ProFootballTalk: Will Vikings be heavy-spenders?

GM Rick Spielman’s philosophy is to build through the draft and develop homegrown players, so a prominent free agent pickup doesn’t seem likely. What else can the Vikings do to improve this off-season?

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11 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Will Vikings be heavy-spenders?

  1. Spielman isn’t stupid, Vikes will pick up at least three free agents Wr, Nt & right guard!! But first the have to resign Harvin, Loadholt, Felton and Henderson!! Teams would have to offer the moon!! to pry Harvin out of Minnesota!!

  2. I wish the wilfs would spend money on a new g.m.You have to make a serious run at wallace,and try to work something out with harvin.Imagine wallace stretching the feid,with harvin working the slot,and a.p. in the backfeild !Who you going to gaurd?

  3. I don’t care which FA they sign and for how much, it wouldn’t make a dime’s worth of difference if Ponder is still the QB.

    Trent Dilfer did win a Superbowl but Baltimore had a lights out defense. And Ponder still has a long way to go to catch up to Dilfer which isn’t exactly setting the bar that high to begin with.

  4. Those of you calling Spielman an idiot are simply idiots yourselves. Last year was his first year as GM… I mean he only had probably the best draft in history, traded our 3 pick to get more picks and still get Kalil. Then used those extra picks to crawl up and grab Smith who’s going to be lights our for years. He also saw potential that no one else did in Walsh… Remember when you guys were griping about picking Walsh cause of his sr year stats? Yeah, who’s laughing now? The best teams in the league do not fill needs in FA with monster contracts. Jut look at Tampa last year, how’d that pan out for them? Spielman knows what he is doing and will shut all you up within a year or two.

  5. I agree with zakrak and pappavike on this one. Harvin is going nowhere but to Winter Park to workout. Speilman is brilliant at times and will make smart FA moves – but please no John Carlson-like signings this year! And I believe the Wilfs have done a good job of putting him in a position to succeed. It seems that ever since they ditched that stupid triangle of authority the Vikings have been better off, and when they redefined and clarified Spielman’s and Frazier’s roles last year (or was it the year before?) that also helped immensely.

  6. Ya and his Free Agent acquisitions have been stellar. Simpson was a bust. Oh and how about Carlson getting 5 million for what 3 plays, I ‘m sure Percy loved that one.

  7. The fact is that Speilman is doing more than just acquiring talent. He is acquiring positive attitudes. As much as I wish Percy would stay it just isn’t going to happen. He will trade Percy simply because of his attitude. As the draft gets near he will get a kings ransom for him and I would be looking in the direction of Dallas…just my thoughts you heard it here first Florio!

  8. Percy’s going to Seattle for Flynn.
    Love the Guy to death, but he’s getting to be a whiner.
    Percy, learn from AP, the consummate professional!

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