LeSean McCoy: I think Vick is the starting quarterback


Eagles coach Chip Kelly has said that Michael Vick and Nick Foles will compete to be the team’s starting quarterback and Dennis Dixon thinks he’s in the mix for the job as well, but one key member of the team’s offense is already making his guess about the identity of the signal caller.

Running back LeSean McCoy told Eliott Shorr-Parks of NJ.com that he thinks Vick will be the team’s starting quarterback once Week One of the regular season rolls around. McCoy said that Vick’s determination to win the job was the deciding factor in his choice.

“People forget, this is Michael Vick,” McCoy said. “He’s got a lot to prove this year, but he’s ready to roll. He knows people are questioning if he can get it done, and he’s gonna prove this year he can.”

McCoy said that he’s excited about how his role in Kelly’s offense shapes up, especially with a lot of talk about running the ball from both the head coach and offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur. McCoy believes the Eagles have a roster well suited to making Kelly’s schemes work and didn’t hesitate when asked if he thinks Vick can thrive in the system.

“Oh my God yes,” McCoy said.

With the offseason not even close to being in full swing, it’s a bit too early to anoint anyone the starter in Philly but Vick does look like the favorite at this point.


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  1. This is why I call BS on all the players who pull the you don’t play the game, you don’t know anything card. Guys over value the talent on their team, and only watch film on their opponents, not the entire league. Any objective fan knows Vick is on the decline, and has zero chance of staying healthy in this system, or any system really

  2. If he takes less sacks and turns the ball over less Vick can be great in Kelly’s offense.

  3. I like how Vick is always alternating between having a lot to prove, to securing his job, to being terrible, to having a lot to prove again.

  4. This is a guy that LED the league in turnovers the last 2 years only playing 23 of 32 games. I love Shady as a runner but he’s waaaay off here. It’s so ironic that systems that have produced championships for Joe Montana, Steve Young, John Elway, Brett Favre & Brad Johnson was SUCH a bad fit for Michael Vick. Chip Kelly won’t succeed with Mike Vick either, Mike Vick is Mike Vick’s own worst enemy.

    Has there been another QB in modern history that has disappointed as much as MV7 & continues to get chance after chance?

    It’s always the system, the play calling, the offensive line, the lack of defensive talent or Haley’s Comet that has held Mike Vick back. It’s never Michael Vick.

  5. ridingwithnohandlebars says:
    Mar 1, 2013 8:44 AM
    If he takes less sacks and turns the ball over less Vick can be great in Kelly’s offense.

    Solid logic, If he becomes a better QB, he will be a better QB

  6. “LeSean McCoy: I think Vick is the starting quarterback”

    oops, a typo- “LeSean McCoy: I think Vick is the starting runningback”

  7. “People forget, this is Michael Vick,” McCoy said. “He’s got a lot to prove this year, but he’s ready to roll. He knows people are questioning if he can get it done, and he’s gonna prove this year he can.”


    Sounds like the same questions every year about Vick. It’s amazing that every year the players support him even while he fails. The guy is going on 33 and has yet to “prove himself”. It’s been going on 12 years that GMs/fans/players have been waiting for Vick to “prove himself” as a QB.

    Jamarcus Russell has to be wondering where all the love is for him. He is a 1st round QB with alot less mileage and just as much to prove.

  8. It’s no longer about whether Vick has the ability to adapt, speed he once had, etc. He has chronic issues that he, if anyone has watched him play in 2011 & 2012, is unwilling or unable to correct (eg: holding the ball to make something happen and taking stupid HARD hits, sliding head-first and taking HARD hits, etc)

    By his own hand, he’s going to get another concussion.

    I really thought we were done with this in Philly when Reid named Foles the starter over a “healthy” Vick.

  9. Naturally, McCoy would campaign for Vick over Noles. They’ve been in the trenches together and he has developed a friendship and loyalty towards him. McCoy, as teammate, is unable to be objective.

    Does anyone believe that even if Michael tightens up his play and wins the starting job that he can sustain the effort for 16 games? How many years does he need in order to prove himself?

    LeSean, Michael had his chance and, evidently, he’s been unable to adjust his play to prevent the offensive failures that we’ve seen, season after season and game after game. Time for change.

  10. the reason they brought in dixon is because kelly cant possibly believe vick can stay healthy or avoid turnovers. they cant be bringing in foles to run this system.
    the teams that are running read option systems know their backup has to be able to run it as well.
    very good call by pat white to try for a comeback, he’d be better served to backup griffin/kaepernick etc than a pure pocket passer

  11. New coach, new system. Unless the coach has told you something about your job or someone else’s, you don’t know diddly.

  12. Keeping Vick on the roster just shows that Kelly is looking to put forward a farce of a team that will steal a few wins but go no where. It’s time to blow this team up, get rid of Vick and the other idiots in the locker room and build a new culture.

  13. really your choosing one teammate over the others, in March. Shut up and make sure your the #1 running back. In this offense you might have to hit a hole instead of bouncing everything outside.

  14. If Chip Kelly’s offense calls for an injury prone, high turnover machine who can’t read defenses then Vick is the man!

  15. I am sure Kelly has found out what he stepped into. From the owner to the players. Other than Jason Peters the rest as we all will soon see are all hat and no cattle. Kelly is Spurrier 2.0. Lurie is now JJ and Snyder 2.0. Losers.

  16. smackywomack are you seriously a redskins fan saying that your fanbase wants Vick to be the starter? I am sorry but wasn’t it Vick that just completely destroyed your team on a Monday Night game 2 years ago? Hate to bring it up but that alone should tell you what Vick is capable of. Has Vick played poorly the past two years? YES!!! But anyone who actually knows football should agree that there are many different factors. The OL was down right terrible and the playcalling didnt help either (predictable long routs that take time to develop while your OL cant hold defenders for more than 2 seconds). C’mon now people!!! I think your going to see a much better Vick in 2013…

  17. I have my douts on the defense but offensivly NFC East defenses better be scared. Sure you guys may figure it out after a while but in 2013 I see the Eagles (and Vick) putting up allot of yards and points…

  18. dallascowboysdishingthereal says:Mar 1, 2013 4:07 PM

    I love the way things are falling into place in Philly with Kelly and Vick running the Oregon offense. Sincerely, NFC East defenses

    cowboy fan right? and your dishing out the real, correct? check kiffins record against kelly or any run read option systems. he didnt pan out to well. you should worried more about is your boy romo. hes looking more like mcnabb aka mcchoke then eli. and this is coming from an eagles fan.

    honestly, when was the last time the cowboys actually had a good defense. 90’s? thats over a decade now. washington had better defenses then you guys since your glory days of the 90’s. but i give you repect on one thing. demarcus ware is a beast.

  19. @o0omorriso0o

    Vick is long past that Redskin game. It was the highlight of his career & a one time phenomenon.

    Vick is the guy that turns the ball over at an alarming rate. He is 2-3 when it counts (in the playoffs) & is a career disappointment. Chip Kelly, Gene Kelly or Jim Kelly, none of them is making Vick any good. And it’s time to stop blaming play calling, o-lines & as you put it “predictable long routes that need time to get open”. QBs need to adjust when things are going badly, that takes smarts & there is where Vick woefully comes up short.

  20. The lack of intelligence in these comments astounds me. Whats more is most are from my fellow Eagles fans. Let see, here’s one…”Vick has never proven himself”…oookkk I don’t know what you’re basing this off of but here some numbers for you because numbers are real, unlike your incorrect opinion.

    Just 3 seasons ago: he completed 62.6% of his passes for 3,000+ yards, 21 TDs, 6 INTs, 100.2 QBR, 676 rushing yards, 9 rushing TDs, ProBowl QB that year, NFL Comeback Player of the Year, Bert Bell Award winner, 2 time NFC Player of the Week, first player in NFL history to throw for 3 tds and run for 2 tds in a single half(game jersey is in the HoF).

    So how was he able to do that if he can’t read defenses and is a turnover machine? How come he was so successful in ’10-’11 but not ’11-’12 and ’12-’13? Why is he still a member of the Eagles organization and Andy Reid isn’t? Could it be that the answer to all 3 of those questions is Andy Reid? Could it be that our inept coaching staffs inability to adapt to injuries and opposing team strategies is the real reason our ENTIRE team looked pathetic and overrated? I guess its all Vick’s fault and he’s so bad that he made every single player on our team horrible and made the coaches look so bad they were all fired.

    Here’s some more FACTS for you all: Vick’s best year, Andy/Marty called 561 passes and 428 rushes. Not a very good pass/run ratio but indicative of the coaching philosophy. Last year, the O-line was DECIMATED by injury so obviously Andy/Marty would adjust their play calling accordingly, right? HA! Yeah right! It got worse! With the equivalent of a D-II offensive line and, when Foles was in, a rookie QB, Andy/Marty called 618 passes and 413 runs! The year prior, they called 450 runs and McCoy led the NFL in rushing. With the injuries to the O-line, they should have called 500+ runs but they proved they do not have the ability to properly analyze their own team and make adjustments. That’s why they were all fired and Vick is still here.

    He can get it done when his line doesn’t get destroyed by injuries, which is what happened the last 2 years. That amount of injuries would ruin ANY QB in the league. It is completely preposterous to assert that Vick should have been able to overcome that by himself, not to mention while being handicapped by a predictable, backwards offensive scheme. But just keep talking, you’re all proving why none of you have a job in the NFL: you can’t even make the easiest of observations.

    Oh, and as for the guy who said he has 1 TD per turnover…I’d like to know what kind of math you’re using because he has 163 career TDs and 120 turnovers. That’s a +43. Nowhere near 1:1.

  21. Career (Source profootballreference.com): 139 TD’s (both rushing & throwing) and 169 combined interceptions & fumbles.

    Now all 84 fumbles weren’t lost but the fact remains he has 30 more ints/fumbles than scores.

    He is also a lifetime 2-3 in post season with a 1 td to 2 turnover ratio in his only Eagle postseason game.

    He is mediocre at best career wise, yes he’s had a few great individual games but is has always been inconsistent & inaccurate with a habit of losing the ball when hit.

  22. profootballreference clearly has their stats wrong because NFL.com, ESPN, yahoo sports, cbssports and even user-controlled wikipedia all have Vick’s stats as what I posted. Do the math yourself, their numbers are not even close to being correct.

    As for the fumbles…he has 87 total, not 84, and he’s only lost 39 of those. Now, let’s talk hypothetically. I’d say, considering how much he ran early in his career and he much hes gotten hit and sacked over the last 2-3 years, its plausible that he gets hit an average of 8-9 times a game, and that’s probably being extremely conservative. He’s played in 121 regular season games and 6 playoff games(not 5 as you stated). So at 8-9 hits per game times 126(I’m taking one off because the disputed playoff game he was only in for 3 plays, though he did throw a touchdown) is 1,008-1,134 hits. My response was to someone who was talking turnovers not potential turnovers so were not talking fumbles but fumbles lost, or as YOU said, “losing the ball”. That number is 39. So you think losing the ball 39 times out of 1,000+ is considered a habit??? Its 3.4 – 3.9% of the time he’s been hit. So your assertion that its a habit is absurd. Btw, according to the numbers, he’s been having his best years passing as an Eagle.

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