Kaepernick mum on Smith trade

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On Wednesday, news broke that the 49ers have a deal in place to trade quarterback Alex Smith to the Chiefs.  On Thursday, the man whose stellar play sent the former No. 1 overall pick to the bench participated in a media car wash in support of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, which is being supported in part by a major donation from one of Kaepernick’s sponsors, Nike.

Kaepernick appeared on Pro Football Talk, and Erik Kuselias (after spending plenty of time on the “Let’s Move” campaign) asked for Kaepernick’s reaction to the news in a one-on-one (which oddly at one point in the interview became a one-on-two).

“Well there’s really no response right now,” Kaepernick said.  “At this point nothing can be done until March 12th so whether he’s with us or not he’s gonna be a great quarterback but ultimately what we’re here today for is the ‘Let’s Move’ campaign.”

Erik approached the topic from a different angle.

“Well once again there’s nothing to be said about it because no actions can be taken so I mean right now the biggest deal is that we’re here for the ‘Let’s Move’ campaign,” Kaepernick said.

Erik tried a third time, asking Kaepernick for something/anything in response to the news that, if the deal becomes official, Smith will be gone.

“I mean once again there’s no response, nothing can be done at this point so it’s as if nothing has happened,” Kaepernick said.

While Kaepernick doesn’t have to answer the question, the give-and-take of the interview-for-a-plug game typically entails the person who is being paid by a sponsor to talk providing something more meaningful than talking points prepared for the player by someone else.  And it’s just a little odd that Kaepernick would have nothing to say about the reality that, regardless of whether the reported trade goes through, it’s now crystal clear that Smith won’t be on the 49ers in 2013.

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34 responses to “Kaepernick mum on Smith trade

  1. I am sure he would have answered something more substantial if Erik wasn’t on a fishing expedition. What would Kap know? Asking the same question three times? I would have ended the interview there. Erik wasn’t looking for information, he was hoping Kap would screw up. And I don’t even like the 9ers.

  2. I hear ya, Florio. Sometimes it sucks when actual good guys make it to the NFL…it’s so much better when we have guys that talk smack to one another, only look out for themselves, or even worse talk about they’re day job when they’re fulfilling another commitment.

  3. I think Kaepernick was smart to keep his opinion to himself. It’s not his place to judge the situation.

    Didn’t we just read a thread about LeSean McCoy campaigning for Vick? You’re not going to get an objective view from a team mate who is not likely to know details.

    Erik Kuselias wants details, like we all do, of a situation that in a state of flux. Football players don’t owe the media any information just because they’re being interviewed.

  4. After being asked with a third “angle” I would have went off on the reporter. Annoying.

  5. After getting the door slammed in his face twice, he asked the same question a third time. Wow, its called respecting the process. Here is a kid doing a charitable event, and instead of the media trying to help the cause, they’d rather ask gossipy questions. All you have to do is wait a few weeks,if that, the trade will be final and you can get his apparently billion dollar opinion on the subject. In the meantime, try not to bash him over something so petty.

  6. If he would have said something this article would have been about him opening his mouth when he should have kept it shut. EK is probably just upset he couldn’t get his credit for reporting it “first.”

  7. Why is this even a story? You media losers are ridiculous. If a guy says something out of line, you give him hell. If he gives an honest but still “proper” response, youll attempt to twist and interpret his words in a negative fashion. Last but not least, if he tries to cover his own back by not responding at all, youll criticize him for that too. Get a life.

  8. the title should read,”Erik Kuselias does’nt know when to keep his mouth shut”.
    How old are you bro? you got out matured by a 25 yr old.

  9. All Kap has to say is that Smith is a great guy and no matter what happens he knows Alex will do good things.

    It’s easy. Sometimes agents/handlers/PR people make things too complicated.

  10. Kaepernick mum on Smith trade

    The noose gets tighter around the camel’s neck. He’s starting to realize he’s the man. Get ready for the stumbling to start.

  11. Ohhh poor little interviewer. Didn’t get his question answered. So he should respond? Don’t overlook he’s right, the trade is not final so why comment in it. What of the trade falls through? Seems to me Kaepernick was acting with class …I know it’s hard to comprehend that

  12. The Chiefs are too impatient. They should nix the deal and then the 49ers will be forced to release Smith. Then the Chiefs sign him on their own terms. Hairbough’s head will explode.

  13. Maybe he’s just a good kid who knows when to keep his mouth shut. Pretty refreshing actually.

  14. Not surprising at all. Kap never gives any insight to anything, did anyone hear the interviews leading up to the SB? All talking points. Maybe a product of the huge spotlight on him but maybe that’s how he is.

  15. Kuselias is a journalist, so he’s got to try to get the question answered, just like Kaepernick is an athlete there to talk about something else, so he’s got to stonewall. No big deal.

    What I don’t understand is why Florio is crying about it now. The act of asking the question doesn’t compel the subject to answer it; they answer it if they want to. This isn’t your first day, is it, Mike?

  16. The media…..petty little perpetrators of gossip in the endless quest of “the story” or “breaking news”

    But….I’ll take the endless petty banter by all media segments vs the stale, canned mainstream media in the days of old.

    New media…..and this site is a testament to this….has put tremendous pressure on those that want to control the message.

    5 boring stories like this are worth it for each of the hilarious gems that only new media brings us.

  17. Ha, I love me some Kaepernick. Just like his coach, he’s all about football (and sometimes charity) and doesn’t care about appeasing the media.

  18. Or maybe, just maybe Erik Kuselias knew he’d get an article if he kept asking and kept getting blown off, like he was some intrepid Lois Lane really putting the screws to Lex.

  19. I love how people are saying kaepernick will now show his true colors and stumbler! The noose is tightening! Yea because a run in the season, playoffs, and a tremendous comeback in the Super Bowl ending with questionable refs and he can’t handle pressure!!!! Keep singing the same song everyone loves it when rotten egg gets splat on your face!

  20. Actually he wasn’t mum on the trade. He called Smith a great team mate, “[He’s] been a great friend, a great mentor. So anywhere he goes, or if he’s still with us, he’s gonna be successful.”

    He just didn’t say it on your network because he was plugging the “Let’s Move” campaign.

  21. @hendeeze i said that 10 minutes ago and said he couldnt care less about this eric guy because that wasn’t what the interview was supposed to be about. nfl network on the other hand asked him before. classy network deleting my comment. what a loser eric is.

  22. “Of course, nothing can be finalized yet. Whether Alex is with us or he’s somewhere else next season, he’s been a great teammate to me,” Kaepernick said in an interview that can been seen on Thursday at 7 p.m. ET on “NFL Total Access.” “(He’s) been a great friend, a great mentor. So anywhere he goes, or if he’s still with us, he’s gonna be successful.”

  23. @mjkelly77 says:
    Mar 1, 2013 10:20 AM
    Kaepernick mum on Smith trade

    The noose gets tighter around the camel’s neck. He’s starting to realize he’s the man. Get ready for the stumbling to start.
    How much time does this guy spend on Niners article. Jealousy I suppose.

    I would probably be taking some mood elevators if I were a lions fan too!

  24. Post NFL season media are like cops in a small wasp town.. They have nothing exciting to do so they pull you over for crooked license plates.
    This is not a story and not worthy of bandwidth or analysis.

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