Jennings looking for as much as $12 million per year

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The Packers reportedly are considering using the franchise tag on receiver Greg Jennings.  That could be the only way they’ll keep him.

The scuttlebutt in league circles is that Jennings is looking for a deal in free agency that pays as much as $12 million per year.

Jennings, a seven-year player who turns 30 in September, doesn’t fit the profile of a guy who will blow the top of the market — especially since he isn’t a guy who can take the top off the defense.

Steelers receiver Mike Wallace might, but Jennings is far closer to T.J. Houshmandzadeh when he first became a free agent than Wallace.

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  1. and I want to bang Kate Upton. I like my odds better than you getting 12 mil a year Jennings

  2. I appreciate all you have done for GB, but at that price, look else where.

    TT tries to avoid people hitting 30, especially ones with injury problems.

    Best of luck wherever you land Mr. Jennings.

  3. I used to love Greg Jennings until he got such a high opinion of himself and the stuff with his sister. If Jennings is sooooo good than why didn’t the Packers offense just fall apart without him this season? He only had 1 good game this season – the finale against the Vikings and thats because Antoine Winfield left the game.

  4. After comparing her brother to T.J. Houshmandzadeh you better watch out for Valencia Jennings.

  5. If i was Jennings, I’d be happy with the tag, at least it’ll give him another year to prove his worth with a great QB and possibly getting the $12 mil he wants, even if it’s not in GB.

  6. Umm,

    Jennings has always been a darn good deep target, and alot better WR than “one trick Wallace”, just not since his groin injury this year.

  7. He’ll “settle” for ~$7 mil. No way a team gives him 12 mil when hes 30 with that many miles on his body.

  8. Hes a really good receiver when healthy, but unfortunately that hasn’t been that case for a while. Still, I think he can command some money, but 12 million is probably a little too much.

  9. The problem with wr wanting 12 million a year is that they gotta go to a team that is paying Qb 40 million a year to be truely worth 12 million a year.

    The reason L. Fitzgerald isn’t the best is cause his qb’s do not deserve to be paid big

  10. Jennings is a great player, but he’s not a $12 mil/year great player. $10/year is really pushing it.. I’ll be shocked if the Packers tag him.

  11. Why would the Packers pay him 12 when we can franchise him for 10. I say let him go there’s no team that will pay him 12. Plus the team & QB he goes to wont be as good as the Packers.

  12. Greg’s pricing himself higher than what GB will pay on purpose. He doesn’t want to be here (his ego won’t let him because GB’s offense does okay without him, even without a stud RB) but isn’t man enough to say it for fear of losing fans.

    He’s not worth 12 and if he leaves GB it will probably end up for a good bit less than that and hope no one notices.

    Greg’s major miscount is also that he’s had 2 of the best QB’s to play throw him the ball. Whatever team he goes to, if it is for that kind of money won’t have that kind of QB because if they did, they’d not need him at that price.

    Greg’s been made by his QB’s – he didn’t make them and it’s going to show when he gets where he’s going…

  13. Last week it was reported here that he wanted 14 mil. and now scuttlebut has it at 12. Sure would be nice to have an actual source for an article like this. As far as I know and correct me if I’m wrong Jennings has not said a word and neither has his agent.

    So before everyone demonizes him let’s actually see a quote from Jennings himself.

  14. Jennings might want to take a page out Tom Brady’s book and take a little less money to extend his career .
    12 million a year … come on?

  15. Jennings is not worth that much, period. But historically, he has been a player that can “take the top off a defense”- look at his number of TD’s of the 20+ or 40+ yard variety compared to all other receivers over the last 5-7 years. He has been (but is he any longer?) the definition of a player that takes the top off a defense, even if he never ran a 4.3 second 40 yard dash.

  16. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Go to the Vikings. They like overpaying for talent (see Bernard Berrian) and I’d love to saddle them with a huge cap hit so they cant sign anyone else (e.g., Jared Allen next year when his deal comes due).

  17. Tritz32,

    As a mike wallace critic myself, i would agree with you. Watching him screw up play after play is infuriating.

    However, wallace is much younger (25 or 26?) and is much more of a big play threat than jennings. Wallace will no doubt fetch a bigger deal than jennings.

  18. szwhtsup123 says: Mar 1, 2013 2:30 PM

    The stink of that Old Spice is making him crazy!

    Yeah he definitely believes in himsmelf.

  19. $12 mil a year is too much. He could maybe command $10 mil a year but even that is stretching it. Nice player and versatile but for a WR to make $10mil plus they have to be able to beat double coverages and he most certainly can’t.

  20. In his 7 years as a pro, he’s missed an entire season’s worth of games (16). Missing 15% of your games before even hitting 30 is not going to get him what he’s looking for.

  21. As a Packers fan I’ve been watching him for a long time. This dude’s attitude has changed quite a bit from humble to “I need to get me some me”. He’s gone hollywood and it’s definitely gone to his head. The appearance in CSI as well as the deodorant commercial on the beach have had an effect.

    Later bro. We don’t want him back as now I think he’d be a distraction in the locker room.

    It was good, for the most part, while it lasted, but No Mas!

  22. There you go again:

    “but Jennings is far closer to T.J. Houshmandzadeh ”

    TJ was never the WR Jennings has been. Stick to attacking people for their religious beliefs, it’s what you’re good at.

  23. It will be interesting to see how a WR fares with a non-eilte QB throwing at him. Must have been nice to always catch balls from either Favre or Rodgers.

    If he goes to MN, good luck with Ponder…

  24. This guy has been injured the past three years and missed a ton of games. He is not worth the risk at 12 mil. I think he is smart to ask for the money in hopes the Pack pass on him and he ends up with a pay raise.
    Note: He put his GB house on the market before the end of the season.

  25. The only way he makes 12 mil next year is if a team pays him 8 and Old Spice pays him 4

  26. I think Jennings is saying he wants $12 million so that the Packers might think the $10 million tag is a bargain. Jennings might be happy to get the tag because he might not get that on the open market. But, if he can convince the Packers that they are getting a bargain he thinks they might jump. Personally, I don’t think he gets $10 million and I don’t think the Packers need him or keep him.

  27. Well, I agree that seems high, but keep in mind we paid Bernard Berrian 7.4 million his first year. Compared to that $12m for Jennings is almost a steal.

  28. He’ll be lucky to get 6 mil a year. He’s a good WR but a lot of his produciton is a by product of the pass heavy system they run in Green Bay.

    And he gets hurt a lot too.

  29. Greg Jennings = TJ WhosYourMama haha. Wow I’m not a fan on GJ85 anymore but the dude has got way better skills than TJ. Sadly someone will overpay GJ (like the fins or vikes) and give him 45 mill for 4 years and he’ll spend the rest of his career with a horse$&@% QB and finishing each season at the end of December. Good luck with that Greg.

  30. I don’t think anyone is going to give jennings close to 12 million per year. However, the comparison of Jennings to TJ Housh when TJ hit the market isn’t a good comparison. Jennings is a more accomplished receiver than Housh was (15.4 ypg vs. 11.3, 53 tds in 7 years vs 43 tds in 8) and most importantly Jennings is two full years younger than Housh was.

    Most people don’t think there is a chance the Pack franchises Jennings, but I think there is a strong debate. The pack proved willing to do so with Ryan Pickett 2 seasons ago and Pick was 30 at the time I believe. The question is can the pack fit extensions for Rodgers and Clay into the cap and have enough left over to keep Jennings. The decision could come down to keeping Jennings in favor of Finley and/or Hawk.

  31. Packers aren’t going to pay him three or four times what their next-richest WR gets, which is also why Finley is probably gone. Jennings is very good when healthy, but GB isn’t going to start doing stuff like that as long as Thompson is around. Thanks Greg and good luck.

  32. Yo Packer faithful, you need to stop making the rest of us look bad. I havent missed a minute of Packer Football in 10 years except for the parts where I dozed off during “run out the clock”. Where did this ego thing come from? are you getting him confused with Jermichael Finley because they are both black? Finley is the one who complained constantly about his role in the offense and his relationship with Rodgers. Jennings is a consummate professional. Heck, DRIVER complained more about his reduced role than Jennings did.

    This is not due to his ego, and it’s not due to him going “Hollywood” – the whole team did that. I will never give State Farm a dime of my money with the way they paraded the entire team out every single commercial break. Nobody is calling Rodgers “Hollywood”, nor Raji, Nor Matthews. It’s not even about his skill as a player. It’s about not needing to pay that much money when other players have stepped up. This doesn’t have to be a negative thing, sometimes a team is just flushed in talent and can better spend the money elsewhere. if Cobb, Nelson, and Jones didn’t take quantum leaps forward this year, you can bet TT would be shelling out the cash for a long term deal, and you can bet Jennings would do one that was structured in a way to be salary cap friendly.

    We should probably not be so quick to turn something into “this guy sucks” or “that guy is a jerk.” It’s like that college girlfriend you had that was a great time and had nothing wrong with her but then you graduated and moved to different states and wished each other luck. Sometimes its just time to move on.

  33. The sad part about all of this is since I read this here I have found 3 articles (nat. football post, couple Wisc. papers) that refer to this site and this article about him asking for 12 mil. and it is all b.s. It is all derived from scuttlebut? Everyone claims everyones elses sources but in all actuality no one has a source at all.

  34. They say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one. Get a clue your not Calvin Johnson

  35. The majority of you are so quick to judge without knowing the facts. Fact is, this is the correct way to spell Greg’s sisters name. It’s Valyncia… Not Valencina.. another Fact: Greg is that same Humble guy he has always been. How do I know? Because we are family and that is how we were raised. Fact: to you “so called” packer fans, learn how to do some research and not take any article that you read as gospel. Greg has yet to speak publicly about his asking price, what makes you believe this article? Oh I’m sorry, I forgot, It’s on the internet so therefore it must be true. In closing, being a Detroit Lion fan, I’m happy he is leaving GB. I hate the packers. But I love my family enough to stomach GB enough to support him…

  36. hey Greg Jennings if you read this nothing good comes out of being greedy …I know you want to provide for your family..but one of
    the ten commandments is don’t be greedy!

  37. Hey Jennings GET PAID!!! packers fans are just mad because Jennings is still the biggest best WR in greenbay and they know hes gone. the packers has plans to pay Rodgers and nobody else

  38. Wiscano where in the ten commandments does it say that? Oh I get it, your reading from the other bible “the gospel according to green bay”

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