Redskins say they aren’t talking to GrassMaster

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Yves De Cocker apparently spoke to soon.

The Desso GrassMaster executive told ESPN 980 in D.C. that the company is talking to the Redskins about installing the hybrid turf system at FedEx Field.

“Let me say that we’re on speaking terms,” DeCocker said.  “Yes, there is some action going over the ocean, let’s say, between the Redskins and our company.  I think both sides are looking at what would the system bring them.”

The action apparently consisted of De Cocker’s company putting a document in an envelope, and then putting the envelope in the mail.

“That story is false,” Redskins spokesman Tony Wyllie told PFT.  “They sent us a brochure.  That is it.”

So, in other words, the Redskins are sticking with dirt.  Painted green.

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  1. He knows they sent a brochure? Apparently Wyllie goes through the mail with a fine toothed comb. There’s more to this story.

  2. Snyder is a fool to allow his million dollar athletes to play on that goat track.

    It’s much worse than Oakland’s turf and they’re playing on an infield.

    Time to invest in copious amounts of premium sod.

  3. The most clueless organization in football ladies and gents. Ruined their first round pick and lost three draft picks along with him — and STILL can’t take a hint.

  4. One can be on speaking terms in general with another, even if not in the process of speaking 24/7. So if they have had some talks in any way and a brochure was sent out, that seems to fit 100% perfectly with the GrassMaster statement. It’s very clear that something unusual is brewing in the background based on Snyder’s comment. He went out of his way to create a tiny bit of a mystery of a potential controversy. Maybe he has something to gain from doing that, perhaps spite?

  5. Embarrassing field and team name… What’s next an embarrassing owner… Uh wait

  6. Lambeau uses Grassmaster and it conditions are great all year round.

    Of course Lambeau isn’t run by a bunch of cheap, short-sighted idiots.

  7. Skins were recently given an award for their “Green Initiatives”. Presumably for painting the field green. On a related note, the offices were recently refurbished by Bob’s Discount Furnishing. Wondering where that sofa you tossed out in the alley ended up?

  8. They have grass in California; perhaps the Redskins can play their home games LA.

  9. Seems like a good year for them to spend the money on this field — since they can’t spend it on salaries with their reduced number — LOL

  10. I predict that that field will be fixed next year. If nothing else they will be resodding regularly. I doubt that FedEx appreciates having their name associated with that sandlot.

  11. Did you really expect the same guy that ran Six Flags into Chapter 11 to do the right thing and give his employees a safe workplace environment?

    The Redskins have the most EFFED UP owner in all of sports

  12. Seriously, I literally have NO IDEA why Snyder not only wouldn’t be looking into a new field but RUSHING to get one. Why would you want a team you invest that much money in, with a player like RGIII who you invested so much in, to play on a surface that absolutely endangers their career every time they step onto it?

    It’s supposed to be a Home Field Advantage, not a Home Field Hunger Games.

  13. I believe Shanny. Why bother upgrading the playing surface when their star player that cost them 3 first round draft picks (and a second) has had his career finished already by short sightedness? Bobby will never be the same again, and the Skins will resume their rightful place as the bottom dwellers of the NFC East.

  14. They have grassmaster at the Linc and it’s not very good. the place looks like a cow pasture after 6 weeks of the season.

  15. I understand it’s lots of fun to trash Dan Snyder and the Skins and their franchise QB now that they are division champs. (No one cared about fields or nicknames or Rex Grossman’s safety when they were 5-11 every year.) But there is absolutely no evidence that these turfs are any safer or more expensive than well maintained grass.

    Can we all just calm down, friends?

  16. Grassmaster is total garbage. Remember the Steelers primetime game played in the mud a few years ago? That was DD Grassmaster Hybrid. Heinz Field scrapped it the next season and haven’t had any field issues since despite hosting Steeler, Pitt Panther, and High School playoff games.

  17. The Redskins groundskeeper makes Gregg Williams seem like Gandhi. If Roger Goodell cared about player safety someone should have been suspended for that field and better luck next time should not be the solution. That field did more damage in one game than Gregg Williams defense in 3 years. “Show me the savings.” I guess RG3 will spend next offseason in a cast, painted red, too.

  18. That field had nothing to do with RG3s injury he was already hurt and Shannahon shouldn’t have played him leave the field alone and play football likes it made to be played on natural grass

  19. By the way artificial turf causes more injuries then grass because when a player plants his foot in turf then gets hit the turf does’t give his knees do.

  20. He knows they sent a brochure? Apparently Wyllie goes through the mail with a fine toothed comb. There’s more to this story.
    Nope, after the story came out, he asked the secretary.

  21. That’s why the Redskins are a low rent high priced team. Snyder doesn’t care about the fans or the players. He is all about the profits. I lived in the area for 4 years just after Danny boy bought the team. The fan base was delusional then but now the are justifiably pissed. Take care of your product Dan! BTW the players are the product NOT THE NAME!!

  22. rculross7 says:
    Mar 1, 2013 8:25 PM
    He knows they sent a brochure? Apparently Wyllie goes through the mail with a fine toothed comb. There’s more to this story.

    LOL- The team spokesman knows they sent a brochure so there must be more to the story??

    Or maybe it went like this. Internal Email From PR Department: This guy from Grassmaster says he is talking to us. Anyone know what this is about?

    Response From Secretary Who Reads The Mail: Yeah. They sent us a brochure.

    Dunno, sounds plausible to me.

  23. It won’t matter what they do if the let high school and college teams play there and a concert the week before a playoff game. No sod will be playable after all the use in the week prior. If the don’t fix the surface there investment in RGIII will be short lived as will his career. That the 2nd ACL surgery RGIII has had on the same knee since 2009 not a good sign for such a young player.

  24. Every time I post something that is any type of negative towards tim tebow, it is not posted no profanity no bashing just fact. Its not posted, I call bs so much for freedom of speech

  25. strategy, I’m hardly a snyder fan but where’s his comment? I didn’t see it.

  26. The next player who suffers an injury on the completely unacceptable field at FedEx should sue the Redskins, the NFL, and the NFLPA. The only solace other teams can take in this situation is that the Redskins suffered the loss of their quarterback. RG3 should publicize his dissatisfaction with the field conditions and let them know that he will not pursue a future professional relationship unless the Redskins provide acceptable working conditions. While he is at it he might also point out that he will not continue his relationship with an organization that cannot recognize the inherent racism in the team mascot.

  27. Guys, you can’t spring breaking news like this on me, I have a weak heart.

  28. Obviously a lot of people have reading comprehension problems, including Florio. Just because the Redskins aren’t talking to Grassmaster doesn’t mean they aren’t talking to other people. Or taking other measures to fix the field. Remember, last year was the first time in forever that the Redskins would host a game after December. And with the horrible start and Shanahan “evaluating players”, no one probably thought they’ll make the post season much less win the division.

  29. This is now the third time I have tried to post here that there is no evidence that turf is either cheaper or safer than grass, and that this piling on about the Redskins franchise, stadium, owner, and nickname are being overblown. Why are my comments repeatedly being removed?

  30. Amen, call me old school but the i will take grass and dust any day before the fake stuff. That goes for watching and officiating on it.

  31. It’ll take a Redskins Marching Bandmember with a torn ACL to turn the tide. Hail yes!

  32. Grassmasters has ruined the game of football, they can go bankrupt for all I care. Football is suppose to be played in the elements, outside, and on grass. It’s not a pretty game, it’s a violent, vicious, and tough game. This company sucks. I hate watching football on turf, it looks so fake. If the Redskins were smart they would never tear up that grass and never change their name. Turf is responsible for more injuries and that is fact. If you want top watch a pretty game, watch cricket. I hate those announcers who start blaming weather conditions and the grass fields for poor play…that’s what makes football so great, they play anytime and anywhere…Grassmasters can kiss my grits…loosers.

  33. More nfl double standards.

    Players get 21k fines for each unsafe hit.

    Owners do as they damn well please. fedex field has been a unsafe for years. and nothing is done. Soldier field is same way. raiders play on field with baseball dirt infield for at least 10 years.

    21k for each game snap times 16 games per season times 10 years equals nfl contribution to players medical insurance fund?

    Not in this nfl!

  34. I can’t believe this is up for debate. A great young star for the league blew his ACL because he was playing hurt and couldn’t keep his footing on that shame of a field. Clemons Seattle defensive star tears his ACL non-contact injury (he hadn’t missed a game in 3 years being here) Year before is the MVP AD. Fix the field because its not given this team an advantage. They are not the Bears- 2000 Pats or Steelers.

  35. First thing I would do is fire Coach Kevlar and make him the grounds keeper. Have him and only him hand replace the field and lay down new, safer, the most expensive turf money could buy. This being so that my franchise qb, already w/ 2 acl injuries, can try and have a productive career. It’s hard enough competing against defenses on Sunday, why should the man have to worry about the field conditions too?

  36. The Patriots used to play on dirt painted green and won 3 Superbowls. Then they went to FieldTurf and haven’t won one since. Just saying….

  37. I don’t get it. Isn’t the cost of resodding in the 5-figure range? A pittance to spend on player safety. They probably spend the same amount on helmets each year.

  38. Grassmaster trying to drum up some business? Let’s let the Redskins decide what they want to do with their field. If you don’t like, don’t watch.

    By the way, every ticket at FedEx has been sold, every game, since it opened and will continue to be in the foreseeable future.

  39. All this drama over nothing basically. RG3 wasn’t injured because of the field. FedEx has been open since ’97 and people are just now noticing that it’s painted dirt by the end of each season?? RFK was the same way. So again, why all the drama?

  40. The Redskins franchise is worth over a BILLION dollars; why in the hell would you risk your investment?! The field should be one of the best in the NFL period! These jackasses just increased ticket prices, FIX the field! It’s rather embarrassing to have such a horrible field and if Dan Snyder doesn’t fix the field problem the NFL should step in and DEMAND it!

  41. The league will not allow the sub par surface to stay. They have forced other franchises to replace the field surface before so there is a precedent for it. I know the Patriots had to replace a natural grass surface with the artificial field turf surface because the league forced them to. I think Pittsburgh had to do it too. I remember watching a game in Pittsburgh against Miami after big rain storms. I think it was a Monday night game and the surface was an absolutely a nightmare. It was like they were play on sponge. It was also notable because it was Ricky Williams first game back from his nut job marijuana retirement sabbatical.

  42. Billionaire Snyder will cry poor and demand higher ticket prices and a raise in taxes on the taxpayers just to install new grass or turf.

  43. brucealmty says:Mar 1, 2013 9:05 PM

    They have grass in California; perhaps the Redskins can play their home games LA.
    This is a GREAT idea. It also would allow the team to claim they don’t have to change the name because it refers to sunburned tourists.

    Unfortunately such innovative thinking will never be tolerated by Little Danny.

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