbest, crudest and most uneducated fans anywhere…

  7. Wow I’m shocked I guess they didn’t think Alex smith was good enough to trade for same players. Joe didn’t have to learn 7 offensives in 7 yrs

    But I would like to see what his bonus is for signing has to be 30 mill at least just to make cap numbers work over next two yrs

  8. I love the fact that you just way overpaid for Average Joe! If that corner in Denver didn’t try to backpedal 25 yards, Fluke-o would be making half of what he’s getting now.
    You just overpaid by 50%. Now you will be in cap hell for the next ten years. Yeah, what a great GM. DUH!!!

  9. I’m sure Flacco’s deal is more front end loaded, than rear ended. Either way, he’s put them in a not so good financial position for the short term.

  10. All good teams will have to maneuver around the cap year in year out, that argument is a moot point. Yes, the back end of this contract might hurt, but remember that the cap will raise substantially in 2015 when new tv deals kick in. Also the cap is almost 2 mil more than originally thought this year. Ozzie made a no-brainer. It will suck to lose a couple people, but there’s nothing more important than having a franchise qb in the nfl. People still don’t even understand how important someone like Flacco is to a team. The ravens would easily pay even more for him if the market demanded it. The decision would still be easy as far as numbers are concerned. You live or die by the qb and that’s that. If you don’t have a good qb, you can’t win. Flacco may have inconsistent regular seasons but, one only needs to watch the video to see why he is clutch in big games. It really comes down to the o-line play. Baltimore’s receivers consistently struggle to get separation. In fact it’s very significant. That’s why when Flacco has slightly more time, he becomes what you saw in the playoffs this year. He still had to make a LOT of covered passes, and Boldin helps with that. But it literally is black and white: These receivers consistently need more time, and therefore Joe needs some time as well. When the line sucked in the last half of the season, the offense fell apart. But Flacco had the best line in the postseason and what do you know? He tied the best postseason performance ever. If they ever commit more to o-lineman, such as new england, you watch, the guy would be very very dangerous. However, the ravens are much better off to sacrifice in that department and pay people like Haloti Ngata, who, out of the nfl as a whole, is easily one of the best players. Top 5 when he’s healthy and that’s the truth. That’s where they maintain balance over NE

  11. bradyisbetterthanrodgers says: Mar 1, 2013 6:57 PM

    Lol greatest gm in the league that just made Joe flacco the highest paid QB in NFL history?? I hope u enjoyed that Super Bowl trophy because u won’t be seeing another one any time soon
    Thanks for the news of the future, Miss Cleo.

    One thing to remember, and you can tell this to your friends at the Psychic Friends Hotline–Joe Flacco just won a Super Bowl, something your beloved Tammy Brady hasn’t done in nearly a decade.

  12. People always take anything someone tells them at face value without doing any of their own research. Before Flacco’s deal the Ravens had 49 players under contract for a total of 105 million dollars. Which means they were already 18 million dollars under the cap. They haven’t had to do anything to create that cap space, unlike the Steelers and Pats who are restructuring contracts. I wouldn’t call that cap hell.

    If the Ravens REALLY wanted to get something done, even after Flacco’s deal, they have a lot of flexibility to do it. Leach, Boldin and J. Jones are all in the last year of their contracts an extension or two or all three and they are looking at even more cap space. They could restructure Suggs, Ngata and a few others. Cap hell is the Steelers current situation, where they have to restructure or release people just not to be over the cap.

  13. This is great, Crackhoe has just put himself in last place in the north… They will be lucky to be a 500 team this year. They now don’t have a felon playing Tony Robins (Gay Ray). Oh I forgot that’s normal in Baltimore…… (The armpit of the earth)…… Enjoy..

  14. The Ravens paid the biggest money ever in football for 5 years of mediocrity interrupted by one freak playoff run. Ha ha! What a team destroyer this one will be!

    And wouldn’t it be hilarious if Terrell “Let Me Get in Your Face About Flacco” had to go first?

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