Michael Turner’s release listed as “failed physical”

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According to the NFL’s Friday transaction report, the Falcons’ release of Michael Turner was tied to a “failed physical.”

A reason for the failed physical was not listed.

The 31-year-old Turner has not missed a game in the last three seasons. He was listed with groin and elbow injuries in the second half of the 2012 regular season but managed to start every game for Atlanta.

Turner has indicated he wants to continue his NFL career, but where he lands and the type of role he can secure after gaining a career-low 3.6 yards per carry in 2012 remains to be seen. Also, per the NFL standard player contract, he’ll have to undergo a physical when asked should he sign with another club.

16 responses to “Michael Turner’s release listed as “failed physical”

  1. I kinda feel bad for this dude. He runs all these years with a punishing style and in todays NFL running backs make less than kickers. Even the good ones. Its sad to see the position come down to that. Its no wonder there is hardly anyone alive capable of playing the position. Even if you are amazing at it the odds are you get hurt before your big payday and never get that pay day. Idk about you but this would have to be a last ditch career for me. I’d have to be unable to read and write to take that beating

  2. What player takes a physical this time of the year? Sounds like the Falcons are trying to ruin any chance thatTurner will have to be picked up by another team. Pathetic.

  3. After the feel good story of his fare well comments? Who cares…anyone who has ever balanced a checkbooks knows why. I think a good fit for Denver….kick the tires toothy

  4. Turner got injured in the NFC Championship game and did not play in the second half. He is probably still recovering from his injury. Hence, the failed physical.

  5. guys, the problem is he has no hands. he is one dimensional. the best rb can do both. yes turner, and yes i dare say, Adrian Peterson, can have phenominal years running the ball. but you compromise the offense when you cant help in the passing game. plus, Jacquizz Rodgers has already shown he can do both and be a better fit for this offense. so basically what im saying is, those power running backs, they are a dying breed that typically dont last long in the league if they cant catch the ball.

  6. He will look great in Silver and Black with #20 sharing carries aka Mike Bush and given a second chance. San Diego let him Tomlinson and #43 go all in 2 yrs? No wonder all there staff was let go!

  7. Turner’s regressive productivity was last year…2011-12! He’s done….the Falcons were hoping he could run harder….afta he would get pop, he ran like Tiny Tim…tip-toeing thru the tulips! Maybe the COWBOYZ wld be a good fit…..ROMO nds help!

  8. running backs are definitly the maids/ butlers of the nfl. It’s a shame since they are heavily relied upon in the gameplan. I guess it is supply and demand. 20 years ago everybody wanted to be Barry Sanders. Now everyone wants to be RG3, maybe in 10 years or so, the qb position will be saturated and the pay will taper off. You never know, maybe in 50 years, everybody will want to be Ray Guy and will be getting 200 million dollar contracts to coffin kick.

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