Report: Steelers won’t sign Steve Breaston, for now

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Free agent receiver Steve Breaston may be having some trouble finding a new team. At least at the price he wants.

A day after it was reported that the Browns won’t be signing Breaston, a new report says the Steelers won’t sign him, either: Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the Steelers won’t sign Breaston now, although they may revisit him later if he remains unsigned.

Breaston seemed like a natural fit for the Steelers, having grown up in the area and having previously had success playing for Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley. But if Breaston is going to end up in Pittsburgh, it apparently will only happen after the Steelers take a look at what’s out there when full-scale free agency begins on March 12.

Other teams reportedly interested in Breaston’s services include the Lions, Cowboys and Titans.

36 responses to “Report: Steelers won’t sign Steve Breaston, for now

  1. I know this is a dumb question but why is Breaston already allowed to visit other teams without it to be considered tampering?

  2. @remyje, he was cut on February 19 and passed through waivers. He can sign with any team now as he is not under contract with any other team.

    Other players set to become free agents are still technically under contract until March 12.

  3. Remyje,

    He got cut by the chiefs. Contracts naturally will expire march 12th ( or whatever). Players that are cut before then are free to sign. Younger players (i think under 4 years of service) if theyre cut, are exposed to waivers, and if not claimed, then are free to sign wherever immediately

  4. Does this mean the steelers are as stupid as the Browns for not signing him right away?

  5. remyje: I know this is a dumb question but why is Breaston already allowed to visit other teams without it to be considered tampering?

    It’s because the Chiefs released him, making him a free agent immediately, so he can meet with any team. The rest of the players are impending free agents, so they won’t be officially free agents until the new league year starts March 12.

  6. The steelers have a certain number in mind for him as a 3rd WR with no real potential to go beyond that (he’s 29 after all, the league knows he’s a 3 or marginal 2). Breaston obvioisly disagrees. The steelers wont move off their number. Breaston will test the market and probably decide the few dollars difference (relatively) isnt worth not playing at home with a coordinator who knows how to use him.

  7. remyje, Breaston was cut/released. He can talk to anyone he wants. The Players who can’t be ‘tampered’ with weren’t and have to wait until the F/A period begins… WR Mike Wallace, for example, is still a Steeler until the F/A period begins. Thereafter he can talk/sign with anyone. It’s when the contracts expire for the year.

  8. Why everybody acting like this dude is the #1 Free Agent WR is what I wana know..I said all along it’s too early to sign a mid level player when we Barely gettin our cap situation handled. We don’t know how much $ we have to play with yet..don’t know what other WRs will be on the open market either.And the Wallace situation isn’t over yet.. So what’s the damn hurry?

  9. They can’t even sign a declining talent receiver. What a joke of a franchise. Does anyone even want to play for the Steelers?

  10. The resident troll not present in the first 10 comments on a Steelers post. Now that’s an upset!!

    Mommy must have banned him from the computer for the day because he didn’t eat his peas last night!


  11. Seems like a natural fit to sign with the Steelers. I dont know, maybe there betting that he has trouble finding a team and signs with the Steelers for less than what he is asking for now

  12. The resident troll has appeared after his piano lesson, but as usual had nothing of importance to say. Hey fan boy are you collecting for the statues for harbs and slash? Is you coins for the cans drive making any headway?

  13. It’s so funny that the Ravenator rips on Steeler fans every time they post on a Ravens story yet he is on every single article about the Steelers.
    Like I said before….. Inferior complex.
    Little Napoleon.

  14. Steelers don’t need Breaston to beat the Ravens, they have Charlie Batch! Ravens wont win another Super Bowl for 10 years.

  15. No brainer here. Unless it’s love at first sight, a match made in heaven or some other suitable cliche, it makes little sense for a team to make a FA signing this early without seeing the upcoming FAs in March.

    Speaking of no brainers: Ravenator, if you can’t be knowledgeable or smart, please al least be funny.

  16. If there wasn’t a salary cap, the Steelers are loaded with money they would be able to pay the best in the league to play here. Lucky for small market teams like Baltimore that there is a salary cap to balance out the playing field. Otherwise the Steelers would have about 12 Lombardis by now!

  17. Been watching Breaston since he was an underclassman at Michigan – and yet to be particularly impressed.

  18. To sum up the Steelers thoughts:

    After Breaston overplays his hand and realizes that he won’t get a big deal anywhere and can either take a small deal with an awful team or have a chance to compete with a winner, we’ll welcome him with open arms.

  19. Don’t need him anyway, they already have him on the roster, his name is Jerricho Cotchery. Breaston would have been the #3 at best on this team. The only reason he would have even been 3 is because of Haley. Steelers have cap issues as it is, no need to pay a 29 year old WR veteran money when they can get a cheaper option who can do more (return game) in the draft or FA

  20. Never seen anyone rush to get ONBOARD a sinking ship, I doubt Breaston even has marginal interest in this team.

    I hope he has as much interest as you, ravenator and scoobie s have in our terrible, never win anything but beat the rat turds with a third string QB team.

  21. To sum up my thoughts, 8-8 doesn’t make you a winner. There are 4 teams in the AFC that look better at this early juncture and you could make arguments for a couple more. How are the steelers gonna get better this year, they don’t even have the money to sign their own free agents., never rmind fill their many holes. Maybe some of the old and infirmed players make it thru the yr. That 3rd place schedule could help.

  22. Not only do the Steelers have cap problems this year, with the restructures they will be limited in years to come.

  23. Outside of Harvin, he’s better than any WR the Vikings have on their roster right now. Knowing their philosophy as of late, I’d imagine they’re not interested because of his age.

  24. So much for early release being a benefit to the unemployed. “Thanks for stopping in. We’re going to wait and see who else gets released, but we have your agent’s number.”

  25. all these connect the dots just because of familiarity aren’t working for you writers. teams watch film you know. duh
    ridiculous the ‘connections’ you make

  26. Haley didn’t use Cotchery or Burris to their potential..seems like he left his Offensive wizardry I’m Arizona..Run a route..catch the ball..its not Rocket science

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