Redskins on “speaking terms” with GrassMaster manufacturer

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Redskins G.M. Bruce Allen has said that field turf isn’t an option for FedEx Field in 2013.

But Allen wasn’t asked about GrassMaster.

The hybrid surface, a combination of natural grass and artificial fibers, has been used in multiple NFL stadiums, including Lambeau Field.  Desso GrassMaster executive Yves De Cocker (that sounds even more phony than “Lennay Kekua”) joined ESPN 980 in Washington to discuss the product.

And Cocker said there’s a chance the product will be installed at FedEx Field.

“That’s a tricky one,” De Cocker said via phone from Belgium.  “Let me say that we’re on speaking terms.  Yes, there is some action going over the ocean, let’s say, between the Redskins and our company.  I think both sides are looking at what would the system bring them.”

The fact that De Cocker was appearing on a radio station owned by Redskins owner Daniel Snyder suggests that the Redskins were aware De Cocker would be letting de cat out of de bag.  Indeed, it would have been one hell of a coincidence if the station had booked a guy who lives in, you know, Belgium, to fill up time talking about a potential replacement surface at FedEx Field only to find out during the interview that, lo and behold, that company is talking to the Redskins about possibly replacing the surface at FedEx Field.

So it’s all good news.  Indeed, anything would be better than dirt that is literally painted green.

6 responses to “Redskins on “speaking terms” with GrassMaster manufacturer

  1. They should sue the Redskins for blaming Shanahan’s ruthless sacrificing of RG3’s career for a one-and-done playoff appearance on them.

  2. It only makes sense given you are spending over 100 million dollars a side on the players using the field.

    I am surprised the NFL hasn’t ruled on this given they fine guys for wearing the wrong color undershirt.

  3. Last I heard, grass doesn’t grow in the winter. At least it didn’t when I lived near DC. Has that changed?

  4. They need to install a hybrid. A cross, ah, of Bluegrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, Featherbed Bent, and Northern California Sensemilia.

  5. Cheech and Chong moved to Belgium? I was wondering what they were up to. I thought they would have started in Seattle and Denver, but hey, expand your horizons!

  6. There WAS something they could have done, and the team even admitted that, saying they missed their window to re-sod the field. The field was crap. Worst it may have ever been around here and painting dirt, which is what was done, before a playoff game is unacceptable.

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