ProFootballTalk: How careful will Steelers be this off-season?

The Steelers have never been known to pay market value for a highly-regarded free agent, but will their philosophy have to change this off-season? The PFT crew debates.

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5 responses to “ProFootballTalk: How careful will Steelers be this off-season?

  1. Our yearly cap situation wont allow to go after “highly regarded” free agents..They don’t restructure to get extra $ they do it just to get below the cap and resign their own players.Untill that changes they’ll never EVOLVE as a franchise. We haven’t had a decent free agent since Ryan Clark because we can’t afford them..Honestly I don’t know if he was a free agent or we got him for draft picks..but either way we need to be a player in Free Agency.One or 2 more top flight player can be the difference between a 8-8 season and a 7th SuperBowl!

  2. ↑ good year ain’t worth the $ Lewis MAY be asking for..No talks yet so we don’t know what that # will be..but I can guess he’ll be lookin for Ike Taylor figures..why I don’t know..Ike’s been good for years..not just a flash..Lewis struggled early n the season,yeah he was much better 2nd Half of the season..but not worth breaking the bank..they say they won’t tag him but its worth a look if the tag isn’t too high.

  3. Florio’s takes were spot on. The only thing I might add is we signed Ryan Clark and Jeff Hartings too.

    Also, the gentleman who raised the Jared Cook point really might be onto something. We lost Heath so late – and I think he could really be a weapon. And if Ben likes targets with size, this guy is about 6’5″ with some meat — this could be a perfect match. Think about the mismatches defenses would face when Heath comes back full strength.

    Loving the Jared Cook call.

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