Polian issues statement that states, well, nothing

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Colts owner Jim Irsay says that former G.M. Bill Polian wanted to trade quarterback Peyton Manning in 2004.

Polian has now responded, with a statement issued via his current employer, ESPN.  In the statement, Polian doesn’t deny the contention.

Actually, the statement doesn’t really state much of anything.  And it definitely doesn’t deny that Polian wanted to trade Manning.

“In my 14 years as President and Vice Chairman of the Colts, I had many discussions with Mr. Irsay regarding the application of the franchise tag,” Polian said.  “No matter how emotionally tied I was to the player, it was my duty to explain to Mr. Irsay all options including matching offer sheets and trade possibilities. In all cases, we were able to reach long-term agreements with the players and their agents and take the Colts to an unprecedented run of success.”

Irsay explained that Polian’s request came at a time when the Colts were trying to negotiate a new contract with Peyton, and Peyton wanted a big pile of cash, which he eventually got.

Polian’s non-statement statement serves only to nudge the story to the top of the stack again, reminding everyone of the previously unknown reality that, yes, he once wanted the Colts to trade one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game — and that Irsay kept it from happening.

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  1. I don’t really think considering and verbalizing all of your options necessarily means a desire to do every option presented. It just means keeping an open mind about discussing things even if they seem crazy.

    I think a bad GM would be one who isn’t open to all their options, especially if option 1 is to possibly cripple the team by paying too much to one player and option 2 is get a ton of return for that player.

    It doesn’t mean option 2 is the right option, but it’s crazy not to discuss it.

  2. I don’t believe Polian would have been crazy enough to recommend dealing Manning in 2004.

    People like to say “well, the salary cap”, but thanks to the franchise tag the Colts were paying Manning $15 M a year and getting about $50 M in production out of him. On top of that and Manning being the best player in the game. there’s literally nothing a team can receive in a trade that’s equal value to that.

    Sure they traded him eight years later, when the Colts were poised to draft the best QB prospect since…Peyton Manning himself and be set at QB for the next 15 years,

  3. And there is one of the major differences between Payme Manning and Tom Brady. The other is 5 SB appearances and 3 rings vs 2 SB appearances and 1 ring.

  4. Who cares? Isn’t a GM’s job to explore any and all options? There’s nothing in that story that suggests Polian was ready to pull the trigger on a trade. It simply suggests he put that option out there to the owner, along with franchise tag, longterm deal, let him walk to free agency and every other option. Together they came up with the solution of the longterm deal. Only the Vinny Cirato’s of the world wouldn’t do the due diligence to explore every option.

  5. Irsay is an idiot…This is the same guy who wants praise for releasing P. Manning before last season…Self centered & wants to be the face of his franchise without looking like the bad guy so instead points a finger at Polian almost a decade later as if to say…”Yeah, but he wanted him out first…!!!”…What a clown…

  6. It;s a fine self serving story that Irsay tells that seems to be an attempt to make people forget that he is the one that got rid of Manning.

    But there is always one thing to keep in mind when talking about Irsay. He is nuts. He really is.

  7. So going through all the options = Polian definitively wanting to trade him??

    I would be disappointed if a GM didn’t go through all the options no matter who the player.

  8. Well he wasn’t one of the best to ever play the game at that point. He had the signs and was one of the best at that time, but who knows how that conversation went? Maybe it was, he wants $100m and $40m upfront and you don’t want to write that big of check so what if I could get 5 first rounders for him? I’m not saying that was the conversation, but you can not, in hindsight, blame polian for even discussing it. And I would never ever give Irsay more credit that Polian as a football man. Period.

  9. Why are you being deliberately obtuse? Polian is clearly explaining that it was his job to inform Irsay of all potential options – which apparently included the possibility of trading Manning.

    While only a “yes” or “no” may satisfy you, pointing out the reality that you must consider all options (as he did) is much more significant. No player is above ponderings of trade or tagging or letting go, etc.

  10. As a Colt fan I feel like the person who filed for divorce but keeps having to deny Facebook friend requests from Polian.

  11. so woody Johnson took advice from polian during gm search. And now we know why he wants to trade Revis. Thanks Polian, you may have gotten lucky with the Colts but somehow the jets get your strategy.

  12. Polian wanted to trade Peyton. How do you come to that conclusion? From my reading of what he said, he was just doing due diligence by pointing out all options because Peytons demands were so high.

    You are making news instead of reporting it again.

  13. How I yearn for the good old days when GMs and owners were seldom seen and NEVER heard…

  14. It would take an idiot to suggest that based on the Kravitz article & the Polian statement that Polian wanted to trade Manning.

    He was just informing him of what options were available.

    Yet it’s no a surprise for Irsay to say that Polian wanted to trade Manning based on those events. Hence my first sentence.

    He’s such a hypocritical idiot.

  15. Is there supposed to be a story here? Manning hasn’t played a down in 2 years, what’s next trading Johnny Unitas?

  16. I am sure Irsay is just looking for publicity for himself why else bring it out in the open like this. Dont like Irsay never will treated Peyton unfairly very unfair. Glory hound EGO

  17. This would have been huge news nine years ago when the events in question supposedly took place. Now? Who cares? They’re both not in Indy anymore and Polian probably doesn’t even want to work in the NFL anymore.

  18. One can only hope that this story knocks Polian’s deity like status down a few pegs. Lets be honest he was a very poor drafter from 2007 up to his firing.

  19. I actually think this would have been a good idea.

    Imagine the type of draft pick/player package it would take to complete a Manning trade in 2004. Double the Herschel Walker trade, and I think the Cowboys got 10-12 players out of that deal. As incredible as a regular season Quarterback, Manning generally is (not playoffs); as Charles DeGaulle once said “the cemeteries of the world are littered with indispensable men”.

  20. It was his job to explore any and all options that could be best for the team. Hindsight is 20/20, and in hindsight if an exploration of trading Manning came true it would possibly have prevented much of the success the franchise had. It’s not really a “non-statement” its more of a, I did my job statement and the best solution (probably) came out.

  21. you can really tell that Polian is desperate for the attention and misses being a GM. there hasn’t been a story of substance with the guys name attached to it the entire offseason. He’ll probably never work in the NFL again so he keeps saying things to his reporter buddies to get his name out there.

  22. The colts would be smart to get rid of Luck while he is still playing football and not approving architecture plans.

  23. Two things. 1) Polian may be and have done many things, but adoombray, Polian didn’t start this. He replied to Irsay’s comments. 2) If he does pull off a mega trade, maybe the Bears would have Super Bowl in 2006. Dang Bill. Shoulda pulled trigger. Bears woulda gave 5-1st rounders, 3-twos, 2-threes. Same team that gave a two for Gaines Adams (r.i.p.)

  24. There are way too many ignorant posters on this site. How do you all take an interview between a local sports guy and a team owner and turn it in to Irsay being an awful person?
    Kravitz is a guy who gets the best stories out of local people. if you read how Irsay describes the talk he had with Polian it was a “this is an option, but we are not taking it” discussion.
    He is not trying to point fingers or be praised for “getting rid of Manning” The NFL is a business. You have a great QB that will be great for a few more years, you let him go in order to draft a prospect that can keep your team stable for the next decade, hopefully longer. How is it hard to see why that is a good decision?
    Tough choice? Hell yeah, but its not like he dumped Manning just because he was bored. He had a plan and executed it the way he saw was best fit for his team. If only other owners did that.

    *Cough* Jerry Jones *Cough* *Cough*

  25. …..Also goes to illustrate the level of greed Peyton Manning had to bend the Colts over backward to extract every last nickel
    of them. The fact that Peyton has done about 900,ooo cheesy commercials also illustrates the very same thing.

  26. Weirdest part of this story is the photo of Peyton and Polian embracing with a trophy while he’s wearing a throwback uni that they never wore in a championship game or Super Bowl.

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