Michael Turner classy as he leaves Atlanta, says he’s not finished


Falcons running back Michael Turner was cut by the Falcons today, but he took his release in stride.

Turner praised the Falcons on his way out, saying he was proud of his five years in Atlanta and grateful to the team and its fans.

“I want to thank the Atlanta Falcons for the opportunity to be a part of something great,” Turner wrote on Facebook. “We accomplished a lot during my time here and I will always cherish the memories and relationships I made. I want to thank Mr.Blank for all he’s done for me and my career. He’s a great owner and an even better philanthropist. This is a tough business but I understand its nature and respect the process.”

Turner is 31 years old and coming off a season in which he averaged just 3.6 yards a carry, by far the lowest of his career. But Turner said he believes he still has plenty he can offer to some NFL team.

“I’m excited to begin a new chapter of my career and truly believe I have a lot left in the tank,” Turner wrote. “I also want to take a moment and thank the Atlanta Falcons fans. You guys made it easy for me to come to work every day and give you everything I had. Even though it’s a tough day I’m excited for what the future holds. Thank you, again, to the Falcons organization. I wish you guys nothing but the best.”

Falcons fans will surely wish Turner nothing but the best as well. Even as they realize that cutting an expensive running back on the wrong side of 30 was the right move.

42 responses to “Michael Turner classy as he leaves Atlanta, says he’s not finished

  1. Classy remark by a classy Gentleman!

    Good luck and wish you the best, Mr. Turner

  2. He has done well.

    It’s too bad he played for the Falcons or else he might have been able to take a team to the Superbowl.

  3. Come play behind ALL DAY ADRIAN P!…That alone would add Years onto your career.

  4. I hate to see him go, but definitely the right move. So many good memories…from breaking our single game rushing record in his first game with us, to throwing his wide receiver into a blocker with one arm. You’ll be missed Michael, good luck with the rest of your career.

  5. I can’t thank Michael Turner enough for what he’s done for the Falcons organization the last 5 seasons. I wish him the best of luck on his next team.

  6. Too bad the Pack didn’t sign him 5 years ago; they might’ve had an extra SB win during the period. Now? I doubt it. So few athletes realize when they’re done at the highest level and it’s time to move on to the next chapter.

  7. For those Packer fans drooling over Turner – wouldn’t we rather have Bradshaw?

  8. sbmcintosh36 says: Mar 1, 2013 3:58 PM

    Can we please have more people like him in sports


    Fellow NIU Huskie so I love the Burner, but the dude has like 6 baby mommas. Not the greatest role model in the world.

  9. Come on to KC where you can stick it to the Chargers twice a year behind JC and Smith (If the trade does happen)!

  10. dukemarc says:
    Mar 1, 2013 3:58 PM
    For those Packer fans drooling over Turner – wouldn’t we rather have Bradshaw?

    100% YES

  11. gromit45 says:
    Mar 1, 2013 4:11 PM
    Is there a good side of 30 for a running back?

     Yeah, below it.

    If I happened to be a young talented football player I think I’d be opting to play LB or Safery if I could. Pro Bowl RBs have no shelf life past 30.

  12. Turner still has a little gas in the tank, but it’s hard to transition from feature back to role player on the same team, especially with his contract….he’ll need to go to a team with a strong OL who understands that he’ll bring no value as a receiver or on special teams….just a grinding runner who’ll need some carries to be effective. Hopefully for the Falcons, that team will be in the AFC…..

  13. Arthur Blank looks like a villain out of a kids movie, but he is a respectable Owner in this league full of not-so-respectable Owners. Good luck BURNER.

  14. Very classy response by Turner, reminds me of the ad Tommie Harris took out in that Chicago paper when he was let go. Not a big fan of the falcons, nor was I a Turner fan, but after seeing this heartfelt response I wish him well in his future.

  15. This was a tough decision for them because of everything he said. Saw 8 Falcon games this year and the crowd loves him. Just ain’t “burner” like he used to be. Can’t hit the line at the same speed.

    He’ll be a great short yardage back and a third-down back on blocking plays.

  16. “Can we pease have more people like him in sports”

    More people with a DUI 5 months ago?

    That aside, I do respect huh is duide’s class in leaving and don’t think he shouldn’t be in the sport for getting a DUI, but pump the breaks a little bit.


  17. Seems like a very classy response to not so great news… I am a bit skeptical though that either his agent or others may have persuaded him to respond in a way to better his opportunity to continue playing. What I remember of seeing him play this year was not overly impressive. As long as my team has no interest I wish him well.

  18. As a Saints fan – I have to say that I have never disliked (been scared of – but never disliked) M.T.
    I wish him well because he has been one of those guys that transcended teams/rivalries…

  19. As a Saints fan I say…we’ll take you!

    Falcons loss would be our gain.

    I don’t know where you guys think 31 is old. Wait until you’re 50, guess that means you’ll be on death’s door…

  20. You know I’m a Saints fan. So, I enjoy ragging on falcons fans. Although I liked it when both teams stunk it seems like sense both teams have gotten good the rivalry has turned ugly between the fans. But, putting all that aside I really feel for Falcons fans. Because, the best chance to win a Superbowl with the team you have now was last year. The problem is the 49’ers and Seahawks are young and talented. And, we’re going to be a hell of lot better next year. So, you won’t have homefield througout. And, if your a dome team you have to have homefield to get to the superbowl. The Falcons will always be in the hunt but they’ll never win it all

  21. Hands down Michael Turner goes down as the best FA signing the Falcons have ever made. No FA singing has ever made the impact that he made on tis team over the last few years. Hopefully we can find some contributors this year with the small amount of xtra cash these moves open up. Even though this move was overdue by a season or 2 it was a good run. Thanks Burner! Best wishes

  22. This is where the Falcons GM gets it right and other GMs like Jerry in Dallas could learn a thing or two.

    Everyone likes Turner but it’s a business and you don’t pay players for what they have done for you in the past. You pay them for what they can do going forward.

    Knowing when to break off a guy is the key to staying on top.

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