Linta confirms Flacco agreement in principle

Getty Images

The Ravens have “reported” that they have struck an agreement in principle with quarterback Joe Flacco.  Now, Flacco’s agent has confirmed it.

“While I was in flight earlier today, the Ravens verbally agreed to all of our terms,” Linta said in a statement issued to Adam Caplan.  “However, Joe and I have not received the contract back to review.  Once we get the contract and review it (assuming there are no issues), Joe will sign it.”

The phrase “assuming there are no issues” could be regarded as ominous.  If there are issues, there possibly will be no deal.

Still, that would be a shock.  Once the money is right, the rest of the terms come together, unless one side is asking for something unreasonable or extraordinary.

And if the money puts him at the top of the quarterback mountain, it would take a lot to get the deal to crumble at this point.